Another Invicta card is in the books. There is something about Invicta that I love. It has talented and unexperienced fighters so often times there is a large range in fighting ability in the early fights compared to the later fights. The bad production and constant technically difficulties while being in the same venue every time gives the cards a underground and charming feel. The 7 fight card is way easier to digest compared to the 12 or 13 fight UFC cards as well. Crazy shit happened at Invicta FC 21, it was extremely fun.

Flyweight – Christine Ferea def. Rachael Ostovich Berdon – TKO punches – (RD 3 – 1:39)

Both fighters threw a lot of kicks in the first round. Ostovich attempted a takedown that led to a clinch up against the cage. Ferea showed good takedown defense and let Ostovich back to her feet when she fell out of the clinch. Ostovich forced the clinch against the cage again where she landed a knee to the leg of Ferea. The fighters separated and Ostovich attempted another takedown that Ferea defended and the first round ended in the clinch.

Ostovich finally brought Ferea to the mat in the second round after landing a back side kick to the body of Ferea. Ostovich took the back of Ferea and controlled the ground game until the end of the round. She attempted a rear naked choke and Ferea could be seen talking smack back to her as she attempted the submission. Both fighters traded punches in this position and the round ended with Ostovich attempting an armbar submission.

In the third round the two fighters exchanged strikes, body kick from Ostovich and a fight hand from Ferea. Ostovich brought Ferea to the ground but wasn’t able to keep her there for more than a second. Back on her feet Ferea crushed Ostovich with a high kick that connected her shin directly to her head. Ostovich stumbled back and was clearly stunned. Ferea helped Ostovich to the ground and threw a flurry of punches until the TKO was called.

Strawweight – Amy Montenegro def. Celine Haga – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

This fight was nuts. The ground fighting between Montenegro and Haga was fun to watch. In the first round Haga threw a lot of kicks early one of which opened up the nose of Montenegro. In the exchanges, Montenegro ended them with a jab, and after a few minutes of standing and striking, she clinched up with Haga. From the clinch Haga scored a takedown, took the back of Montenegro and attempted a rear-naked choke. Montenegro escaped and rolled over into an arm triangle coke from Haga. She escaped that choke also and maneuvered in position for an arm bar on Haga. The arm bar was tight and Haga tapped at essentially the same time the bell rung.

The second round was all Montenegro. She grabbed the high kick from Haga and brought her to the mat. Haga struggled to her feet still tangled with Montenegro, fell back to the ground, and then got back to her feet again in the clinch. Montenegro took the fight back to the ground where she landed many short elbows. Montenegro went for a guillotine choke which was unsuccessful and got to her feet and landed several kicks to the still downed Haga. The ref stood Haga up and the round ended with the two clenched up against the cage.

In the third round, Montenegro scored a takedown and left an opportunity for Haga to attempt an armbar. Haga then transitioned to what Julie Kedzie called a toe bolt. Montenegro survived, landed short elbows, and eventually took the back of Haga. She attempted two rear-naked chokes while landing ground and pound in between attempts. There was so much ground movement from both fighters in this round. Both fighters got to their feet late in the round where Haga took Montenegro’s back and got under her chin for the rear-naked choke. Both fighters fell to the ground and when the final bell rung, Montenegro was unconscious with her eyes open.

I guess since the ref didn’t know Montenegro was unconscious at the end of the round, the fight went to the judges. Montenegro was unconscious but somehow won the decision.

Flyweight – Andrea Lee def. Jenny Liou – KO punches – (RD 1 – 1:14)

Lee came out firing in this fight throwing lots of combinations looking for an opening. Liou landed a right hand but that didn’t stop lee from pursuing aggressively. She landed a couple of rights, a brutal knee to the liver and then a final upper cut punch to weakened liver which dropped Liou. The ref came in quick to stop the fight as Liou was on the ground screaming in pain.

Bantamweight – Aspen Ladd def. Sijara Eubanks – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Aspen Ladd is an impressive fighter who is clearly focused on winning. In her pre-fight interview she talked about not partying, drinking, or doing anything but training. She stood stone faced in the ring as not Bruce Buffer announced her name. In the post fight interview she acted in the same robot like manner treating this fight like a stepping stone to something bigger. Ladd did crack a smile when the decision was announced.

The first round started with both fighters standing and exchanging attacks. Ladd was getting several jabs to land while Eubanks was successful in landing leg and body kicks. Eubanks went for the takedown and Ladd defended well laying her body out to stay on top of Eubanks. Ladd landed some body shots to the ribs and somersaulted in Eubanks arms in the air as both fighters fought for position. Eubanks was able to pick up Ladd and slam her to the mat and wouldn’t let Ladd escape from underneath her. Ladd eventually got to her feet in the clinch and the round ended with Eubanks stomping at Ladd’s feet.

The second round was all standing up and both fighters looked or openings to attack. Ladd consistently landed jabs and Eubanks was able to connect with a spinning back fist. Eubanks kept moving her hair out of her face which had to be distracting and connected a few leg kicks. Ladd threw a head kick which prompted Eubanks to clinch up against the cage. Ladd escaped the clinch and both fighters traded blows in the last seconds of the round.

Early in the third round Ladd clinched up with Eubanks. Ladd took Eubanks to the mat where she leaned her elbow on the head of Eubanks. Things got dicey for Ladd late in the round when Eubanks got on top, easily escaped a triangle from Ladd and maneuvered herself to take Ladd’s back. Ladd was able to roll out of the vulnerable position and defend herself to seal the victory.

Featherweight – Leah Letson def. Elizabeth Phillips – KO head kick and punches – (RD 1 – 1:18)

Phillips rocked Letson early with an over hand right that opened up the eye brow of Letson. Not long after Letson dropped Phillips with a head kick where her shin connected directly with Phillips head. Letson jumped on top to land hammer fists to earn the TKO. Phillips was pissed about the stoppage but the replay showed that she was out of it and Letson was connecting with the hammer fists.

Bantamweight – Raquel Pa’aluhi vs. Pannie Kianzad – (RD 1 – 3:40)

The two fighters stood up trading blows early in the first round. Pa’aluhi landed kicks and caught a kick from Kianzad. She then tripped her taking her to the mat. On the ground Pa’aluhi maneuvered around controlling the ground while landing punches. She took the back of Kianzad and slowly softened Kianzad with punches looking to wrap her arms around her neck. Kianzad did her best to guard her neck but Pa’aluhi broke he arms away and got the rear-naked choke.

Featherweight – Megan Anderson def. Charmaine Tweet – TKO punches and head kick – (RD 2 – 2:05)

This headlining fight for the interim featherweight belt was a brutal one. Both Anderson and Tweet got brutal shots in. The first round saw both fighters land punches. In the clinch both fighters traded knees. Tweet connected with a spinning back fist (or forearm) which opened up the nose of Anderson. To end the round Anderson scored a takedown by body slamming Tweet.

Both fighters were aggressive out of the gates in the second round. Tweet landed a knee to the body of Anderson but lost her balance while doing so. The fighters traded forearms and clinched up. Out of the clinch Anderson unloaded on Tweet landed punch after punch opening up the face of Tweet. In an act of desperation Tweet threw two spinning back fists to stop Anderson, but Anderson responded with a high kick to the face ending the fight. Tweet covered her mangled face with her hands and the ref stopped the fight. Tweet was brutalized and required a lot of attention to close her wounds.

After the fight Anderson said “Dana White, you tell Holly or Germaine to keep my belt warm cause I’m fucking coming for it.” Chills.

Invicta FC 22 is on March 25th 2017 and will feature the rematch between Evinger and Kunitskaya