Read up on some round ball.

Russell Westbrook

The mountain dew spokesman surpassed the beloved Larry Bird in career triple doubles (Bird had 59). Westbrook now has 24 triple doubles this season and is still averaging a triple double going into February.


James Harden

The adidas spokesman is probably deserving of his own weekly update as he continues to soak the NBA with his wet jumper. He had 51 points, 13 rebounds, and 13 assists in a win against the Sam Hinke developed 76ers. That is his second 50 point triple double this season making him the first player to ever have multiple 50 point triple doubles in the same season.

Free Throws

Shaq was awful at shooting free throws but he has nothing on the horrendous free throw shooting ability of some of today’s NBA big men. Drummond in Detroit and Jordan in LA are probably the first two that pop into your head today, but Noah just created an impressive audition tape to be a part of the infamous group. He used his disgusting shooting motion to air ball a free throw. I watched the gif dozens of times trying to deifier how he accomplished the impossible. Feeling like his status as the worst free throw shooter of all time was being threatened by Noah, Jordan one up’d him the next day.

Jordan air balled two free throws in a row. Two. Why doesn’t this dude try to shoot under handed granny style? It can’t be because he is worried about how he is perceived because his current dread lock bead hair style suggests the dude doesn’t give a fuck about what people think of him.


The Heat have now won 8 games in a row riding the hot hand of…Dion Waiters? After being traded by LeBron and unsigned by the Thunder, the Heat signed Waiters in the off season to fill the void that Wade left when he left for Chicago. Waiters isn’t as good as Wade overall but he has a similar playing style and when he plays at 100 percent of his potential, the Heat will be mildly successful. The most surprising win of the current streak was over the number one team in the league, the Warriors. The Heat won the game on a 3 point shot made by Waiters with just fractions of second left in the game. After making the shot, Waiters turned his body to the crowd and crossed his arms like a boss.


Lots of drams going on in Chicago right now. The Bulls has earned the classification of being a 8 seed hopeful in the east. After losing to the Hawks last week Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler called out their teammates to the media. Paraphrasing, they stated they are the only two on the Bulls roster that are trying hard and taking loses seriously. The rest of the team seems to be content with losing and taking bad shots. This is whatever, angry old vets calling out their teammates is a fairly common occurrence. What isn’t common is a different famous vet on the same team calls out those angry vets publicly via social media. Rajon Rondo posted a picture on Instagram of him with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (with Ray Allen cropped out, he reportedly hates Allen) while in Boston. This picture included a long message written by Rondo stating “my vets” didn’t call out their teammates via the media and bunch of other gibberish.

This Instagram post is soaked in irony due to him calling out Wade and Butler publicly in the media for calling out their teammates publicly in the media. Rondo is a locker room cancer and signing him was a huge mistake by the Bulls. The disgruntled point guard has played like booty this season and will likely not finish the season with Chicago. Rumors are swirling that the Cavs will make a move for him, which leads me to the next point.


The Cavs have lost 7 of their last 9 games, one of the worst stretches of LeBron’s career. LeBron is not stoked about this and stated in a post-game press conference that he needs more play makers along with many curse words. Now I don’t care that LeBron is using his leverage to basically control the general manager David Griffin, but this is a strange statement. The Cavs have the largest payroll in NBA history and is already way over the cap and they traded for Kyle Korver after J.R. Smith’s injury. It appears that management is abiding by LeBron’s demands. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the Bulls turmoil involving Wade (LeBron’s good friend) and the trade offers involving Carmelo Anthony (also LeBron’s friend) for Kevin Love came at the same time LeBron is cursing through the media.

Muslim Ban

The reality TV star and terrible business man that is currently in charge of the free world, implemented an executive order that bans Muslims from entering the United States from 7 countries in the Middle East. This is clearly a method of fear mongering and playing to the racist views of the minority of the United States population. Several of the usual suspects in NBA coaching talked negatively about the ban including Pop, Kerr, Van Gundy.

Greg Popovich:

“As you already know, I have lots of thoughts about what we’ve done to ourselves as a country and what we’ve allowed to happen, but we’ll see where this goes. Obviously the rollout today was Keystone Kops-like by any measure with objectivity. Whether you want to say it’s good or bad is irrelevant. But it was Keystone Kops, and that’s scary.”

Steve Kerr:

“I would just say that as someone whose family member was a victim of terrorism, having lost my father. If we’re trying to combat terrorism by banishing people from coming to this country, by really going against the principles that this country is about and creating fear, it’s the wrong way to go about it.

If anything, we could be breeding anger and terror, so I’m completely against what’s happening. I think it’s shocking and a horrible idea, and I really feel for all the people who are affected. Families that are being torn apart, and I worry in the big picture what this means to the security of the world.

It’s going about it completely opposite. You want to solve terror, you want to solve crime, this is not the way to do it.”

Stan Van Gundy:

“We’re getting into the days of now we’re judging people by their religion, trying to keep Muslims out. … None of those seven nations have been responsible for an American death, but we’re barring everybody. It’s just playing to people’s fears and prejudices and everything else, and we’re getting back to the days of putting the Japanese in relocation camps and Hitler registering the Jews. That’s where we’re headed, and it’s just fear-mongering and playing to a certain base of people that have some built-in prejudices that aren’t fair.

There’s no reasonable reason to do it. If they haven’t been responsible for a single American fatality, how is doing it making us safer? And the answer, obviously, it’s not. But to some people, it sounds good. And if you’ve got a prejudice against Muslims, in general, it sounds really good.

This stuff is real, and it’s scary, and I think everybody should speak up. Again, this isn’t about a person in office or anything else, it’s about a policy that is antithetical to what we’re supposed to be about here in America.”

Other Stuff

The Spurs sat every one of their starters except for Aldridge and still beat the Nets by 30 points, Isaiah Thomas had 35 plus points in 4 out of 5 games, the Kings trolled the Cavs with a modified Cavs logo showing an L instead of a C, Enes Kanter broke his arm after punching a chair and could miss 2 months, Anthony Davis had his 10th 35 point and 15 rebound game (rest of the NBA has 9), the Wizards dressed in black entering their game with the Celtics claiming they were going to Boston’s funeral, and the Hawks beat the Knicks by a score of 144 – 139 in a game that went 4 overtimes.