The 24th and lowest rated UFC card on Fox went down in Kansas City over the weekend. A couple of big names fell in defeat and one champion is nearing rarefied status as one of the greatest fighters of all-time.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Women’s Bantamweight – Ketlen Vieira def. Ashlee Evans-Smith – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

To start of the strangely large Fight Pass card was a bantamweight bout between Vieira and Evans-Smith. The fight started with an upper cut combo from Vieira and a clinch where Evans-Smith connected with a knee. After breaking Evans-Smith landed a leg kick and Vieira responded with a counter combo. The two clinched up again and traded blows in the break. Vieira continued with throwing lots of strikes and failed on a takedown attempt from Evans-Smith who used an illegal cage grab to stay up right.

Vieira came out in the second round with the same strategy as the first throwing lots of hands. The fighters clinched up and Vieira scored a takedown. She took the back of Evans-Smith but the fight went back to standing in the clinch. After breaking Vieira landed to hard right hands and a upper cut.

Evans-Smith dropped Vieira and clinched with her landing a heavy knee. Vieira attempted some foot stomps before being separated by the ref. The fight ended with Vieira landing an upper cut and some jabs and eating some body shots from Evans-Smith.

Welterweight – Zak Cummings def. Nathan Coy – Technical Submission guillotine choke – (RD 1 – 4:21)

Mike England is not a good MMA referee. My negative opinions of him first formed when watching my first Invicta card and hearing him say “god bless” or something to that nature before starting each fight. Then he screwed up the Evinger championship fight at Invicta 21. On Saturday during UFC on Fox 24 he let Nathan Coy remain unconscious in a tight guillotine choke for a scary long time.

Cummings teed off on Coy and after the struggling Coy brought the fight to the ground, Cummings placed him in a guillotine choke. He was out cold with England staring right at him. Several painful seconds later with Cummings shouting “he’s out!” England checked Coy’s arm and saw that it was limp finally calling the fight. Even Mr. Positivity Brian Stann called out the incompetence. This was hard to watch and England’s mistake was dangerous.

Middleweight – Anthony Smith def. Andrew Sanchez – KO head kick and punches – (RD 3 – 3:52)

Smith was the first fighter of the night to end finish his opponent with a head kick and punches. Sanchez started the first round strong connecting with a hard right and scoring a takedown. Sanchez controlled the ground until Smith scrambled to top position and being stood up by the ref. Smith landed a left hook and ate a left jab, leg kick, and a right from Sanchez. Smith landed a leg kick and ate a spinning back fist counter from Sanchez. The fighters traded blows before ending the fight in the clinch, an upper cut for Sanchez and jabs from smith.

Sanchez fell to the ground after stumbling and eating a shot from Smith. Sanchez regained his balance, landed a right hook and caught a leg kick from Smith forcing him into a clinch. The fighters broke free and Sanchez landed several rights and defended a takedown attempt from Smith. Sanchez forces another clinch and scores a takedown. The fighters stood up and went back to the ground where Sanchez took the back of Smith. Sanchez dominated the ground game controlling Smith and landing significant strikes in ground and pound.

Smith connected with a knee and a jab to start the third. Sanchez threw a high kick and whiffed on a takedown attempt exposing the exhaustion level of both fighters. The fighters traded blows before Smith connected with several jabs, a knee to the head, and killer hammer fists to end Sanchez. The knee was the hard shot that dropped Sanchez and the accurate hammer fists are what KO’d him.

Light Heavyweight – Devin Clark def. Jake Collier – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Clark didn’t lose a round in his light heavyweight match up with Jake Collier. In the first round Collier landed a combo that lead to a clinch. Both fighters traded knees in the clinch and Collier landed a body kick in the break. The fighters went in and out of many more clinches before Collier scored a takedown. On the ground Clark landed a knee which looked like an illegal knee to the head live but the replay showed it connected with the chest of Collier. The fighters scrambled and got back to their feet where Clark landed a right and a huge left before going into another clinch. They broke the clinch and entered another to end the round.

More clinching took place in the second round. A time stoppage was granted for a nut shot on Collier. Clark landed a brutal body kick  before clinching up again. Collier landed knees in the clinch, broke, and Clark initiated another clinch before scoring a takedown. The fighters got back to their feet and traded kicks to end the round.

Collier came out charging Clark in the third round. The fighters clinched up yet again and Clark scored a takedown. The fighters struggled back to their feet, Clark scored another takedown, takes the back of Collier, scrambles, takes the back again and landed brutal ground and pound filled with short elbows. Clark got his arm under the chin of Collier but couldn’t get the rear-naked choke submission. The fighters got back to their feet, Clark brought it to the ground again where he dominated to end the fight.

