With the highly anticipated Bellator 170 just a day away, its time to catch up on the last three Bellator cards that I didn’t watch. I tried to find the preliminary cards online but all of the links appeared to dead. I asked Bellator on twitter if there was a place I could find these prelim fights but didn’t receive a reply. Honestly I am not too bummed about that as I have to watch three fight cards in one night. Ah, cramming the night before the next card trying to make up for a month of procrastination, it feels like college again.

Catchweight (175 LB) – Chidi Njokuani def. Andre Fialho – KO punches – (RD 1 – 0:21)

This fight did not last long. It only took Njokuani 21 seconds to knock out Fialho. It was a short left jab that dropped Fialho and Njokuani jumped on top to finish him off with ground and pound. Either Njokuani has a powerful short jab or Fialho has a glass chin. Njokuani apologized for missing weight in his post fight interview.

Women’s Flyweight – Llima-Lei Macfarlane def. Emily Ducote – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Macfarlane entered this fight with a 3.5 inch reach advantage over Ducote. The fight started similar to the one before it with Ducote dropping Macfarlane with an upper cut. Ducote jumped on top of Macfarlane on the ground. The fighters stood up in the clinch and Macfarlance scored a takedown of her own. While on top of Ducote, Macfarlane landed multiple punches before Ducote scrambled to get in top position. Ducote took the back of Macfarlane but could only get one hook in. The fighters got to their feet in the clinch and Macfarlane slammed Ducote to the mat hard. Both fighters were working hard on the ground, Ducote attempted an arm bar and rolled over to top position to end the first round.

Macfarlane landed a counter left after Ducote missed with an upper cut. Macfarlane then landed a counter right and absorbed a body kick from Ducote. Ducote stumbled to the mat after losing her balance from the kick and Macfarlane jumped on top of her. The rest of the round was spent on the ground with Macfarlane mostly in control. Ducote gave up her back to Macfarlane but avoid the rear-naked choke and rolled out of an arm bar submission shortly after to end the second round in top position on the ground.

Macfarlane landed a couple more counter attacks and Ducote landed a heavy right to start the third round. Ducote looked for a single power blow while Macfarlane threw a flurry of punches. Macfarlane forces Ducote up against the cage and scored a takedown. Ducote went for the guillotine which Macfarlane easily escaped. Macfarlane landed a couple of elbows before the fighters got back to their feet. Ducote scored a takedown with a minute and thirty seconds left and wasn’t able to accomplish anything on the ground. Macfarlane showed great submission defense to end the round and to earn the win.

Featherweight – John Teixeira def. Justin Lawrence – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Lawrence brought his awful mullet with him in his loss to Teixeira. Early in the first round both fighters traded kicks. Lawrence landed a counter on a Teixeira takedown attempt and Teixeira responded landing a left hand of his own. Teixeira las his balance and fell while throwing a side kick. Despite Teixeira’s best efforts, this whole round was spent standing up where both fighters through a lot of punches and over hands, but not many landed. Teixeira clinched up with Lawrence against the cage but couldn’t score the takedown and used up a lot of energy in the clinch. Shortly after Teixeira kicked Lawrence in the nuts and Big John granted a time stoppage. Lawrence didn’t take a lot of time to recover because he knew Teixeira was tired and vulnerable after the clinch encounter. The fight ended with both fighters throwing a flying knee at the same time and Teixeira landing a right hand in the exchange.

The first round was close. The second round was not. Teixeira crushed Lawrence with a brutal combo (left, right, left) that dropped him and took him a while to recover from. Teixeira then controlled the rest of the round which was spent standing up. He landed a right, missed on a spinning back fist and landed multiple powerful leg kicks. Teixeira clinched up with Lawrence against the cage to end the round.

The third round look fairly similar to the second. Both fighters were on their feet the whole time with Teixeira weakening the lead leg of Lawrence with more painful leg kicks. Lawrence could barely stand by the end of the fight and eat several punches and a couple of knees. The two fighters clinched up once and Lawrence looked for a takedown halfway through the third knowing his lead leg was finished. Teixeira was looking to have a slug fest at the end of the round but Lawrence didn’t bite as he was looking to just get the fight over with.

Bantamweight – Darrion Caldwell def. Joe Taimanglo – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

This fight went to the ground almost immediately and Taimanglo went for a guillotine choke. Caldwell escaped and took control of the fight. Caldwell landed ground and pound consistently until the end of the round. The elbows and punches combined with Caldwell’s size rendered Taimanglo motionless as he didn’t have a lot of room to work with. The fighters got back to their feet in the final seconds of the round.

The second round started similar to the first. Caldwell scored a takedown and Taimanglo attempted a guillotine choke. Caldwell moved into top position and opened up the face of Taimanglo with his sharp elbows in the round and pound. Taimanglo attempted an arm bar submission and then Mike Beltran stood the fighters up. I thought the two were active enough to not be stood up. Taimanglo clinched up with Caldwell, went to the ground and attempted a peruvian neck tie. Caldwell’e toe got stuck in the cage but was able to roll out of the neck tie. He finished the round in top position on the ground.

Caldwell scored a takedown right away in the third round. The fighters got back to their feet, Taimanglo clinched up against the fence and scored a takedown. He took the back of Caldwell but wasnt able to submit him as Caldwell scrambled and got back into top position. Caldwell controlled the round in this position for several minutes stretching out Taimanglo on the ground preventing him from getting away. The fighters eventually got to their feet in the clinch and Taimanglo scored a takedown and took the back of Caldwell. Caldwell escaped and the fight ended with the fighters on their feet in the clinch.

Caldwell used his massive 5 inch height and 9 inch reach advantage to win this fight but left many opportunities for Taimanglo to submit him.

Awkward trash talk between Caldwell and Bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas to end the night.

Onto Bellator 168.