UFC Fight Night 105 had a long 6 fight main card, but my tiredness was swept away with a great headlining heavyweight fight. There were 12 fights in Halifax Canada which combined to make a rare Sunday night UFC card.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Middleweight – Gerald Meerschaert def. Ryan Janes – Submission armbar – (RD 1 – 1:34)

Meerschaert started the night off with a quick arm bar submission finish of Janes. The fight started with Janes aggressively pursuing Meerschaert which lead to a clinch. From the clinch Janes scored a takedown and tried to find an opportunity amid Meerschaerts good defense on the ground. From his back Meerschaert put Janes in a triangle who quickly tapped.

Preliminary Card (FS1)

Middleweight – Thiago Santos def. Jack Marshman – TKO spinning heel kick and punches – (RD 2 – 2:21)

I was excited to see Marshman fight again since I saw him on the UK card a few months ago. The dude swings hard. Marshman and Santos are both former service men in their respective countries so Brian Stann and FS1 constantly talked about their military service.

Santos scored a takedown in the first round and landed some heavy ground and pound on Marshman. After the fighters got back to their feet Marshman ate a hard strike and clinched up with Santos. In the break Marshman landed a body shot. Santos landed a spinning back kick to the body of Marshman. Santos was dropped after eating a heavy right from Marshman and got back to his feet in the clinch. Marshman landed several hooks and Santos asked for more before the first round ended.

The second round started with a high kick from Santos and heavy strikes thrown by Marshman. The two fighters traded strikes up until Santos connected with a spinning heel kick to the ear of Marshman. This dropped Marshman to the mat where Santos landed ground and pound to earn the TKO.

With his ear split wide open, Marshman was upset with the quick stoppage. The ref did step in early but it was worthy for a TKO.

Bantamweight – Aiemann Zahabi def. Reginaldo Vieira – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

The Canadian born Zahabi had the Halifax crowd behind him during his three round bout with Vieira. This is one of those fights that was filled with so much activity it would be pointless to reference every significant strike. Zahabi earned the victory and clearly won the fight, but Vieira was a wild card and had a punchers chance in all three rounds. Zahabi was more consistent in his striking and controlled the center of the octagon while Vieira swung wildly looking for the home run with every punch. Vieira did make the fight interesting by scoring a few takedowns and landing lots of leg kicks, but he was dropped in the second round after eating a right hand.

This was a fun fight to watch as both fighters kept up the fast pace even in the third round and if one of Vieira’s heavy strikes landed, it would have had a different outcome. It was obvious that Zahabi won the decision before the score cards were read, but Vieira was surprised and exited the octagon pissed immediately after the decision was read.

Women’s Strawweight – Randa Markos def. Carla Esparza – Decision split – (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Markos squeaked out with a victory in a close fight with old rival Esparza. The fight started slow with both fighters keeping their distance looking for an opening to attack. The striking began with Esparza landing a left and in a flurry of attacks from both fighters, Markos landed a right. Esparza brought Markos to the ground and slid into side control. Markos intertwined her limbs with Esparza’s preventing her from doing anything. After some more maneuvering, Markos locked up Esparza’s arms and unloaded on her exposed face. Esparza was defenseless without her arms and scrambled to break free to land a left of her own to end the first round.

Both fighters connected with strikes in the second round. Esparza scored a takedown in the second half of the round and moved into side control. She placed her knee on the belly of Markos applying a painful amount of pressure. Esparza looked for the shoulder choke but was unable to submit Markos before the bell.

Markos landed a spinning back fist in the third and continued to get away with extending her fingers illegally. Both fighters traded attacks and Markos defended a takedown attempt from Esparza. After landing two knees, Esparza finally brought Markos to the ground with just a 1:30 left in the round. Esparza landed what looked like an illegal knee on the downed Markos which opened up a bloody wound on her head. Markos ate the knee, got to her feet, and landed a few jabs while defending a takedown attempt. Esparza scored a last second takedown fight before the final bell.

I thought Esparza won this fight but it was extremely close. Markos was excited when she learned that she won and used her post fight interview to call out bullies. I thought this was random at the time but I gathered via the internet that Esparza and Markos had a feud while on the Ultimate Fighter TV show and Markos believed she was bullied by Esparza.

Welterweight – Santiago Ponzinibbio def. Nordine Taleb – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Taleb has a picture perfect body with toned and evenly distributed muscles. He fought hard and through injury but he was unable to defeat the man with an impossibly complicated last name Ponzinibbio. I will refer to him as Ponz from this point forward.

Taleb and his rolled up shorts landed many kicks in the first round. Ponz threw a kick that Taleb caught and used to force Ponz backwards while throwing punches. Taleb landed a right punch and left kick before the first round ended.

After absorbing more kicks from Taleb, Ponz landed a right that hurt Taleb in the second round. Taleb kept pawing at his eye but didn’t receive a time stoppage from the ref. Ponz landed more strikes that opened up the nose (looked like the nose was broken) of Taleb. Ponz then dropped Taleb with a heavy right and jump on top of him on the ground. Taleb survived on the ground to the end of the round, but Ponz clearly won the round with the help of an eye poke.

In the third the ref stopped the fight to warn Taleb about his finger placement in the air. While bleeding badly, Taleb landed kicks and ate some more shots from Ponz. After trading strikes, Taleb opened up the face of Ponz with a jab and both fighters slugged it out in the final seconds.

Main Card (FS1)

Lightweight – Paul Felder def. Alessandro Ricci – TKO elbow and punches – (RD 1 – 4:44)

The main card started off with Felder earning a first round finish over Ricci. Felder started the fight off landing a left counter. Ricci responded with a leg kick and then ate a straight fight from Felder. The fight ended when Felder landed a forearm/elbow and a follow up right. He threw a knee that looked like the knockout blow when watching live, but the replay showed the knee didn’t land cleanly. Felder looked hurt after the fight limping on one leg.

