Only 3 of the 12 fights on UFC 212 went to a decision creating a fast moving fun card. The Brazilian crowd was amped in every fight rooting with their nationalistic sensibilities which were only subdued 3 times when a Brazilian fighter lost to a non-Brazilian fighter.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Flyweight – Deivesson Figueiredo def. Marco Beltran – TKO punches – (RD 2 – 5:00)

I am known to criticize flyweight fights as they involve dudes who are the size of 12 year olds and often end in a decision. There are only two guarantees in life, death, and a flyweight fight going to a decision. The latter has been disproven recently including Figueiredo’s win over Beltran.

In the first round Figueiredo scored two takedowns and attempted a guillotine choke. He controlled the ground fighting for most of the round but Beltran was able to get into top position and land some ground and pound.

Figueiredo landed ground and pound in the second round before taking the back of Beltran and attempting a rear-naked choke. Figueiredo gut under the chin of Beltran but was unable to submit him. Figueiredo kept Beltran on the ground while eating an up kick. He attempted a heel lock but Beltran was able to escape and finally get back to his feet. Figueiredo landed a hard body shot and an elbow which opened up a wound on Beltran. Figueiredo landed another elbow that stunned Beltran and Figueiredo dropped the weakened Beltran with an uppercut and went in for the kill just as the bell rung. In between rounds the fight was called a TKO for Figueiredo.

Welterweight – Luan Chagas def. Jim Wallhead – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 4:48)

Chagas came out strong throwing kicks landing multiple high and leg kicks. Wallhead had a hard time getting in close enough to land any strikes. Chagas landed a couple of counters and whiffed on a takedown attempt. Wallhead threw a spinning back fist and landed a jab before eating a smooth flurry from Chagas. Wallhead attempted a pitiful takedown that Chagas easily dodged. Chagas landed consistent shots including the 3 lefts and a knee which stunned Wallhead.

A time stoppage was granted for a nut shot on Wallhead in the second round. Wallhead looked more aggressive in the second round but still ate a lot of counters. Chagas continued landing an assortment of kicks while eating the few jabs that got through for Wallhead. Chagas made it hard for Wallhead to establish his timing as he has a weird wavy arm punching motion that is hard to predict. Another time stoppage was granted for an eye poke on Wallhead. Chagas dropped Wallhead with a back hand upper cut (never seen that before) and a left hook. He jumped on the stunned Wallhead on the ground and got the rear-naked choke in the final seconds on the second round.

Women’s Strawweight – Viviane Pereira def. Jamie Moyle – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

The fight went into the clinch early in the first round where both fighters traded reversals and knees. After the break out of the clinch Pereira landed a right while charging forward. Moyle responded with a  front kick and Pereira connected on a combo before going into another clinch. Moyle landed multiple knees in the clinch.

In the second round the two fighters traded strikes while standing. Moyle missed on a takedown attempt before another exchange of strikes and clinch. Pereira landed a right left combo and began to unloaded on Moyle who was up against the cage. Pereira caught a kick from Moyle and used the leverage to keep her off balance and to take her to the ground.

The third round saw Pereira land more consistent strikes than Moyle earning her the split decision victory.

Preliminary Card (FS1)

Bantamweight – Brain Kelleher def. Iuri Alcantara – Submission guillotine choke – (RD 1 – 1:48)

The ruckus crows went silent when heavy favorite Alcantara was surprisingly submitted via a guillotine in the first round by Kelleher. Alcantara enter the fight with a 5 inch reach advantage and rode the adrenaline high early in the fight. He attacked Kelleher with kicks and brought him to the ground where Kelleher turned the tables and got a tight guillotine. The submission was so quick that I watching at home and everyone in the arena was surprised when Alcantara tapped.

Bantamweight – Matthew Lopez def. Johnny Eduardo – TKO punches – (RD 1 -2:57)

Both Lopez and Eduardo have hideous tattoos. I was rooting for a double KO as neither deserved a win sporting horrendous ink work. At least the fight ended quickly so the viewers weren’t forced to endure staring at them for more than a few minutes.

Eduardo threw leg kicks early and clipped Lopez with a right. Lopez recovered and scored a takedown where he landed hard hammer fists. Eduardo locked up the leg of Lopez while eating hammer fists and elbows. Lopez didn’t slow down continuing the onslaught of ground and pound until the TKO was called.

Middleweight – Antonio Carlos Junior def. Eric Spicely – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 3:49)

Junior had a huge 6 inch reach advantage over Spicely in their middleweight bout. Spicely scored a takedown early in the first round where he ate elbows from Junior. Lots of technical movements and scrambles took place as both fighters looked for an opening. The fighters eventually got back to their feet where they got into a clinch and Junior scored a takedown. Junior took the back of Spicely but was unable to accomplish anything before the bell rung.

The fight went to the ground again in the second round. Junior maneuvered to the back of Spicely, switch back to full guard, and then took his back again where he was able to get under his chin and get the rear-naked choke.

Bantamweight – Raphael Assuncao def. Marion Moraes – Decision split – (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

If Dana White wants to go full control the fighters over fight bonus mode, he should penalize the fighters who were involved in the worst fight of the night. If he did, Assuncao and Moraes would have be recipients of those fines.

