Sunday night cards are always a bummer because they always seem to have way too long 6 fight main cards that go way past midnight. After the 6th straight decision I went to bed and caught up on the final 4 fights via the shady internet the next day. This card had a little bit of every thing, quick finishes, long stretches of consecutive decisions, a ref making a mistake, and a shitty event that reached main stream media.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Light Heavyweight – Jeremy Kimball def. Josh Stansbury – TKO punches – (RD 1 – 1:21)

Kimball ended Stansbury in under a minute and a half. He clipped Stansbury with a right and then dropped him with a right that landed behind his ear (Dominick Cruz called it a Donkey Kong punch). Kimball threw a flurry of punches on the down Stansbury earning the TKO.

Lightweight – Tony Martin def. Johnny Case – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

The lightweight bout between Martin and Case was my fight of the night. Both dudes were quick and active making for a fun watch.

The fighters traded leg kicks in the first round before Martin began to connect with several jabs. Martin landed a counter left (a strike he landed consistently in all three rounds) and ate some well-placed strikes from Case. Martin clipped Case with the counter left but Case was able to recover to land body kicks and a counter left of his own. The fighters went in and out of the clinch before the round ended. This was a close round as so many strikes landed for both fighters.

In the second round Martin clipped Case with a hook and attempted a standing choke. The fighters traded jabs and Martin was poked in the eye but didn’t receive a time stoppage. Case didn’t attack Martin right away allowing him to rub out the pain for a quick second. After landing consistent strikes Martin’s confidence grew and he started talking trash (“I’m right here! I’m right fucking here!”). Martin continued to land the left counter hook which opened up a cut under the right eye of Case. After eating a right, Martin landed a hard right and counter left. With great accuracy, Martin landed four right jabs in a row leading to more trash talk. Martin clearly won the second round.

The fighters embraced before the third round respecting each other effort in a great fight. After trading some blows Martin gets even more fired up still having a lot of energy late in the fight. Both guys were throwing kill shots which were close to landing. Case connected with a lot of strikes but Martin landed many more and scored a takedown with 20 seconds left in the third. He landed an elbow and frantically attempted a late kimura before the final bell. Martin won the third round and embraced Case after a dope fight.

Catchweight (149 LB) – Jared Gordon def. Michel Quinones – TKO punches – (RD 2 – 4:24)

Did you know Dana White has a youtube show where he does wacky and wild mid-life crisis shit with his friends funded by the insane money he makes by under paying fighters? Well if you watch a single UFC card you will learn of this show via intrusive mid-fight live reads and constant mentions of the fighters he has signed during the show. Jared Gordon is one of those fighters.

Besides missing weight by 3 pounds, Gordon looked good in his UFC debut. He overcame the 5 inch reach advantage of Quinones (who is a massive featherweight) and defeated him late in the second round. Quinones came out fast with kicks in the first round and Gordon responded with power shots that missed. Gordon landed a left and dodged a flying knee from Quinones. Gordon then initiated a clinch and scored a takedown. He kept Quinones on the ground for some time before he struggled back to his feet. Gordon landed a leg kick before watching a spinning back fist miss his face. Gordon ended his first round victory with a hook and two kicks.

In the second round Gordon dove under a spin kick and landed a one two combo followed by a right upper cut. He scored his second takedown where he controlled the movements of Quinones and mixed in some ground and pound. Quinones managed to get to his feet but Gordon violently pushed him back down next to the cage. Quinones ate some more shots, got back to his feet, and was taken to the ground again by Gordon. Hammer fist filled ground and pound from Gordon and a relentless attack earned him the TKO.

Preliminary Card (FS2)

Lightweight – Darrell Horcher def. Devin Powell – Decision split – (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Another product of the Dana White douche machine youtube channel is the now 0-2 in the UFC, horrible tattoo sporting Devin Powell. He was beaten by a dude who is just 13 months off from a motorcycle accident that lead him to reconstructive knee surgeries in both legs.

Horcher won the first round by controlling the ground fighting. Powell threw some punches off from his back but had no answer to Horcher’s ground game.

In the second round Horcher clipped Powell and landed more strikes and Powell stumbled around. Powell has a very unattractive evasive technique when faced with an onslaught of strikes. He just kind of flails around and falls back to the cage. Horcher looked for a guillotine but abandoned it in the clinch. Blood poured from the face of Powell as he ate an upper cut and stumbled around some more. Powell fell to the ground and Horcher jumped on top of him. Horcher landed ground and pound and kept Powell on his back through the end of the round. In my mind Horcher was up 2 rounds to none in the fight.

