Five players accomplished some unique feats this week in the NBA. Klay Thompson showed off his spot up shooting skills, LeBron James is passing greats in the record books, Russell Westbrook did something that was last completed by MJ in the 80’s, and Chris Paul and Andre Drummond put up 20/20 games.

Klay fucking Thompson

I think it makes the player sound cooler when you make their middle name fucking. Thompson was definitely cool on Monday December 5th. He scored 60 of the 142 Golden State points in a win over the Pacers. That alone right there, 60 points is crazy, but he only played 29 minutes and didn’t play at all in the 4th quarter. He could have definitely passed Kobe’s 81 but doing so would have been “disrespectful” to the Pacers. Thompson had 40 points in the first half alone and held onto the ball for a minute and half dribbling just 11 times while shooting. Most of the attention goes to Steph Curry and rightfully so as he is probably the best and most efficient shooter of all time. But we often forget that Thompson is a top 5 shooter as well and has the potential to put up insane games like he did against Indiana.

LeBron James

This being LeBron’s 14th season, his career numbers are starting to accumulate. He is just weeks away from his 32nd birthday and he already surpassed Elvin Hayes as the 9th all-time leading scorer with 27,300 plus points. He also became the first player to have 27,000 points, 7,000 rebounds, and 7,000 assist in a career. His prime years are coming to a close, but everyone expects James to play at a high level for at least another 5 years. He actually has a chance of dethroning Kareem as the all-time leading scorer (38,387 points).

Russell Westbrook Triple Double Update

Westbrook continued putting up triple doubles this week having 7 in a row. No one has gone on a triple double streak that long since Jordan did it in 1989. His streak ended on Sunday a game that OKC won with the help of Westbrooks 37 points. Through the first 25 games of the season Westbrook is averaging 30.7 points, 10.8 assists, and 10.7 rebounds. That is nothing short of amazing, especially this far into the season. As much as I am rooting for him to do so, there is no way he can keep this up for the final 57 games of the season.


Chris Paul scored 20 points and 20 assists in the Clippers win over the Pelicans on Saturday, December 10th. It is not often that you see a 20/20 game with assists but what’s even more impressive is that Paul didn’t turn the ball over once. That’s a lot of passes without any misses.

Andre “back hair” Drummond had two 20/20 games this week with rebounds. On Wednesday against the Hornets he had 26 points and 20 rebounds in a loss and on Friday in a win over the Timberwolves he scored 22 points with 22 rebounds.


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