How is it already week 15 of the NFL season? Like Jeff Fishers coaching career, this season is ending fast but before we indulge on the inhuman cash grab that is Thursday night football, lets look back on what was Week 14.

Quarterback controversy

There is nothing the sports media world loves more than a high profile quarterback controversy. The ones that I can remember are Brady vs. Bledsoe, Warner vs. Manning, Orton vs. Tebow, Griffin vs. Cousins, and now Prescott vs. Romo. Dak had a bad game during Sunday’s loss to the Giants opening up a tsumai of QB talk for the Cowboys. Since Dallas is a national team, the “should Romo get some playing time?” discussion reached every possible media outlet. I don’t really have an opinion on who should be started at QB for the Cowboys, all I know is that I hate QB controversy talk.

Aqib Talib

Aqib Talib has been a bit of a mercenary playing for three different teams since he entered the league as a first round draft pick in 2008. He has found a home on the dominate Denver defense and is considered to be one of the scariest and intimidating players in the NFL. He reminded us all of his no bull shit attitude on Sunday when Chris Harris Jr. was chop blocked by Titans wide receiver Harry Douglass. The block was legal, but Douglas went right for the knees of Harris hurting him in the process. On the very next play Talib lined up to defend Douglas and started a mini brawl after the play. Don’t mess with Talib or his fellow Kansas alum and teammate. Angry Talib is scary as hell but almost no one disagreed with how he handled the situation or his harsh comments after the game. I liked that he called Douglas out and supported his teammate.


The Lions are in first place in the NFC North and the current 2nd seed in the NFC playoffs with a 9-4 record. They are frauds. That record could easily be 4-9 with the way they have played this season. In the 13 games they have played this year, they have been behind in the 4th quarter in 12 of them. These come from behind wins are not going to be sustainable especially in the playoffs. If they avoid an epic collapse, the Lions will make the post season for the first time in several years, but they won’t advance far.

Jeff Fisher

Who didn’t think Fisher was going to eat his words during Hard Knocks? If he were to win out the rest of this season he would accomplish what he said he wasn’t fucking going to do. He didn’t get the opportunity to go 7-9 as he was fired this week. He was finally fired, a week after his weird contact extension was made public by the team. What were the Rams thinking?

We all knew that Fisher received a 2 year contract extension which ultimately met he would get a bigger buyout if he was fired back in August. But the team decided to make it public last week when the team was in the dumps and was only one bad loss away from letting Fisher go. Just terrible judgment from the Rams. Goodbye fisher, you were so close to breaking the record for all time loses as a head coach (one loss away).

Other Stuff

The Midwest was hit with a big snow storm on Sunday which affected the games in Green Bay, Cleveland, and Buffalo.  During half time of the Bills game, snow sweepers were sent onto the field to clear away the snow. They were effective in sweeping the snow always but they also drudged up loads of rubber pellets out of the turf. The second half of the game was delayed to remove the mounds of rubber from the field.

The Browns are well on their way to being the second team in NFL history to go 0-16. On Sunday RGIII returned to the field for the first time since he suffered a shoulder injury on week one. Deep in their own territory the Browns went into full “fuck it” mode and called a flea flicker in their own end zone. Griffin threw the ball into triple coverage where it was easily intercepted.

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer made his triumphant return after missing a week to have emergency eye surgery. Zimmer already gave off a goofy wiseal looking vibe and looked extra ridiculous with his big white eye patch on the side lines.

The San Francisco 49ers have a defensive back named Jaquisky Tartt. That is the best name in the NFL.