Meaningful playoff games are just 5 weeks away.

Russell Westbrook Triple Double Update

The dude got his 30th triple double of the season but his assist numbers are continuing to shrink.


Magic Johnson

One story that I forgot to mention last week was the Lakers promoting Ervin Magic Johnson to president of basketball operations. I have never liked Magic Johnson. I am sure he is a great guy outside of the TV studio but whenever I see, watch, or read him all I see is an outdated smiling cliché in the form of a large black man. He has zero experience in running a team, was awful as a NBA coach (he only coached the Lakers for 16 games) and I don’t understand the loyal worshipping of everything he does. Sure he has had successful business ventures but I seriously doubt it’s his handy work in making his business profitable. He is a rich man, he hired smart people and invested his money, that doesn’t make him a unique genius business man. Also his twitter is fucking awful.

So there, the dude is a legend whose career was cut short due to his aids diagnosis. His recent hiring was an attempt by the Buss family to kept the Lakers in the lime light and to create a “splash” within the organization and media. Dan LeBatard essentially said all of these things I just said in a more entertaining way and was crucified and labeled a racist by many black sports media figures. I have listened to the LeBatard show every day for close to three years so I am biased fan of his, but if any of these black sports media personalities (Keyshawn Johnson in particular) listened to a minute of LeBatard they would know he isn’t a racist. As LeBatard pointed out, the conversation no longer was about the qualifications of Magic Johnson, it transformed into determining if a radio host was a racist. What a fucking dumb situation.


No team took advantage of signing players who were bought out of their contracts like the Cavs did. They signed the old, experienced and capable players of Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut. It was surprising to see Bogut sign with the Cavs as his old team the Warriors were interested in signing him. Maybe there is some bad blood there? I know Bogut spoke to the media last year about not needing to sign Kevin Durant as the Warriors were already a great team. He was one of the casualties of the roster to make cap space for Durant.


The Raptors are going to be without Kyle Lowry for at least a few weeks due to a wrist injury. As long as he recovers and the injury doesn’t linger, this will probably be a good thing in the long term for the Raptors as they will have a fresh Lowry for the playoffs.

Joel Embiid is out for the season. He has barely played 30 games in his 3 year career. The 76ers are bad and there is no need to risk further injury by playing Embiid so they shut him down for the year. Will he still win rookie of the year?

Kevin Durant suffered a nasty knee injury. Watch the video at your own risk, but if you do you will see that it looked like he blew everything in his knee. He was diagnosed with an MCL sprain and a bone bruise which isn’t a death sentence, but it isn’t an all clear either. Initial reports for the Warriors stated that he would be out for 4-6 weeks. That is best case scenario. If he does come back in time for the crucial playoff games, will he be able to contribute at his normal level? The Western Conference playoff standings just opened up as the Warriors have been struggling in Durant’s absence and the Spurs continue to win.

Record Accomplishments

This isn’t your grandpa’s NBA. This isn’t your older brothers NBA. The league has gone through a recent and rapid change as coaches and players have embraced the 3 point shot.

Stephen Curry is still on the right side of 30 and passed Kobe Bryant and Chauncey Billups for 10th place on the all-time career 3 point field goals made. He has made 1,841 three pointers in his career. The all-time record holder is Ray Allen with 2,973 three pointers made. He is going to catch Allen within 4 years.

The Cavs made 25 three pointers in a game setting an NBA record.

Sixth man of the year front runner Eric Gordon has amassed 180 three pointers on the season off the bench for the Rockets. That has never been done before in the NBA.

Other Stuff

Taj Gibson made an overhand 3/4 of the court shot, Nikola Jokic recorded back to back triple doubles, the Spurs clinched a playoff seed for the 20th straight season, and Leandro Barbosa celebrated a little too early.