Game one of the 2017 NBA finals looked familiar to everyone who has suffered through the historically bad 2017 playoffs. The NHL Stanley Cup Finals has close games and dead fish being thrown onto the ice while the NBA has another 20 point blowout and the equivalent of dead fish being thrown out onto the court in garbage time with Derrick Williams and Dahntay Jones.

The crowd was into the game from the start reaching peak volume at the opening tip. Both teams were sloppy to start the game with Zaza Pachulia passing out of wide open layups and Kevin Love chucking up bricks that landed behind the back board. The Warriors eventually shook the rust off and started playing at the level they are accustom too while the Cavs remained in the frantic state turning the ball over at an incredible pace.

At half time the Cavs had 12 turnovers (7 of which were LeBron’s) compared to the Warriors who only had one. The Warriors had 7 dunks in the first quarter alone and put up 18 more shots than the Cavs in the first half. Towards the end of the 2nd quarter the Warriors were outscoring the Cavs in the paint by a score of 36-12. At halftime Durant had 23-6-4 (he was often shown smiling and appeared to be having a good time), Curry had 12 points, Irving had 17 points, and LeBron had 19 points.

Kevin Love was a monster on the boards grabbing 21 total in the game, but had a rough night scoring putting up just 15 points on 4-13 shooting. Many of those 9 missed shots weren’t even close either. Klay Thompson also had a rough night scoring for the Warriors (CJ McCollum randomly suggested Klay would leave the Warriors in free agency on Twitter) putting up just 6 points on 3-16 shooting including going 0-5 from three. The Warriors didn’t need the scoring from Klay as Durant and Curry were scoring but Klay did play great defense allowing the Cavs to go 1-12 in shots he defended.

LeBron and Kyrie lead the Cavs in scoring with 28 and 24 points respectively. Kyrie finished on his now signature circus shots in the paint, but the Warriors prevented him from going on a run like he did in game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron looked fresh, fast, and powerful, driving to the rim and hitting threes, but his turnovers really hurt the Cavs. They are going to have a hard time beating the Warriors with zero turnovers and will never beat them putting up the 20 (LeBron finished with 8) turnovers they had in game one.

The Warriors were carried by the scoring of Durant (38) and Curry (28). Both were draining threes which incited the crowd and their teammates. After a LeBron missed a shot in the 3rd, the Warriors rushed down the court with the ball and Curry pulled up and nailed a fast break three pointer that forced everyone in the arena to stand up. After the shot Curry turned around and did the Draymond Green high step further enraging the unwarranted hate he receives. Durant had 8 rebounds and 8 assists to go with his 38 points which felt like 80 points with the ease at which he controlled the game.

In the 4th quarter the Warriors had a consistent lead in the 20’s and I got distracted by googling pictures of Steph Curry’s impossibly hot mom. When I looked up and saw Derrick Williams, Dahntay Jones, and James Jones on the court for the Cavs, I retired to bed.

Everyone always over reacts after the first game of a series and I doubt the Cavs will turn over the ball that much ever again, but even with saying all of that, the Warriors look like they have a good chance of going 16-0. Hopefully Rihanna is at game 2 so Jeff Van Gundy has something to talk about again.