Bantamweight – Aljamin Sterling def. Augusto Mendes – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Sterling defeated Mendes in a unanimous decision in the head lining Fight Pass bout. Sterling used his 6 inch reach advantage to help win two of the three rounds. In the first he landed some body shots before scoring a takedown. Mendes attempted a leg lock submission but Sterling was able to escape. After getting back to their feet Mendes dropped Sterling who was able to recover on the ground taking his time with his movements to allow his brain to recover. The fighters scrambled like crazy to end the first round.

The second round saw both fighters in a long clinch battle. Mendes showed the signs of exhaustion before being brought to the ground and eating rough hammer fists from Sterling. In the third round Sterling clinched his victory being the more active fighter landing a leg kick and jabs. Another long clinch battle was broken up by the ref (The uncharacteristically feisty Stann didn’t like the forced separation). The fighters clinched again where Sterling scored a takedown. Both got back to their feet where Sterling unloaded on the gassed Mendes.

Preliminary Card (Fox)

Flyweight – Tim Elliott def. Louis Smolka – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

I am not a fan of flyweight fights. I am self-aware enough to know that it is my ignorance in the fine skills of fighting that often occupy flyweight fights as both fighters are as small as normal grown men can be who don’t have knockout power. So needless to say I wasn’t stoked to see a flyweight fight starting off the Fox prelim card but Elliott and Smolka fought in what I can remember being the most entertaining flyweight bout I have seen. Smolka is a tall flyweight at 5’ 9” and Elliott in on another level in regards to cardio and energy. Elliott took Mighty Mouse to the limit in his last fight and used 5 rounds worth of energy in his 3 round fight with Smolka. I am not going to try to rewrite my notes as so much shit happened in this fight. You can read my garbled notes below but they probably won’t make sense as I couldn’t keep up with the action.

RD 1 – smolka super tall flyweight 5-9, elliot comes out hard scores takedown, looking for guillotine, gets to feet lands knees, break, clinch, smolka scored takedown gets up in clinch, smolka scores takedown, elliot ground pound, elliot scores takedown, smolka gets on top, gets to feet in clinch, goes back down elliot on top, gets up in clinch, break, elliot scores takedown, fuck can’t keep up, smolka takes back gum?, gets to feet, break, elliot scores takedown, short elbow opens cut on smolka, smolka scrambles get both hooks gets to feet,

RD 2 – Elliot scores takedown, smolka looking for guillotine, smolka on top, gets to feet, elliot takes it to ground gets to feet, break, elliot scores takedown takes back, looked for rear naked didn’t get it, elliot landing ground and pound, smolka looked for leg lock, lots of scrambling, gets to feet in clinch, smolka landing jabs, elliot scored takedown, 6th, smolka looking for guillotine, elliot looks for guillotine, didn’t get it, crazy round

RD 3 – elliot scores takedown, gets to feet break, scores takedown, gets to feet, smolka good ground d, scored another takedown, full mount, body triangle from mount, smolka scrambles, looks for darce, gets to feet, smolka scores takedown, scramble city, gets to feet, elliot gets another takedown, smolka north south choke at the end

Lightweight – Rashid Magomedov def. Bobby Green – Decision split – (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

I hadn’t seen Bobby Green’s signature beard since his early loss at UFC 199. He appears to have a new mindset and is ready to make a long successful run in the lightweight division. That run got off to a bad start by losing a split decision to Rashid Magomedov.

In the first round both fighters traded kicks. Magomedov landed a hook and a counter left before entering the clinch with Green. In the clinch Green landed knees and was granted a time stoppage after absorbing a knee from Magomedov in his nards. After the stoppage Magomedov dropped Green with a left. Green survives and eats a right before going into the clinch and connecting with knees. Green couldn’t bring Magomedov to the ground despite his best efforts.

The fighters traded strikes in the second round before another time stoppage was called for an eye poke on Green. The replay showed Green’s eye was irritated by a punch not an eye poke so the time stoppage should not have been granted. Magomedov landed a hook and Green caught a kick leading to another clinch. Magomedov scored a takedown, got back to his feet and landed a body kick to end the round.

The fight ended with a dud of a third round. Another time stoppage was granted for a nut shot on Magomedov and the two fighters traded strikes throughout the round. Magomedov threw a superman punch and a jumping knee to end the round.

