It took me a minute to finally finish watching all the fights on this card as I tapped out early when it aired live. I stopped watching after the first fight on the main card which was a mistake as the rest of the card was hype including the fight of the year front runner.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Featherweight – Gray Maynard def. Teruto Ishihara – Decision unanimous – (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Gray Maynard, a victim of the brutally boring and annoying fighting style of Ryan Harris defeated Teruto Ishihara in a unanimous decision winning all three rounds.

In the first Maynard scored a takedown, stood up, and went back down to the ground. Ishihara struggled to stay on his feet as he kept getting dragged back down by Maynard. The ground fighting was dominated by Maynard.

Maynard scored two more takedowns early in the second round, the latter of which was a vicious body slam. Maynard took the back of Ishihara multiple times as they went up and back down a couple of times. Ishihara landed a knee in the clinch before being brought down again. The fighters got back to their feet, and then Maynard scored yet another takedown. This was the 10-8 round.

More of the same went down in the third round. Maynard attempted a guillotine choke and a time stoppage was granted when Ishihara connected with an illegal up kick to the face. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” was bellowed across the arena by Maynard after eating the illegal kick. Pure domination by Maynard.

Preliminary Card (FS1)

Women’s Strawweight – Tecia Torres def. Juliana Lima – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 0:53)

Onto the much shittier and constantly freezing Fox Sports Go App. If there was an atomweight division in the UFC (I don’t know why their isn’t) Tecia Torres would be fighting in it. She lives up to her nick name Tiny Tornado as she is a small Strawweight and had a huge height and reach disadvantage against Juliana Lima.

Lima caught a kick from Torres in the first round and used the leverage to score a takedown. The fighters get back to their feet in the clinch and Torres attempted a guillotine choke. This was a long clinch battle where Lima grabbed the cage before the ref separated the fighters due to inactivity. The fighters gravitated back to the clinch where Torres gets a single, trips Lima to the ground, but both bounced right back up.

The second round finish was about as straight forward as it gets. Torres scored a takedown, took the back of Lima, got under the chin, and the tap for the rear-naked.

Light Heavyweight – C.B. Dollaway def. Ed Herman – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

I hope you like decisions as 4 in a row are about to be poorly broken down by week old notes.

Herman clipped Dollaway right away in the first round with a right that connected on his ear. The fighters stumble into the clinch where Herman gets in position for a takedown. Dollaway gets on top, lands ground and pound, and wiggles out of a heel hook attempt from Herman. Dollaway continued to land strikes as the fighters got back to their feet. The fight went back to the ground where Dollaway landed knees, put Herman in a body triangle, switched to side control, attempted a shoulder lock, all while landing consistent shots. The fighters then got up and went back down to end the round. Dollaway recovered well after getting rocked to win the round.

Herman came out in the second throwing strikes and ate a high kick from Dollaway. Herman dropped Dollaway with a right and landed a left after he got back to his feet. Both guys where throwing kill shots. Herman dropped Dollaway again and jumped on top of him. Dollaway looked for a leg lock, which looked super tight, but Herman was able to wiggle free and assume top position. Herman landed a brutal sky punch and more ground and pound tearing up the face of Dollaway. In the final 10 seconds Dollaway got into top position. Herman won the the second round.

Exhaustion took over in the third. Dollaway level changed and scored a takedown but gave up his neck for a guilltoine in the process. Herman transition to a kimura which looked tap worthy, but Dollaway flipped out of it. Dollaway controlled the ground from the top position landing tired elbows to end the fight.

Welterweight – James Krause def. Tom Gallicchio – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

I was reminded that this was a TUF finale card when I saw the ugly shorts Krause and Gallicchio were wearing. This fight sucked. Krause won all three boring rounds easily. In the first he landed a front kick to the face and more strikes on his feet. Gallicchhio attempted a choke on the ground and ate two rights in the final 10 seconds of the round.

In the uneventful second round, Krause landed a right and Gallicchio landed a right. Krause landed more consistent strikes in the boring round and the face of Gallicchio was evidence of that.

Krause continued to play it safe in the third. Gallicchio whiffed on multiple takedown attempts and ate a head kick while blood poured from his face. Boring round and a boring fight.

Women’s Strawweight – Angela Hill def. Ashley Yoder – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Angela Hill is one of my favorite fighters as she is funny on twitter and it was fun watching her journey back to the UFC by earning a Invicta belt and surviving a bout with Jessica Andrade. I was rooting for her in this bout against another Invicta alum.