Moraes has been coined the best bantamweight not in the UFC. Now that he is finally on the UFC roster, he was given a tough matchup with #3 ranked Bantamweight Assuncao. There isn’t a lot to say about this fight as it was painfully slow and boring.

In the first round Assuncao threw leg kicks and a time stoppage was granted for a nut shot on Moraes. The two fighters traded jabs and Assuncao whiffed on a takedown and Moraes whiffed on a spinning kick.

The second round was just boring, neither fighter clearly won the round. In the third round Assuncao stunned Moraes with a right hook before another time stoppage was granted for a nut shot on Moraes. The two fighters traded strikes, nothing of which significantly landed, at a slow pace. Assuncao defended a takedown well before the fight ended.

Main Card (PPV)

Welterweight – Yancy Medeiros def. Erick Silva – TKO punches – (RD 2 – 2:01)

Medeiros over powered Silva for a second round TKO.

Medeiros stunned Silva in the first round and attacked him on the ground. The fighters got back to their feet and Medeiros landed a body kick. Silva landed a few jabs and a body kick of his own. The fighters traded rights before the first round ended.

Silva connected with a wheel kick in the second round and Medeiros asked for more taunting him. Mederios landed an overhand right and then a left which dropped Silva to the ground. Medeiros jumped on top and landed hammer fits until the TKO stoppage.

Middleweight – Paulo Borrachinha def. Oluwale Bamgbose – TKO punches – (RD 2 – 1:06)

Borrachinha is probably the biggest middleweight in the UFC. The dude is huge with a perfect body structure. He had red circles all over his torso showing that he used the cupping technique before the fight. Bamgbose had to clip his toe nails before entering the octagon which is a rare occurrence.

Bamgbose had a 6 inch reach advantage but that didn’t seem to help him. He came out fast and hard to start the fight using up a lot of energy. He scored a takedown, landed a left and took the back of Borrachinha. After the fighters got back to their feet, Borrachinha landed hard body kicks before going into the clinch where he landed more body shots and a high knee.

In the second round Bamgbose did a rare double chop with both hands. He then landed a hard body kick which distorted his balance causing him to fall to the ground. Borrachinha jumped on top of him and unloaded strikes earning the TKO.

Middleweight – Vitor Belfort def. Nate Marquardt – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

There were rumors that this was going to be the 40 year old Belfort last fight with the UFC. After the decision victory he stated he has 5 more fights up coming. Belfort fought well for a 40 year old man, but he did look slow at times and has the baggy skin of 185 pound middleweight who once was roided up and fought at 240 pounds.

The fellas on the Joe Rogan fight companion enjoyed this fight but I thought it was boring and uneventful. Belfort is 40 and Marquardt is 38 making for a sluggish fight. Marquardt scored a takedown in the first round and connected with some shoulder strikes. The ref stood them up prematurely and not a lot happened with the fighters trading strikes while on their feet.

In the second round Marquardt landed high and low kicks while Belfort landed a left. Belfort landed several strikes including a knee in the clinch and ate a counter from Marquardt. A cut above the eye of Belfort emerged at the end of the second round. Belfort landed more consistent strikes in the third round and defended the takedown well.

Women’s Strawweight – Claudia Gadelha def. Karolina Kowalkiewicz – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 1 – 3:03)

Before they faced off at UFC 212, Gadelha and Kowalkiewicz both only had two loses on their resumes which were all to Joanna. So if you takeout the greatest strawweight in the world, both of these fighters were undefeated.

I thought this was going to be a competitive 3 round marathon as Kowalkiewicz went the distance with Joanna and Gadelha was coming off a dominant performance over Courtney Casey. Instead the fight barely lasted three minutes. After trading strikes, Gadelha scored a takedown, quickly took the back and got under the chin of Kowalkiewicz earning the rear-naked choke submission.

After the fight Gadelha stated she was going to buy a nice car and a fancy dog.

Featherweight – Max Holloway (IC) def. Jose Also ( C ) –TKO punches – (RD 3 – 4:13)

This was an insane championship fight. The crowd was going crazy for Aldo as he dominated the first two rounds. Aldo clipped Holloway with a combo and a knee against the fence and more strikes later in the round with power and accuracy. The upper cut shown in the replay had knockout potential that was absorbed by the young and strong chin of Holloway.

In the second round Aldo landed body shots and more jabs keeping Holloway at bay. Holloway wasn’t deterred landing a right with a look of confidence on his face. Aldo landed a hard combo which clipped Holloway a bit but Holloway recovered and taunted Aldo asking for more. Aldo connected with more hard shots up to the bell which earned a thumbs up from Holloway.

In the third Holloway dropped Aldo with a 1-2, 1-2 combo. Holloway jumped on top of him landing hard ground and pound while fighting off the ground scrambles from Aldo. Holloway never let up and even though Aldo told Big John he was fine while eating shot, the onslaught became too much and John called the TKO. Aldo hated the stoppage (it was a good stoppage) and was absolutely devastated in his corner having lost the belt in front of his home crowd.

Aldo looked impressive in the first two rounds, but Holloway remained patient absorbing a lot of blows looking for his opening. When he found the opportunity he took it and earned the undisputed featherweight belt. Through all of the interim champ bullshit and dumb advertising for this fight, it delivered on its hype. It was peculiar hearing Buffer in his white baller suit say “and now” when announcing the win to Holloway.

UFC Fight Night 110 is Saturday, June 10th 2017.