NBA All-Star weekend was dreadful.

Russell Westbrook

The assist averages are slowly descending into single digits, but Westbrook recorded his 27th triple double before the All-Star break.



The Spurs sealed their 20th consecutive winning season last week. This streak will probably reach the quarter century mark before ending.


No one knows what the Magic are doing. They traded Serge Ibaka to the Raptors for Terrence Ross and 2017 first round pick last week. Ibaka has regressed in recent years becoming just an oversized two guard who shoots too much, but the Magic had just trade Oladipo for him last summer during the draft. The Magic now have a strange lineup that will likely change before the draft this year.

Kevin Love

The Cavs power forward who always seems to be in trade talks had a scope done on his knee putting him out of the lineup for 6 weeks. This is not good news for the short term success for the Cavs, but with J.R. coming back soon and with a rested Love, they will tear through the East in the playoffs.

All-Star Weekend

The All-Star weekend started on Thursday night with the always hard to watch Celebrity game. I watched just long enough to see Peter Rosenberg drill a long two point shot and to see Mark Cuban sport the number 46 on his jersey (he and Trump have been going at it on Twitter where Trump accused Cuban of not being smart enough to be president. Trump is currently the 45th president and many are speculating that Cuban chose number 46 implying that he will be the next president).

Saturday night saw the skills competition, three point shootout, and dunk contest. I had these on in the back ground as I watched the Fedor-less Bellator card. I was only half paying attention but still saw how boring all of the events were.

Sager still haunts me from his grave as his death was further exploited for good PR, but as they say, Karma is a bitch. Fat rappers, street clothed NBA players, and three point competitors were lined up to shoot three pointers with each made shot equaling 10K in donations for cancer research. This was great to watch as so many shots were missed which made the event super awkward as not a lot of money was raised. After the three point shooting, skinny jean wearing Steph Curry was forced onto the court to attempt a half point shot which would raise even more money for cancer research. Again I was watching this on mute but I could figure out what was going on.

I watched with joy when I saw Curry miss every half-court shot. It was so fucking awkward and delicious and the whole charade failed. Even though just over 100K was raised from the made shots, a 500K check was already written out and given to the cancer foundation.

I barely watched any of the dunk contest. I saw Aaron Gordon was used as a puppet to promote Intel via a stupid drone drop. It was painful watching him place the ball in the drone over and over after missing the dunk many times. Some dude I have never heard of ended up winning the event.

I didn’t watch any of the actual All-Star game on Sunday night. Hometown Anthony Davis won the MVP scoring over 50 points. The final score was 123,245,232 to 121,543,123 as zero defense was played.