Dublin, Ireland hosted Bellator 169 which had the BAMMA 27 event as the under card. Whenever these fighting events go to a different country, the home crowd goes ape shit for their local fighters bringing a home field advantage to the fights. I can’t imagine that rush of adrenaline as you fight with thousands of people cheering for you. A little bit of everything happened on this short card, early KO’s, submissions, decisions, and a whole lot of “ole! ole! ole! oleeee!”

Featherweight – Cameron Else def. Dylan Tuke – TKO punches – (RD 1 – 0:20)

20 seconds is all it took Else to knockout Tuke. The two met up near the cage, separated, and Else connected with a left, right, left combo to finish Tuke in under 30 seconds.

Featherweight – Daniel Weichel def. Brian Moore – Submission arm-triangle choke – (RD 1 – 4:44)

Moore’s coach screamed like a wild man throughout this entire fight. Moore resisted and defended it well, but Weichel eventually took him to the ground with an ankle pick. Moore got back to his feet but with Weichel latched onto him he fell back down. Weichel took the back of Moore looking for a submission. Moore struggled to wiggle out of the grasp of Weichel right in front of his coaches but was unsuccessful. He eventually tapped to the arm-triangle chock Weichel put him in. Thats rough to get submitted just inches away from your coaches.

Women’s Bantamweight – Sinead Kavanagh def. Elina Kallionidou – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-25, 30-26)

This match up between Kavanagh and Kallionidou can barely be called a fight. Kavanagh is a 30 year old boxing vet while Kallionidou is a 18 year old martial arts prodigy. This fight looked like a woman vs. a teenage girl. Kavanagh unloaded on Kallionidou against the cage in all three rounds. She scored takedowns, landed ground and pound and barely had to play any defense. Kallionidou threw very few offensive strikes spending most of the fight clinched up playing defense. The crowd cheered on the local Kavanagh to her easy victory.

Featherweight – James Gallagher def. Anthony Taylor – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 3 – 1:52)

Both fighters came out hot and angry at each other. Taylor attacked Gallagher swinging wildly, spinning in circles and throwing over hands, very of few of which were landing. Taylor shoved Gallagher to the ground but let him back to his feet as he doesn’t want to fight on the ground. Gallagher fell again after throwing a spinning back kick and Taylor didn’t pursue. Gallagher landed a spinning back kick and Taylor put his arms up in the air and screamed in response. Gallagher scores a takedown, let Taylor back to his feet and rocked Taylor with a right. Multiple leg kicks landed for Gallagher along with a right hand. In response Taylor swung like a crazy man connecting on only two left hands.

Taylor came out swinging wildly in the second round. Gallagher continued to weaken the lead leg of Taylor with landing consistent leg kicks. Taylor looked tired and had trouble moving with injured lead leg. Gallagher attempted a takedown but Taylor defended it well. Gallagher missed with a spinning back fist while Taylor landed a couple of punches to end the round.

In the third round Gallagher took the back of Taylor in an exchange that caused Taylor to stumble. Taylor stood on his feet with Gallagher on his back for a long time. Taylor walked to the cage and leaned against it to take some of the weight off his feet. He then walked across the cage carrying Gallagher making a face for the camera. Taylor then collapsed and Gallagher got his arms under his chin for the rear-naked choke.

After the fight Gallagher grabbed the Irish flag and made Taylor hold it. He then played to home crowds nationalistic cheers.

Heavyweight – Muhammed Lawal def. Satoshi Ishii – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

King Mo was 20 plus pounds lighter than Ishii going into this fight. Mo easily won the first round scoring two takedowns and initiating several clenches. Ishii landed a few leg kicks but couldn’t do much else. Mo kept his hands down at the end of the first round trying to bait Ishii into striking so he could land a counter attack, but Ishii didn’t bite.

The second round was dominated by King Mo as well. He landed a right and Ishii threw a high kick but neither did much damage. The two fighters collided and traded blows. Mo landed a knee and a body punch before scoring his third takedown of the fight. Mo complained to the ref that Ishii was holding his glove but no intervention took place. Ishii got to his feet in the clinch, but was taken down for the fourth time shortly after. Mo pressured Ishii’s neck with his forearm and kept Ishii on his back until the round ended.

Mo looked bored in the third round. He kept his hands down continuing to try to bait Ishii into attacking. He started to dance in front of Ishii as Ishii retreated. Mo scored two more takedowns in the third round and fended off the late fight aggression from the tired Ishii. He blocked a spinning back fist and high kick and ate a knee to the body. He easily won in a unanimous decision.

Bellator 170, the battle of the washed up fighters takes place on Saturday, January 21st 2017.