Another week closer to the Warriors/Cavaliers finals match up.

Russell Westbrook Triple Double Update


The triple double average is still alive. As of the time of this post, Westbrook has 22 triple doubles on the season putting him tied for 5th all-time with Larry Bird at 59 triple doubles.


It is hard to find something that angers me more than players flopping, especially in the NBA. The replay never lies, it is so obvious when a player flops and the short term gain that may result from flopping in the game is not worth the loss of respect in the long term. LeBron James is the greatest of all time. But he is a serial flopper. Remember in game seven of the finals when he fell to the ground and grabbed his leg like it had been severed off by Grayson Allen? All an act. He continued his flopping ways on Monday against the Warriors last week. Draymond Green fouled LeBron near mid court and LeBron fell back wards flailing his arms like he was hit by a truck. He remained face down on the court for several seconds and as he slowly got back to his feet he kept checking his lip for blood that he knew wouldn’t be there. The replay exposed LeBron’s flopping and showed no contact with the lip that LeBron kept touching in “pain.” The most frustrating thing about LeBron flopping is that he doesn’t need to do that. He is an all-time great who shouldn’t stoop to that level regardless of the extent of his hatred towards Draymond.

The Warriors killed the Cavs. It was easy to see that they were on a mission to destroy the Cavs after their Christmas day loss to them. They had 78 points at half time leaving Ty Lue stunned on the sidelines.

Durant vs. Westbrook

It’s obvious that Durant leaving OKC for Golden State hurt Westbrook. He has been transformed that emotional distress into triple doubles but I think he knows deep down it doesn’t matter, his team will not make the finals with Golden State being in the west. The Thunder and the Warriors faced of this week and was the source of a lot of drama. Pachulia fouled Westbrook (along with some flopping) and stood over top of him trying to show his dominance. This became a main topic of discussion as none of the Thunder players came to Westbrook’s defense shoving Pachulia away. The way the Warriors are playing reveals that the team wants Durant to succeed and beat his old team while Westbrook’s teammates let him get shadowed by a poor man’s Bogut named Zaza. I feel bad for Westbrook.

NBA All-Star Voting

To further pile onto Westbrook, he won’t be starting in the NBA All-Star game as Curry and Harden received more votes. So a dude who is averaging a triple double will be coming off the bench. When he does get into that game he is going to play like a wild man and fight with the coach when he tries to take him out of the game. Despite being a bench player, Westbrook is still my favorite to win the All-Star game MVP.

Westbrook not starting created an opportunity to discuss the current All-Start voting structure. It is a joke. I don’t see the appeal of watching hockey but what the fans did last year to vote in John Scott to expose the absurdness of fan voting was amazing. The NBA needs a similar effort as the fans are dumb and the players who can now vote apparently don’t take it seriously at all. It was revealed that over a hundred players voting for themselves while way too many left LeBron and Durant off from their ballots. Some players who received more than one starting vote (proving it wasn’t just themselves who voted for them) are JaVale McGee (4 votes), Quincy Acy (3 votes), Boban Marhanovic (3 votes), Jeremy Lin (2 votes), and Swaggy P (2 votes).

Here are the official player voting results:


Several prominent players went down with injuries this week. Chris Paul tore a ligament in his thumb putting him out of action for 6 – 8 weeks, Pao Gasol broke a finger on his left hand keeping him on the sidelines for an indefinite amount of time and Rudy Gay will miss the rest of the season after rupturing his achilles tendon.

Big Games

James Harden has another 40 point triple double, Rudy Gobert scored 27 points and 25 rebounds the first 25-25 game of the season, and Kawhai Leonard has scored at least 30 points in 6 straight games.


After losing to the Bulls with the help of a bad foul call on Cousins during a Wade missed dunk, Boogie was characteristically irrationally angry. The trash cans and the cleaning crew payed the price along with the reporters who had to listen to and record the unfunny sarcastic remarks about the foul call.