Bantamweight – Tom Duquesnoy def. Patrick Williams – TKO elbow and punch – (RD 2 – 0:28)

I had never heard of Duquesnoy before this fight but after hearing that the UFC wanted to sign him at age 18 and that he was a -1100 favorite in the fight, he had my attention.

The old and out of shape Patrick Williams came out strong in the first round scoring two takedowns and landing upper cuts that opened up a cut on the eye of Duquesnoy. Strikes and knees landed for Duquesnoy before he dropped Williams with elbows simultaneously with the first round bell. If there were just a couple more seconds Williams would have been finished.

Williams took forever to get back to his feet and was breathing heavily in between rounds. It was obvious that he had nothing left going into the second round. He came out fast again looking for the lucky KO blow with the last surge of energy he could muster. Duquesnoy dropped Williams again with an elbow and Williams essentially gave up on the ground with nothing else to give. Duquesnoy celebrated his victory by doing the splits in the center of the octagon.

Heavyweight – Alexander Volkov def. Roy Nelson – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The worst fight of the night was a heavyweight match up between Volkov and Nelson. In the first round Nelson scored a takedown and was almost KO’d by a flurry of upper cuts and knees at the end of the first round. The final two rounds were a boring clinch fest of two tired heavyweights trying to avoid a KO punch. Volkov was the more active fighter landing more consistent shots than Nelson. Boring fight.

Main Card (Fox)

Featherweight – Renato Moicano def. Jeremy Stephens – Decision split – (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

The final decision of the night was between Moicano and featherweight contender Jeremy Stephens. Moicano came out kicking early in the first round. Stephens landed a couple right hands before being brought to the ground and getting locked up with Moicano.

The second rounds was uneventful. Stephens failed on takedown attempts and ate a left and a right. Both fighters connected with leg kicks. Moicano scored a takedown in the third round and the fighters got back to their feet. Stephens attempted to be more aggressive in the third as he was losing and his face showed that. Moicano was mainly playing defense and retreated to the chagrin of Stephens and the crowd to ensure his decision victory. Stephens snuck a left hand in at the end of the fight.

Middleweight – Robert Whittaker def. Jacare Souza – TKO head kick and punches – (RD 2 – 3:28)

Jacare Souza is yet another victim of the UFC ignoring rankings that they create. Souza was behind Yoel Romero in line to a middleweight title shot that was given to GSP who hasn’t fought in the UFC in 4 years. Instead of getting a title shot, Souza signed a 8 fight extension to his UFC contract and a fight against a killer in Whittaker.

Souza brought the fight to the ground in the first round but was unable to get a submission after taking the back of Whittaker. Whittaker connected with some blows that aided in Souza slipping and falling. Whittaker connected with an upper cut before eating two right hands from Souza. Whittaker landed a body kick and left hook to end the first round.

Whittaker dropped Souza with a right and went in for the kill. Unable to get the TKO both fighters got back to their feet. Whittaker dropped Souza again with a high kick and a flurry of punches. He finished Souza on the ground with razor blade elbows that split open blood wounds on the head of Souza.

Women’s Strawweight – Rose Namajunas def. Michelle Waterson – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 2:47)

Just like its mandatory for me to throw money away every month into a shitty health insurance plan, it is mandatory for Fox to have hot strawweights fight on their main card.

Namajunas proved she is on another level and is worthy of a title shot after destroying the karate hottie. In the first round Namajunas took the back of Waterson on the ground, lands harsh ground and pound and scored a takedown at the end of the round. In the second round Namajunas dropped Waterson with a high kick and jumped on top of her to finish her off. She softened her up with more ground and took her back. Namajunas got under the chin of Waterson and got the rear-naked choke submission. The camera shot of the submission was in great position to see the anguish in Waterson’s bruised and bloodied face as she tried to resist the choke.

Flyweight – Demetrious Johnson ( c ) def. Wilson Reis – Submission armbar – (RD 3 – 4:49)

The most surprising outcome of the night was that the headlining flyweight fight didn’t end in a decision. Johnson is in the upper echelon of fighters and defended his belt successfully for the 10th time against Reis.

He dropped Reis in the second round with a knee to the body and nearly finished him with ground and pound but the bell rung. In the third round Johnson took Reis to the ground and annihilated him with elbows which lead to an arm bar submission. Johnson is an amazing fighter and worthy of the praise he receives, I just don’t dig flyweight fights. Rumors are circulating that Johnson may move up to 135 to challenge Garbrandt.

UFC Fight Night 108 is Saturday, April 22nd 2017.