Trades predictions and twitter beefs filled the NBA conversations in the 3 days free of games.

Russell Westbrook

In a shortened week, Westbrook tallied up two more triple doubles putting his total on the season at 29.


Trade Deadline

The trade deadline has come and gone and like every year big names were in trade talks. Jimmy Butler, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George were all rumored to be offered on the trade block but none of them moved. Overall the deadline was a snoozer. Below are all of the trades that went down:

Sacramento Kings traded Boogie Cousins and Omri Casspi to the New Orleans Pelicans for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and their 2017 first and second round picks. Like everything surrounding Boogie, drama is aplenty regarding this trade. The trade was finalized during the All-Star game, just days after general manager Vlade Divac assured Cousins he wouldn’t be traded and the owner consulting Cousins on possible player acquisitions. For the best, and very disgruntled, center in the league, the Kings did not receive much in return. Divac acknowledged this in a press conference where he admitted that he received a better deal two days earlier, further solidifying the opinion that Divac is way over his head as general manger.

The Oklahoma City Thunder traded Anthony Morrow, Cameron Payne, and Joffrey Lauvergne to the Chicago Bulls for Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, and a 2018 second round pick.

The Philadelphia 76ers traded Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks for Andrew Bogut (who they have since bought out), Justin Anderson, and a 2018 first round pick. This trade makes Joel Embiid, who was drafted in 2014, the longest tenured 76er.

The Toronto Raptors traded Jared Sullinger, 2017 second round pick, and a 2018 second round pick to the Phoenix Suns for P.J. Tucker. With the Ibaka trade last week, the Raptors appear to be going all for a finals appearance this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers traded Marcelo Huertas to the Houston Rockets for Tyler Ennis.

The Denver Nuggets traded protected 2019 second round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks for Roy Hibbert.

The Atlanta Hawks traded Mike Scott to the Phoenix Suns for cash.

The Houston Rockets traded K.J. McDaniels to the Brooklyn Nets for cash.

Shaq vs. McGee

Shaq is weird. For being a hall of famer player with 4 championships with a cushy TNT broadcasting gig, the dude is super petty and insecure. He isn’t very good at his job with TNT but the one thing he does well is his “blooper” reel called Shaq-tin’ a Fool which highlights bad plays by NBA players. One frequent player on these segments is the infamous Javale McGee. Last week Shaq laughed and joked at McGee’s expense again who responded on twitter with “maybe he’s in love with me…maybe I should be flattered? IDK GUYS!!” and “Last thing: think about this…h3 woke up and I was the 1st thing on his mind when he made that video…THAT AINT WEIRD TO YALL?”

In classic Shaq fashion, he cranked the fun jabbing on twitter up to 11 without any warning.

“don’t be acting like u a g I’ll smack the s**t out yo bum ass u da one that be looking stupid with your dumb ass #bumass”

This is when things got ugly. McGee responded with “Oh we threatening people now? Kick rocks you old bastard…you ain’t gone do sh**!!! An that’s on my mama…stick to cooning!

This went on for days with the mothers of both Shaq and McGee stepping in. There isn’t a right or wrong side with this situation but Shaq is known for being vicious without reason and when he gets called out on it, he either says he was joking or references his championships. Shaq tries way too hard.

Mark Cuban vs. Bleacher Report

Twitter beef number 2 for the week took place between Mark Cuban and Bleacher Report. I stopped following Bleacher Report years ago after getting fed up with their click-bait headlines clogging my newsfeed. Apparently they made a post showing Dirk shooting an air-ball with a condescending caption. I didn’t look it up because I don’t want to give Bleacher Report that click. Cuban saw this and was furious and complained to Turner Sports executives (who own Bleacher Report) and the tweet was eventually taken down. Similar to Shaq vs. McGee, both sides are wrong in this situation. Cuban needs to stop being so petty and sensitive while Bleacher Report needs to stop filling the internet with trash articles and millennial pandering animated sketches.

Other Stuff

Ben Simmons has been official ruled out for the rest of the season, the Warriors clinched a playoff spot in just 58 games, and Chris Paul is back playing for the Clippers after missing a month and a half with a thumb injury.