What’s better than a UFC Fight Pass exclusive card free of Fox production and commercials? The answer is a UFC Fight Pass exclusive card in London, England. UFC Fight Night 107 started at 1:30 pm (2pm after two preliminary fights were scrapped) eastern time and ended at 7 pm. Afternoon cards are a rare treat as I can enjoy every fight without fighting my heavy eyelids in the early hours of the morning. This card saw a lot of decisions with a few highlight knockouts mixed in.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Women’s Bantamweight – Lina Lansberg def. Lucie Pudliova – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Lina Lansberg, most famous for being Cyborg’s most recent victim, eeked out a win in a split decision over the 22 year old UFC newcomer Lucie Pudliova. Like Dan Henderson joked after UFC 204, if the fight was decided based on the appearance of each fighter, Pudliova would have won easily as Lansberg’s face looked like it had been swiped across a cheese grater.

The fighters went to the clinch almost immediately in the first round. Lansberg connected with some knees before the ref separated them. That was a major theme of the night, aggressive refs breaking up clinches and standing up fighters too quickly. Lansberg and Pudliova clinched back up again and both fighters traded knees. They went in and out of the clinch for the rest of the round and both fighters connected on strikes.

Lansberg caught a kick from Pudliova and drove her into a clinch. Lansberg landed a body and head kick after breaking which lead to another clinch. The fighters went in and out of the clinch where they traded knees. Lansberg connected with a left hook and Pudliova landed a few jabs. Lansberg scored a takedown and Pudliova looked for a triangle. Lansberg landed some heavy shots before the round ended and both fighters revealed their exhaustion when they took their time standing up and trudging to their corners.

The fighters traded some blows before going into the clinch in the third round, Lansberg with elbows and Pudliova with jab. The fighters went in and out of the clinch and Pudliova began to unload on Lansberg’s face. She connected with many elbows in the clinch which did most of the damage that Lansberg suffered. Pudliova was aggressive and even though she tried many times, Lansberg couldn’t trip Pudliova to the ground. Towards the end of the round both fighters had no energy left but Pudliova ate a weak overhand right and continued to charge forward and be the aggressor.

Lansberg won the fight but in her post fight interview she held up a confused Pudliova’s arm (she doesn’t speak English) and stated she should have won the fight.

Middleweight – Brad Scott def. Scott Askham – Decision split – (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Askham and his long torso couldn’t finish a late round comeback and defeat Brad Scott. The first round saw frequent low kicks from Scott that landed flush on the shin of Askham’s lead leg. Askham connected on some body kicks before being dropped with a right hand from Scott. Askham got back to his feet and connected with a right hook. The leg kicks from Scott took their toll and injured the lead leg of Askham. He had trouble putting weight on that leg which immediately began swelling. Scott landed a body uppercut and several strikes as he pressured Askham up against the cage.

Askham came out strong in the second round landing a front body kick, overhand left, and tripped Scott to the ground. When Scott got back to his feet he ate another body kick and a jab. Scott went back to his reliable leg kicks which clearly continued to hurt Askham. The fighters traded strikes the rest of the round, leg kicks from Scott and body kicks (with a high kick mixed in) from Askham.

The third round started with the fighters trading strikes and Askham controlling the center of the octagon. Scott landed a jab after eating an overhand right. Askham’s leg was a bulging purple mess at this point in the fight. Scott landed a counter right which was followed by a body kick from Askham. Scott connected with a left hook, Askham ran him down and landed several strikes and a body kick. Scott landed a big right hand at the final bell.

Despite speaking the same language as me, I only understood a small portion of what Scott said in his post-fight press conference. Those accents are thick.

Lightweight – Marc Diakiese def. Teemu Packalen – KO punch – (RD 1 – 0:30)

Marc Diakiese is the Black Lando Vannata. Super flashy and fun fighter who drops mother fuckers. A Diakiese/Vannata lightweight match up would be a sick fight. Diakiese is a cocky SOB but he backed up his confident demeanor by knocking out the very tall lightweight Packalen in 30 seconds. Diakiese threw his extravagant flying kicks (hop side kick), chased a retreating Packalen down and turned him into a stiff falling tree with a hard right hand. Just brutal.

Welterweight – Leon Edwards def. Vicente Luque – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Edwards started off his unanimous decision over Luque with a hard left hook in the first round that stunned Luque. After recovering, Luque scored a takedown and the fighters got back to their feet in the clinch. Edwards defended more takedown attempts from the clinch and eventually broke free. He landed a body kick and a high kick before Luque scored his second takedown. On the ground the two fighters scrambled looking for an opening.

The fighters went to the ground and back to their feet in the clinch several times to start the second round. The ref separated a clinch and Edwards landed a body kick. He attempted a flying knee and fell to the ground and quickly got back to his feet in the clinch. Edwards then scored a takedown and landed some hard body shots before being stood up by the ref. Edwards landed another body kick, whiffed on a takedown and landed a knee in the clinch to end the round.