Catchweight (139.5 LB) – Sara McMann def. Gina Mazany – Submission arm-triangle choke – (RD 1 – 1:14)

Mazany entered he fight with title contender McMann 3.5 pounds overweight. The size advantage didn’t help her much as the experienced and shredded McMann made quick work of her. McMann scored a takedown almost immediately and landed ground and pound from her back. The two got back to their feet in the clinch and quickly went back to the ground. From there McMann saw an opening and got the arm-triangle choke. McMann helped Mazany to her feet and talked to her for a long time in a manner that looked like she was reassuring her.

In her post fight interview McMann asked for a title shot.

Middleweight – Elias Theodorou def. Cezar Ferreira – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Ferreira looks massive for a middleweight. Despite his intimidating appearance, he had a 3 inch read disadvantage against Theodorou. In the first round Ferreira landed a few strikes and tripped up Theodorou with a heavy leg kick, Theodorou responded by landing a body kick and some leg kicks of his own. The two clinched up after Theodorou caught a kick from Ferreira and after they separated, Ferreira landed a body kick to end the round.

Theodorou came out in the second round fast. He charged forward and threw a flying knee. Ferreira scored a takedown and took the back of Theodorou who got to his feet with Ferreira latched onto him. They got back to their feet and Theodorou broke away with punches. Ferreira later picked up Theodorou and slammed him hard to the ground. They got back to their feet in the clinch and Ferreira attempted a guillotine choke. Theodorou escaped and landed several strikes on the ground on and on his feet.

In the third round Theodorou landed a kick, right hook combination. He whiffed on a spinning back fist and charged towards Ferreira after a clinch, being the more aggressive fighter. Ferreira scored another takedown and took the back of Theodorou. The fighters got back to their feet with Ferreira still latched onto Theodorou. They fell back to the ground and Ferreira looked for a rear-naked choke. Theodorou escaped, got back to his feet and defending the takedown well up to the final bell.

Featherweight – Gavin Tucker def. Sam Sicilla – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Tucker landed almost all of the strikes in the first round dominance of Sicilla. He landed kicks, jabs, and a knee. In the second round Sicilla continued with his strange strategy of landing zero strikes while getting hit by Tucker. The leg kicks from Tucker began to take their toll on Sicilla’s lead leg as a massive visible bruise formed. Sicilla did land a significant right in the second round, but Tucker dominated again.

Knowing he was losing by a lot, Sicilla came out strong in the third round. Tucker responded with a body shot and a clinch. Sicilla punched his way out of the clinch but was brought to the ground by Tucker. As they got back to their feet, Tucker landed a knee. Tucker landed more jabs as he showed good head movement dodging all of Sicilla’s attacks. Tucker landed another knee and taunting Sicilla before the third round ended.

Middleweight – Johny Hendricks def. Hector Lombard – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

After years of fighting at welterweight, Hendricks made his middleweight debut against Lombard. The last time I saw Lombard, he was unconscious after taking a Dan fucking Henderson elbow to the temple. Hendricks and Lombard couldn’t look more different. Hendricks is a balding white guy with dirty chest hair and a thick midsection, while Lombard is a bald Cuban shredded NFL linebacker.

Hendricks hurt Lombard early with a knee to the head. Lombard responded with landing a over hand right after breaking out of a clinch. The fighters clinched up again and Hendricks landed a knee in the break. Lombard scored a takedown and both fighters got back to their feet in the clinch where Lombard landed several knees.

In the second round time was stopped after Hendricks nuts absorbed a strong Lombard knee. After the stoppage Lombard landed a right and was unable to bring Hendricks to the ground after catching a knee and swaying him off balance. The two went into several clinches, and after a long time of inactivity, the ref separated them and warned Lombard about grabbing the fence. Hendricks landed several knees to end the second round.

Lombard rocked Hendricks with a right in the third round. The two traded leg kicks and Hendricks went back to his effective knee attacks. Lombard caught one of the knees and brought Hendricks to the ground, but he was unable to keep him there for more than just a few second. Lombard landed some body kicks, and Hendricks appeared to have hurt his hand in the final seconds of the fight.

Heavyweight – Derrick Lewis def. Travis Browne – KO punches – (RD 2 – 3:12)

This was a fun headlining fight. Lewis is a giant man and entered the fight weighing 20 pounds heavier than Ronda Rousey’s boyfriend. Browne started the fight with lots of kicks to the legs and body of Lewis. One body kick hurt Lewis who grimaced and grabbed at his chest after absorbing the blow. After eating more well placed kicks, Lewis dropped Browne with an atomic bomb. Browne recovered and got back to his feet and dropped Lewis with a knee to the body. Lewis got back to his feet in the clinch and the fighters traded kicks to end the round.

Lewis dropped Browne with several huge shots. Browne recovered and got back to his feet. The fighters clinched up where Browne landed a power knee. The fighters fell to the ground and Lewis got on top. Browne was able to scramble out of the immense weight of Lewis after eating some hard ground and pound filled with elbows. Browne got to his feet and was dropped by  Lewis. Browne was done by the time he het the mat, but Lewis jumped on top and landed some hard to watch hammer fists on Browne. The fight was stopped late leaving Browne to eat some unnecessary shots.

After the victory, the exhausted Lewis fell on his back and laid there for a long time trying to catch his breath. His post-fight interview with uncomfortable Brian Stann will live on forever. Lewis accused Browne of domestic violence, asked about Rousey’s “fine ass”, said he needed a 3 month break as he is tired from all of the fighting and sex he has been getting, and that he wasn’t hurt by Browne, he just needed to poop. I say this free of hyperbole; this was the best post-fight interview of all time.