The Sports Void

Filling the Void


Sports consumption is at an all-time high due to several 24 hour sports TV networks, social media, podcasts, talk radio shows, and the ability to stream games via the internet. It has never been easier to dive into the ocean that is sports media. I dove into that ocean long ago, and after swimming around for years I plan on using my prune fingers to type my own opinions on sports making the ocean just a little bigger.

Or more polluted.

I have been watching sports since I was a young innocent child. As I grew older I realized sports filled a void in my life. I started reading sports blogs daily, such as Deadspin and Grantland. I began listening to podcast daily, such as Russillo & Kanell, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, and the many podcasts under the Bill Simmons Podcast Network.

Being your average poor millennial, I do not have cable or satellite TV. Fortunately every major sporting event is streamed online. With a $30 investment in an Amazon Fire TV stick in which I downloaded every sports channel app, and an awkward text message asking my mom for her TV information, I can watch every major sporting event for free.

If you are looking for the cynical, depressed millennial take on sports, look no further. If you like poorly written, run on sentences in which a thesaurus is clearly used, you found it.

Welcome to The Sports Void.