Edwards and Luque traded kicks in the final round before clinching up. The fighters went to the ground, got back to their feet and broke free of the clinch. Edwards landed head and body shots, a left and right hook, and then went back into the clinch. After breaking Edwards landed more strikes, a body kick, knee, jab, and caught a kick from Luque which led to another clinch. The aggressive ref warned them about inactivity after what felt like 2 seconds and the fighters broke on their own. Luque connected with a few strikes before being brought to the ground by Edwards in the final 10 seconds.

In his post-fight interview Edwards called out Donald Cerrone, a dude he is not worthy of fighting yet.

Heavyweight – Tim Johnson def. Daniel Omielanczuk – Decision split – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

A rare and elusive heavyweight matchup found its way onto this card. Tim “my whole identity relies on my mustache” Johnson and Daniel “thick but lit” Omielanczuk faced off in a close 3 round decision.

Omielanczuk was successful with his low and body kicks early in the first round. Johnson did his signature move of rushing forward and overwhelming his opponent with a flurry of strikes. This lead to the clinch where Johnson landed some knees. The ref separated them and Omielanczuk connected with a body shot and another low kick. Johnson charged forward again, landed a right hand, and then ate a knee in the clinch.

Omielanczuk came out kicking again in the second round landing a body kick and several leg kicks. Johnson did his bear rush move again which lead to a clinch. A cut opened up under the left eye of Omielanczuk and the fighters broke free. Omielanczuk landed a jab, overhand left, right hook, and a leg kick before Johnson charged him again. This lead to another clinch and a weird stoppage where the ref told Johnson to stop looking down to prevent an eye poke or pulled out mouth guard. I wasn’t sure on what the stoppage was about but the ref placed the fighters back to their position in the clinch. Johnson scored a takedown down and landed some ground and pound before the fight went back to standing in the clinch.

The fight went back to the clinch in the third round where Johnson landed some knees. The two fighters reversed position in the clinch several times and Johnson defending the takedown well. The ref broke up the clinch and the fighters traded strikes again. Johnson landed two right jabs before falling and getting back to his feet in the clinch. Johnson wanted a takedown down but couldn’t drag the big Omielanczuk down. The ref separated them again, Omielanczuk landed a left elbow and went back to the clinch where they remained till the final bell.

Dan Hardy didn’t have his best night doing Joe Rogan duty and the mic dying before the Johnson post fight interview flustered him a bit.

Light Heavyweight – Francimar Barroso def. Darren Stewart – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

The rematch everyone wanted. Barroso’s initial TKO loss to Stewart last year was ruled a no contest after it was revealed the two fighters inadvertently budded heads. Stewart made his walk with his signature and stupid as fuck dentist persona.

The first round started with Stewart landing a right and slamming Barroso to the ground. After getting back to their feet, there was a time stoppage for a nut shot on Barroso. Stewart offered a glove touch when the time started up again but Barroso declined. Barroso connected on leg kicks and then the fighters went in and out of the clinch several times. Stewart caught a kick which led to another clinch. Barroso tripped Stewart to the ground who got back up and landed a knee. Lots of clinches.

By my count, Barroso scored 6 takedowns in the second round. He brought Stewart to the ground, who got back to his feet, and then brought back down, over and over again. After the 4th trip to the mat, Stewart took a lot longer getting to his feet with Barroso latched on him sucking his energy away. The fighters finally got into a clinch that the ref broke up late in the second. Both fighters were tired as Barroso landed a body kick and Stewart cut open the face of Barroso with short elbows.

Stewart came out hard in the third round throwing a leg kick, body kick, and a superman punch. The fighters went into the clinch and traded quick blows without defending themselves in a Don Frye fashion. The rest of the round was boring as both fighters were tired and were looking to pad their score cards with various strikes. They went in and out of boring clinches trading strikes.

Lightweight – Joe Duffy def. Reza Madadi – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Joe Duffy, the man who the commentators reminded the viewer constantly that he once defeated Connor McGregor 7 years ago. He looked good in his win over Madadi with very quick and unpredictable strikes.

The fight started with a clinch and a knee from Madadi in the break. Duffy landed a body kick before being brought to the ground by Madadi. He then picked Duffy up over his shoulder and slammed him hard into the mat. Duffy scrambled to top position and controlled the ground while landing ground and pound. Madadi attempted a guillotine but Duffy slipped out of it and opened up a huge wound on the forehead of Madadi with a razor blade of an elbow.

The gash on Madadi’s forehead was gushing blood and the cut man had a hard time closing the wound in between round. Duffy landed a hard combo in the second round and Madadi looked crazy with blood pouring from his face asking for more. Duffy defends a takedown and lands another combo. Madadi had to wipe blood away from his eyes as it was hurting his vision. Duffy landed a knee and Madadi taunted him again trying to give the illusion that he can take it. Madadi scored a takedown but Duffy got back to his feet and landed an overhand and a few jabs to end the second round.

Duffy landed a straight right, body punches, and a knee to the head to begin the third round. Madadi ate a high kick and taunted again asking for more. Madadi can take a lot of damage but the mind game of asking for more strikes loses its effect after three rounds of getting absolutely wrecked. Duffy landed another combo, an uppercut, left hook to the body, a right uppercut and defended a takedown attempt before the fight ended.

