The Cavs were more competitive in the first half of game 2 but by the middle of the third quarter it was clear that they were going to lose by 20 again despite scoring 20 more points than game 1.

The big story leading up to the game was the return of Steve Kerr. The crowd went crazy when he walked out onto the court for the first time since game 2 of the first round of the playoffs. Kerr stated he plans on coaching the rest of the finals (which will only be 2 more games).

The energy that Kerr brought to the game was then quickly eliminated by the awkward instrumental national anthem played by the sweat suit wearing decrepit Carlos Santana. I hate the national anthem performances already before the NBA attempts to draw in and keep old white baby boomers who probably feel uncomfortable watching a predominately black sport. How many fans in the young crowd of Oakland and how many players on either team like Carlos Santana?

Kevin Love started off hot for the Cavs going 4-4. He then went into Kevin Love mode for the rest of the game frustratingly missing easy shots. He finished the game with 27 points and 7 rebounds. Kyrie Irving had 19 points and was for the most part kept in check by the Warriors defense.

The “shooters” for the Cavs were dreadful again in game 2. JR Smith had 0 points, Kyle Korver finally made a three pointer but only had 8 points, and Deron Williams put up 0 points. If the Cavs get lucky and steal one game it will be attributed to good shooting nights from these three.

LeBron James put up his 8th career NBA Finals triple double with a stat line of 29-14-11 on 12-18 shooting. The dude can’t play much better than he already is. Curry had a triple double on the other end with 32-10-11 (he went 14-14 from the line) hitting contested three pointers from the hash mark with ease.

Kevin Durant was a monster again almost putting up the rare 5×5 stat line with 33-13-6 with 3 steals and 5 blocks. Durant’s dominance in the paint while dropping threes in this series is the real difference maker. The Cavs beat the loaded Warriors last year in a close series and with a few lucky bounces, but now with Durant, they are going to lose every game by 20. I love watching this insane team play but with Durant, it just isn’t fair.

Klay Thompson finally found his stroke scoring 22 points while going 4-7 from three. Draymond Green had a mediocre stat line on paper again but his defensive presence and energy was essential to the success of the team.

The Cavs are a great team but they have several mediocre players that have their mediocre-ness exposed in huge games like game 2 of the finals. JR Smith and Iman Shumpert are good NBA players but when put up against the best of the best, they stand out as being merely mortal. The dumb fouls they committed when guarding Durant were hard to watch and the frustration in their faces told the whole story, there is nothing they can do to stop him.

In the final minutes of the 4th, the Cavs put in Derrick Williams, Dahntay Johns, and James Jones metaphorically waving the white flag. The Cavs played super fucking hard and probably at 95 percent of their maximum ability but still lost by 20 giving up 132 points.

After the game LeBron didn’t go to the podium for his post-game press conference (reports claim LeBron doesn’t like waiting and the structure of the post-game press conference) so he took questions from the locker room. He fended off dumb questions and didn’t appear to be salty, but he did have a look of “it’s a good fucking thing I won the championship last year because I am never going to win another” on his face.