It’s all over. The 2016 NFL regular season concluded on Sunday.


Right now there are a total of 6 coaching vacancies. Jeff Fisher, Gus Bradley, and Rex Ryan were already fired going into week 17 and now Chip Kelly and Mike McCoy have joined them in the recycle bin of fired coaches. Gary Kubiak resigned after the Broncos win on Sunday siting health concerns so the Rams, Jaguars, Bills, 49ers, Chargers, and Broncos are all currently looking for a head coach. Names of possible candidates are flying from every direction which include Jon Gruden, Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, and Tom Coughlin.


Frank Gore recorded his ninth 1,000 yard season on Sunday padding the stats on his hall of fame career.

Drew Brees passed the 5,000 passing yards mark for the season on Sunday making it the 5th time he has had over 5,000 yards in his career.  A quarterback has thrown for over 5,000 yards in a season just 9 times in NFL history, Brees has done it 5 times (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016), Peyton Manning once (2013), Matthew Stafford once (2011), Tom Brady once (2011), and Dan Marino once (1984).

Tom Brady finished off an insane season throwing for 28 touchdowns and 2 interceptions (best ratio in NFL history) on 3,554 yards (he was suspended for the first 4 games). His performance on Sunday moved him past Dan Marino for 4th all-time in career passing yards (61, 582). He is two really good seasons away from catching up to Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

Antonio Gates tied Tony Gonzalez for most touchdown receptions as a tight end at 111.

Sam Bradford dethroned Drew Brees’ record for best completion percentage for a season (71.6%). This stat isn’t as cool as it sounds. Bradford accomplished this feat with the help of screens and short passes that are more likely to be completed but less likely to drive the offense down the field.

Reggie Bush became the first player in NFL history to run for negative yards for the season with at least 10 carries. He finished 2016, likely his last season, with 12 carries and -3 yards.

OBJ vs. Norman 3

The third installment of OBJ vs. Norman wasn’t nearly as exciting as the first two. Odell had only 5 catches for 44 yards but didn’t play in the second half to avoid injury before the playoffs. There was a minor confrontation on the sidelines between the two where Norman punched Odell in the stomach. Norman acted like he was trying to punch out the ball but he missed by a lot and the play was already essentially over.


I feel bad for the Raiders. Their Super Bowl hopes were crushed when Carr broke his leg but they were still guaranteed a spot in the playoffs going into week 17. They were the 2nd seed and had an opportunity to be the 1st seed with a win and a New England loss. The Raiders loss big to the Broncos while the Patriots and the Chiefs won pushing the Raiders back to the 5th seed.

They had a hard time scoring because their back up QB McGloin left the game with a shoulder injury putting the offense in the hands of rookie Connor Cook. Hopefully McGloin gets healthy by Saturday as I don’t think the Raiders will be able to win with Cook even against the Texans who are having QB issues of their own. Poor Raiders.

To further hurt the Raiders, Talib partook in a yelling match with Raiders WR Michael Crabtree which ended with Talib ripping and breaking Crabtree’s chain that he is famous for wearing. Talib is scary.


Almost two months ago the Packers were sitting in third place in their division with a record of 4-6. On Sunday they finished the season on a 6 game winning streak and the NFC North title with a win over the Lions. Aaron Rodgers has put up insane numbers in the past 4 games and has entered the MVP talk just weeks after constant discussion over why he was having a bad season. It is often the case that the “hottest” team or the one with the most momentum going into the playoffs win’s the super bowl, as of now that team is the Packers.

Michael Floyd

It is hard to root for a dude who decided to drive while so intoxicated that he fell asleep behind the wheel at an intersection (watch the video if you want to get bummed out). The Cardinals cut Floyd knowing that they weren’t going to resign him in the off season after his DUI arrest. Like always the Patriots swooped in and signed the disgruntled veteran for the playoff run and while doing so they earned another complementary draft pick from the NFL if they don’t resign him in the off season (teams are given extra late round draft picks by the NFL when they lose a certain amount of players to free agency). On Sunday Floyd caught his first TD as a Patriot along with 36 yards. His best play of the day though was destroying a Miami defensive back with a block to make room for Edelman to run for a long TD reception. I stood up and shouted when I saw that block.

10 points in 0 seconds

How bad are the Bills? Bad. Why? They lost to the Jets. In that loss they gave up 10 points in 0 seconds. The Jets had made a field goal and kicked the ball off to the Bills. There was no one for the Bills to return the kick leaving the ball to land in the end zone waiting for the Jets to recover and score another touchdown. How does that happen in professional football?


David Johnson had a great season for the mediocre Cardinals and finished the season with a gruesome knee injury. He only suffered a sprained MCL but watching him get forced backwards while his knee was pinned looked like he tore everything.

Broncos linebacker Zaire Anderson hit his teammate hard with his head on a play rendering him immobile for a scary amount of time. He was carted off the field and it was reported he didn’t regain movement in his extremities until the ride to the hospital. Football has reached a level of brutality that isn’t safe for humans.

Ice Up Son

Steve Smith announced his retirement after the Ravens game on Sunday. I am going to miss this little guy. He has hall of fame worthy numbers and a hall of fame personality. His catch phrase will live in NFL lore forever. He accumulated 1,031 receptions (12th all time), 14, 731 yards (7th all time), 81 touchdowns (25th all time), in 219 games played for his career.