Similar to Torres, if there was an atomweight division, Hill would likely be fighting in it as she is often over matched in size like she was with Yoder. In the first round Yoder landed a front kick and Hill connected with a right. Yoder initiated a clinch and took Hill to the ground. Hill gets back to her feet holding onto Yoder in the clinch. After breaking they traded leg kicks and Hill landed a combo and a right to end the round.

Yoder scored a takedown immediately in the second round. Yoder was in top position for a long time controlling the ground. Hill managed to get back to her feet and gets in top position. After getting back to their feet, Hill landed a high kick to end the round.

Hill began the third round with an overhand right. Yoder scored another takedown but was unable to keep Hill down for long. She wore Hill like a back pack before going into the clinch. Yoder landed a knee before they went back to the ground. Hill escaped a guillotine attempt and the fighters got back to their feet. Hill connected with a leg and body kick, eats a counter shot from Yoder and landed a right to end the fight.

I thought Yoder won the fight, or at least one round, but the judges saw it otherwise.

Main Card (FS1)

Light Heavyweight – Jordan Johnson def. Marcel Fortuna – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Johnson started this fight strong dropping Fortuna with a hard shot. Fortuna survived, got back to his feet and ate a body shot. Johnson initiated the clinch to go for a takedown but Fortuna illegally grabbed the cage to remain upright. Fortuna landed an upper cut before the round ended. Johnson won the first round .

Fortuna connected with a right hand that landed right on the ear of Johnson in the second round. He then dodged a kill shot from Johnson and clipped Johnson with a left hook. The fighters traded right hands and leg kicks before Johnson initiated a clinch and scored a takedown. Johnson landed a few hammer fists to end the round. This was a closer round but I have it to Fortuna.

The third round was boring and hard to score. I admit I wasn’t paying the closest attention to the fight in this round as I was distracted talking to my friends contemplating if we should bail on the card and catch up later. From what I saw a lot of time was spent in the clinch and Fortuna landed multiple body kicks to end the fight.

Middleweight – Brad Tavares def. Elias Theodorou – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Tavares won the first and third round while Theodorou won the second round in a close fight. Theodorou started the first round with several kicks before eating a left hand and being brought to the ground by Tavares. The fighters got back to their feet in clinch and Tavares landed a right in the break. The fighters traded kicks and strikes in the clinch. The fighters went in and out of clinch battles most of which where in the middle of the octagon, not against the cage. After both fighters landed strikes in the break, Tavares landed an overhand right, a body kick, and a leg kick. Theodorou landed two kicks of his own and ate a right hand at the end of the round.

In the second round Theodorou missed on a takedown after ducking under a kick from Tavares. After going into the clinch after the missed takedown, Tavares takes Theodorou to the ground. The fighters bounced back up to their feet in the clinch and Theodorou threw an upper cut in the break. The fighters get close and trade blows, Tavares lands a right, goes into the clinch, break, catches a leg kick from Theodorou and uses the leverage to take him down again. Theodorou then landed legal knees to the shoulder of the downed Tavares. The fighters go in and out of the clinch trading knees and Theodorou lands a left to end the round.

Theodorou grabs a single right away in the third but was unable to get Tavares to the ground. He takes him down on his second attempt. The fighters were pinned against the cage as Tavares struggled to get to his feet. Theodorou keeps him on the ground and Tavares scrambles to top position. Tavares takes the back of Theodorou looking for the rear-naked but couldn’t get under the chin. Tavares transitions to an arm bar but Theodorou escaped and got back to this feet. Tavares landed a head kick, and ate a body kick to end the fight.

Light Heavyweight – Jared Cannonier def. Nick Roehrick – TKO elbows – (RD 3 – 2:08)

Cannonier looks bigger and stronger than the frumpy Roehrick who accepted the fight against Cannonier on 3 days notice. Roehrick is tough as fuck but Cannonier had his way with him. The two fighters traded strikes early in the first round before Cannonier rocked Roehrick with a right hook. Cannonier followed it up with another right and a body kick. Roehrick’s face already began showing the signs of carnage in the first round.

Cannonier landed a few jabs and began talking trash in the second round. Cannonier lands a body shot combo and showed the body language of a confident comfortable fighter. Cannonier lands more shots and taunted more before Roehrick stumbled to the ground. Cannonier landed shots as Roehrick got back to his feet. Cannonier landed consistent strikes through the end of the round.

