The NBA season is fast approaching the all-star break and saw several players put up amazing performances in the final days of the year. Swaggy P was brought up in the news not because of his great play but because of someone doing a great impersonation of him.

Russell Westbrook Triple Double Update

He is still doing it. On Friday he put up a triple double in the first half in just 19 minutes of play. His season averages below are through January 4th not the 1st as I am always late writing these.



A couple of high profile ejections took place this week involving Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook. Anthony was ejected in the 2nd quarter against the Hawks when he hit Thabo Sefolosha in the face and neck. I never knew this but I guess Anthony gets ejected for than most racking up 10 ejections since 2003. In a blowout loss to the Grizzles, Westbrook received a double tech ejection for arguing with the refs. He just kept arguing and arguing even after getting the first tech leading to his ejection. Dudes are fired up.

Isaiah Thomas

Remember last week when Thomas had the best game of his career? Well it didn’t take him long to top the 44 point (17-17 from the line) performance with a 52 point night in a win over the Heat. He went 15 for 26 shooting scoring a Celtics record 29 points in the 4th quarter (which is 2nd in league history to Chamberlain’s 31 point 4th quarter in his 100 point game).

James Harden

Harden is having the best season of his career. He has had 8 triple doubles through 35 games and on new year’s eve he put up a stat line never before seen in the NBA. Harden put up 53 points, 17 assists, and 16 rebounds, the first ever to have a 50-15-15 stat line. Who thought Harden would be this good this season? I didn’t.

Other Stuff

Jimmy Butler hit is first buzzer beater to beat the nets scoring 40 points, DeAndre Jordan recorded a triple double in the first quarter, Giannis Anteokounmpo recorded the insane stat line of 35 points, 8 assists, 9 rebounds, and 7 blocks in a win over the Bulls, and Kemba Walker celebrated a little too early on a three point shot.