Powell threw many kicks in the third but they didn’t do any significant damage. Horcher landed a left and Powell did his trademark stumble evasion technique. Powell grabbed a leg of Horcher and went into the clinch. Powell attempted a anaconda choke as the fighters went to the ground. He then attempted a d’arce choke which he gave up on to land elbows. Horcher survives and gets to his feet. Powell attempted a guillotine in desperation and Horcher fell to the ground to get out of the choke and got back to his feet to end the round in the clinch.

I believe Powell won the third round but there is no way he won either of the first two. Horcher, the broadcast team, and myself were confused when Buffer announced the split decision, how did a judge think Powell won that fight?

Women’s Strawweight – Carla Esparza def. Maryna Moroz – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Former champ and worst nick name contender Carla Esparza dominated the much talker and longer Maryna Moroz.

All three rounds were the same. Esparza would quickly close in on Moroz to land some strikes and quickly back out to avoid the long reach of Moroz. She had trouble at first, but by the third round Esparza took Moroz to the ground with ease where she controlled every aspect of the fight. She also threw in a couple superman punches and inadvertently landed a groin strike on Moroz which was granted a time stoppage (a rare occurrence in a women’s bout).  This was a dominant performance by Esparza and I am not sure how 2 judges thought Moroz won a round. I would really like to job shadow a MMA judge someday.

Middleweight – Marvin Vettori def. Vitor Miranda – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Vettori and Miranda traded kicks early in the first round. Vettori landed an overhand right, a knee, and another right. Miranda responded with a body kick and a high kick. Vettori landed a left, caught a kick from Miranda and while holding onto his leg, charged him back and ended the exchange with a knee. He caught another kick which he used to bring Miranda to the ground. Before the round end Miranda standing up landed a body shot and leg kicks.

Miranda consistently landed more kicks in the second round. The fighters went into the clinch and Miranda attempted a kimura but gave up on the submission as they fell to the ground. The fighters got back to their feet and Vettori took it back to the ground after catching another kick.

Both dudes looked tired in the third as the both continued with their same strategy. Miranda landed kicks while Vettori landed combos. Miranda tried to be more aggressive landing body shots and whiffing on a takedown attempt. Vettori landed more head strikes and scored a takedown controlling the ground in the final 30 seconds. I thought Vettori won all three rounds with the second round being close on the score cards.

Lightweight – Clay Guida def. Erik Koch – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-26, 30-26)

Guida looks like a mad man with his hair and the frantic pace at which he fights. He won the first round by controlling the clinch and the ground game. He threw a strike that I have never seen before. In the clinch while he had a single leg of Koch, he threw a kick up behind him attempting to hit Koch. In the second round Guida took Koch to the ground and mounted him landing hard ground and pound. More of the same in the third. Guida was just so fast and over powering the clinch and on the ground. I have no idea how two judges had a 29-28 and a 29-26 score card.

Main Card (FS1)

Featherweight – Dennis Siver def. B.J. Penn – Decision majority – (28-28, 29-28, 29-27)

BJ Penn needs to retire. He was crushed by Yair and was out worked by an old stiff dude named Siver. In the first round Penn landed a few lefts, a counter, and hard jabs, but Siver clearly won the round. Siver landed more strikes and knocked the mouth piece out of Penn’s mouth. Siver mixed in consistent leg kicks which paid dividends later in the fight.

Penn responded well winning the second round. He ate more leg kicks and punches but he dropped Siver with a left jab and upper cut. He jumped on top of Siver and landed a knee to his body.

In the third Penn was finished. Penn hung tough and kept landing jabs, but he was gassed and has no energy left in the final minutes. The leg kicks hurt Penn’s lead leg which he could barely put weight on. Siver was shooting fish in a barrel late in the third landing shots up against the cage and walking down the retreating Penn.

Welterweight – Tim Means def. Alex Garcia – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Worst fight of the night goes to Tim Means and Alex Garcia. I am not sure if I have already given out that award earlier in this post as I took a long time in between watching these fights and I don’t proof read these. But god damn this fight was boring.

In the first round Garcia landed an upper cut and clipped means with a hook. The fighters then went into the clinch and both landed strikes after breaking.

In the second round Means landed a right, a body shot, and defended the takedown well. They went in and out of the clinch and Means began taunting Garcia. Means landed another body shot and Garcia whiffed on a spinning back fist.

In the third Garcia scored a takedown but didn’t keep him there long. Means landed a body shot and more consistent strikes on the tired Garcia.

