Last week a week late.

Russell Westbrook Triple Double Update

He is still going hard. Westbrook recorded his 40th triple double last week, his 10th in 12 games 7 of which included 40 points. He scored 57 points in a record comeback win for the Thunder making the point total the highest ever with a triple double. With just a few games left it is all but certain that he will pass The Big O. MVP. MVP. MVP.

James Harden

Harden recorded his 20th triple double on the season, something that would receive more attention if the stars didn’t align perfectly for Westbrook to refine the meaning of triple double. This is the first season ever where two players recorded 20 triple doubles in the same season. Unlike the Thunder, the Rockets are the third best team in the west and have a chance of making a run in the playoffs and it is all due to Harden’s play. MVP. MVP. MVP.


The Nets have been playing better than the Cavs since the all-star break. For the first time in months, the Cavs lost the first overall seed to the Celtics and look vulnerable. They had a 19-18 record in 37 games and got bludgeoned in a 29 point loss to the Spurs. What was once a guarantee of the Cavs easily and effortlessly making it out of the East in the playoffs, is no longer a certainty. The Cavs have been playing atrocious defense all season, something that they will probably improve on when the playoffs begin.


Anthony Davis recorded his 3rd straight 30-15 game (he has 15 on the season), Steve Kerr won 200 games quicker than anyone, 32-year-old LeBron James passed Shaq for 7th all-time scoring (he began the season in 11th place), and the final seedings in the eastern and western conference playoff standings are going to be determined in the final weeks of the season as just a few games separate several teams.