In the third round Cannonier unloads on Roehrick. He connected with a left, head kick, knee, a right, and when Roehrick fell to the ground, Cannonier finished him off with hard elbows.

Lightweight – Drakkar Klose def. Marc Diakiese – Decision split – (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Klose and Diakiese are the same fighter, over confident douche bags. I don’t really like either fighter but this was a long active fight that will be a struggle to break down. Grab a cup of coffee as this is going to be a long one.

Klose edged out the victory over Diakiese due to the damage he did via leg kicks in the first round. Klose scored a takedown in the first round and stayed latched onto Diakese when he got back to his feet in the clinch. Klose landed brutal foot stomps before Diakese took him to the ground. The fighters then went to the ground and back to their feet in the clinch several times. After finally breaking free from each other, Diakese landed a spinning wheel kick. Klose then landed the deciding blow of the fight, a powerful leg kick to the calf of Diakese’s lead leg, dropping him. Klose jumped on top of him landing ground and pound. Diakese looked for a weak heel hook which was met with Klose laying with his hands behind his head taunting him. Diakese limped back to his corner after the round which I thought Klose won.

The second round saw a long clinch batter between the two fighters. After breaking Klose began attacking the injured leg again. Diakese threw a spinning wheel kick which was caught by Klose and used to take Diakese to the ground. After getting back to their feet Klose held his arms up in the air taunting Diakese. They went into the clinch where Diakese landed a knee to the what I believe to be small testicles of Klose. After the time stoppage Klose landed a body kick which led to yet another clinch. The fighters traded strikes before Klose dropped Diakese with another leg kick. Klose won this round as well.

In the third round Diakese landed a counter on a leg kick. He then partially landed a switch kick to the head of Klose and followed it up with a left jab. The fighters went in and out of a few clenches before Klose landed a jab. Both fighters looked tired at this point. Klose gets a takedown on a level change and Diakese scrambled to get his back as the they stood up in the clinch. After several tired attempts, Diakese couldn’t throw Klose to the ground. They traded strikes, Klose held his arms up again, and Klose grabs a single to take Diakese to the ground. Diakese looked for a guillotine choke before getting back to his feet. Diakese missed on an illegal knee as they got up. Klose landed a right and went into the clinch to end the fight. I though Diakese won the final round.

Welterweight – Jesse Taylor def. Dhiego Lima – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 0:43)

Jesse Taylor has a freakishly large head. He finished his comeback (or may I say, redemption?) tour with a win over Dhiego Lima ending the most recent season of the terrible reality TV show.

Taylor dominated the first round. He immediately went for a takedown which Lima defended well. Taylor took him down several times never letting go of him. He wore Lima down with ground and pound and relentless pressure on the ground. He attempted what looked like a tight rear-naked choke but Lima was able to escape. The round ended with Taylor on top of Lima landing ground and pound right in front of his team of coaches which included Matt Brown and Dan Henderson.

In the second round Lima dropped Taylor with a counter left hook. Taylor immediately recovered and jumped on top of Lima on the ground. He scrambled to the back of Lima, got under the chin, and got the tap for the rear-naked choke submission. As sun burnt Dana White presented Taylor with his over sized check, the sweaty Taylor hugged him.

Lightweight – Justin Gaethje def. Michael Johnson – TKO punches and knees – (RD 2 – 4:48)

The Gaethje victory over Johnson was described as the fight of the year. It was a good fight but I have definitely seen better.

The first round is about as active as a round gets without a finish. Both dudes were landing power shots. I thought Gaethje was winning the fight up until the final minute when Johnson nearly knocked him out. As soon as the crowd began chanting the name of Gaethje, Johnson clipped him with a right and takes him down. They got back to their feet and Johnson unloaded on him against the cage stealing the round.

The second round was just as active but in the final minutes it was clear both fighters were gassed. Johnson clipped Gaethje but allowed him to recover in the clinch. Gaethje then clipped Johnson with an upper cut and lands a few more upper cuts as Johnson leaned against the cage. Johnson survived but he could barely stand up. He fell multiple times but Gaethje let him get back to his feet. With just seconds left in the round Gaethje lands a flying knee that pressed Johnson up against the cage. He landed another knee to the head of Johnson who just fell to the ground giving up. Gaethje was so tired it took him several attempts to climb the cage to back flip off from.