Light Heavyweight – Dominick Reyes def. Joachim Christensen – TKO punches – (RD 1 – 0:29)

Both Reyes and Christensen are tall light heavyweights standing at 6′ 3″ and 6′ 4″. Reyes destroyed Christensen in less than 30 seconds. It was a clean one punch KO which at least would have been easily understood by Christensen. It was a dirty vicious TKO. Reyes stunned Christensen with a left hand, landed a body kick, closed in on him against the cage, crushed him with another left, and then ground and pounded him for the finish.

Women’s Strawweight – Felice Herrig def. Justine Kish – Decision unanimous – (30-26, 30-26, 29-27)

This fight reached main stream media, even my co-workers asked me about it. It was a good fight but the only reason it reached the masses was because a hot chick shit herself on the mat. Herrig dominated the fight and gave a teary post-fight press conference in which she claimed she isn’t promoted by the UFC because she isn’t pretty enough. Herrig knows she is hot and is playing the “I am not pretty” card to get a bunch of “oh no you are gorgeous” comments on the internet and hopefully guilt Dana into giving her a top level opponent she is not read for. Anyway the actual fight:

The start of the fight had a little delay as Herrig didn’t have her mouth piece in. She forgot to put it in and the inspectors missed it. Herrig scored a takedown in the first where she dominated. She got into full mount and landed ground and pound. When Kish scrambled she gave up her back to Herrig. Kish eventually got back to her feet but was taken down again.

Both landed hard shots to start the second round. A cut formed on the right eye of Kish after absorbing left hooks. Kish landed a body shot and an elbow in the clinch. Herrig took the fight to the ground again and took the back of Kish. She lost her back when Kish scrambled and got into full guard position on top. Herrig attempted an arm bar before the round ended.

In the third Herrig scored yet another takedown and took the back of Kish again. Kish struggled to her feet with Herrig still on her back. Herrig got under the chin of Kish and she fell back to the ground. The rear-naked was deep and I have no idea how Kish escaped. Kish didn’t get submitted but she did lose control of her bowels and was exhausted in the final minutes getting crushed with ground and pound from Herrig.

Catchweight (188 LB) Tim Boetsch def. Johny Hendricks – TKO head kick and punches – (RD 2 – 0:46)

It is hard to believe Hendricks fought and had the belt at one point at 170 as he couldn’t even make 185 for this fight. I have zero room to talk but he looked pudgy in this fight against the much taller and longer middleweight veteran Boetsch.

Boetsch threw lots of kicks early and landed an overhand punch. Hendricks landed a left and then ate a knee. Boetsch connected with several front body kicks and he landed a punch kick combo. Both dudes were throwing bombs that if hit any part of the head would have ended in a KO. Boetsch finishes the first round landing a couple of rights and another body kick punch combo, while Hendricks snuck in another left.

In the second round Boetsch stunned Hendricks with a head kick and finished him off with a powerful right and a flurry of punches. In the replay you can see Boetsch grab the head of Hendricks with his left hand to hold it steady for the influx of upper cuts from his right hand. Brutal.

Lightweight – Kevin Lee def. Michael Chiesa – Technical submission  rear-naked choke – (RD 1 – 4:37)

Two under the radar light weights settled the lamest beef (don’t talk about my mom) ever used to promote a fight. Kevin Lee dominated Chiesa (who had terrible tattoos). The fight went to the ground and back to standing in the clinch. Lee slammed Chiesa to the ground and kept him there until the controversial stoppage. Lee put Chiesa in a body triangle and just beat on him (including an illegal elbow to the back of the head). Chiesa did her to his feet but Lee was still latched onto his back and he quickly fell back to the ground. Lee got under the chin of Chiesa and appeared to have a tight rear-naked choke. Chiesa was in big trouble but never tapped. Ref Mario stopped the fight anyway and Chiesa got up pissed. Even Jon Anik called out Mario for the mistake.

Chiesa probably wasn’t going to escape but the fact that Kish broke free of a tight rear-naked in the fight before this one kept the possibility fresh in the mind of everyone, except Mario.

The internet went crazy bashing on Mario who has a pretty lengthy resume when it comes to making mistakes. Dana White (did you know he has a youtube show?) went off on Mario on Instagram in his trademark professional way. This was a bummer way to end the card and will inevitably lead to a rematch between these two and we get to watch the “don’t talk about my mom!” press conference 136, 241, 239, 983 more times.

The TUF finale featuring many Invicta alums is Friday, July 7th 2017.