Main Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Featherweight – Arnold Allen def. Makwan Amirkhani – Decision split – (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Arnold Allen started the main card off with a split decision victory over Makwan Amirkhani. Allen had to defend a quick charge attack filled with kicks from Amirkhani before being brought to the ground. The fighters got back to their feet in the clinch and Amirkhani scored a second takedown. Amirkhani attempted a strange north south choke that I haven’t seen before and then went for a guillotine choke. The fighters got back to the feet where Allen landed a knee in the clinch and scored a takedown for himself. While on his back, Amirkhani landed elbows and traded ground and pound with Allen. The fighters got back to their feet in the clinch and Amirkhani scored his third takedown. They get back to their feet in the clinch again and fight for position before the ref separated them too quickly. The two fighters traded left hands before the busy first round ended.

The second round saw Amirkhani record his 4th takedown. He attempted a d’arce choke but after flipping over Amirkhani, Allen escaped. Amirkhani then attempted an arm bar submission which Allen escaped and used to get into top position on the ground. Allen landed some ground and pound, got into full mount and used his elbows to grind against the face of Amirkhani. The ground and pound landed hard. The fighters got back to their feet and Allen sprawled out to defend a takedown attempt from Amirkhani. Allen looked for a Peruvian neck tie that Amirkhani escaped and used to get into top position on the ground. Technical fun ground fighting took place up to the second round bell.

Both fighters got a little extra rest before the third round as the ref called for towels to wipe down the water drenched fighters. Allen sprawled out to defend another takedown. Allen landed a powerful right before eating a jab and being brought to the ground for the 5th time. Allen popped back to his feet quickly and brought Amirkhani to the ground. Allen landed a knee as the fighters got back to their feet. They went back to the ground where they partook in fast scrambles and technical ground fighting. They were active in looking for an opening but the impatient awful refs stood them up anyway. Allen brought the fight back to the ground and scrambled to top position. He landed some rough ground and pound before taking the back of Amirkhani and wrapping his arms under his chin. This all happened in the final seconds and Allen didn’t have enough time to get the rear-naked.

The ground fighting in this match made for a rad fight.

Catchweight (140 LB) – Marlon Vera def. Brad Pickett – TKO head kick and punches – (RD 3 – 3:50)

Brad Pickett made his walk to the octagon in front of his home crowd with his signature hat and suspenders while looking a newspaper that was filled with articles about how awesome his is. The London crowd was extra loud for this Pickett fight as it was announced it would be his last.

I have nothing against Pickett as he is a veteran fighter whole was a part of this young sport long before it was popular and filled with money. But sadistically I was rooting for a hard and gut wrenching knock out of Pickett just to make the moment awkward. My wish was granted as Pickett was dropped with a head kick and hard hammer fists.

Up to the TKO the fight was close but Vera was winning. Pickett just wanted to gut out a decision and maybe pull off the victory with the local judges scoring his fight. Instead he was sent into retirement with a finish and a quiet sad arena. Vera was very respectful after the fight giving Picket his praise (“Brad Pickett is a fucking legend!”) and remembering watching him in the WEC when he started getting into MMA. The relishing of the awkwardness faded away when I saw Bruce Buffer walk over to the upset Pickett and guide him to the center of the octagon to receive the cheers he deserved. Picket left the octagon for the final time leaving his hat over the monster logo never to be worn again.

Welterweight – Gunnar Nelson def. Alan Jouban – Submission guillotine choke – (RD 2 – 0:46)

Gunnar Nelson is the male version of Invicta fighter Aspen Ladd. He entered the ring and stood through the hype Buffer introduction with a look on his face that I have when I am bored watched a millennial pandering ad on youtube. The dude is an emotionless killer.

Jouban landed a leg kick early in the first round before clinching up with Nelson. In the break Nelson landed a knee and Jouban landed another leg kick. Nelson scored two quick takedowns and on the second he was able to keep Jouban down. He put his knee in the gut of Jouban before transitioning to full mount. Nelson landed an elbow and controlled the ground game.

Jouban charged forward in the second round landing more leg kicks. Nelson clipped Jouban with a right jab and watched him stumble for a few seconds before his legs gave out. Nelson landed a head kick to further weaken Jouban and instead of going for the TKO, Nelson collapsed on top of Jouban, grabbed his neck and submitted him with a clean guillotine choke. It was impressive to see Nelson assess the situation and go for a choke instead of going for the TKO. Many a time have I seen a fighter go for a TKO which the ref doesn’t call and the weakened fighter gets those couple of seconds they needed to recover and stay alive.

Light Heavyweight – Jimi Manuwa def. Corey Anderson – KO punch – (RD 1 – 3:05)

Knockout artist is a term that is too loosely used. Only fighters like Manuwa should earn the classification of knockout artist. Coming into his fight with Corey Anderson he had 16 victories, 15 of which ended in a finish and 10 of those ended in the first round.

He KO’d Anderson with a left hook that didn’t even look like it had a lot of power behind it. He hit the sweet spot on Anderson’s jaw and did the Mark Hunt walk off. Bah – roo – toll.

UFC 210 in Buffalo is three weeks away on Saturday, April 8th 2017.