The regular season of college football is over but one game was played this week so I felt the need to write something. The ceremonious Army/Navy game had the weekend all to itself and was only watched by old people, military veterans, and people with crippling gambling habits. I didn’t watch it but there were some other happenings in the world of college football this week.

Heisman Trophy

It was clear that Lamar Jackson was going to win the Heisman Trophy just a few games into this season. Once he crushed Florida State and almost beat Clemson, it was a lock regardless of how many games Louisville lost (they had a disappointing end to the season losing to Houston and Kentucky).

Mike Vick 2.0 ended the 2016 season with the below stats:

Passing – 30 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 3390 yards, 57.6% completion

Rushing – 21 touchdowns, 1538 yards, 6.6 yards per rush average

That is 51 touchdowns and 4928 total yards of offense. God. Damn.

Jackson deserved the Heisman Trophy which is given to the best player in college football. But this trophy has reached near meaningless value to me and other sports fans as it is almost exclusively given to quarterbacks and running backs. Jackson was worthy, but this Trophy is kind of dumb. History says Jackson will get drafted way too high and have a short NFL career, but he will get to stand with all of the other trophy winners in front of a painted portrait every year to celebrate the new winner.


The state of Florida lost one head coach but gained a couple more. Will Taggart left his head coaching job at USF to fill the vacancy at Oregon. This is a definite upgrade for Taggart but he will receive the same unfair treatment that his replacement Charlie Strong did at Texas. USF may have upgraded in coaching as well now having the experienced Strong lead their program.

Lane Kiffin, the still young coach who has somehow already had head coaching gigs in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and in College with Tennessee and USC, finally has another job as a head coach. He was the offensive play caller at Alabama the past two seasons rebuilding his resume as an offensive coordinator. His name was floating around a lot for high profile jobs, all of which were filled. With nowhere else to go, Kiffin accepted the head coaching job at Florida Atlantic. It was surprising that Kiffin took the job at such a mediocre school and many are speculating that this FAU head coaching job is just a stepping stone to a better one at a bigger school in a few years.

Butch Davis accepted the head coaching job at Florida International a few weeks ago, bringing his great recruiting resume with includes high profile NCAA rule violations. The mid major conference schools of Southern Florida, Florida Atlantic, and Florida International all landed big names in Charlie Strong, Lane Kiffin, and Butch Davis. Florida is now full of great recruiters, including Mark Richt in Miami.

The 40 bowl games start up on Saturday, December 17th. From Saturday through the end of the year there is college football on every day.

Wakey Leaks

I wasn’t going to discuss this topic as it wasn’t interesting to me at first. But now as it has progressed and more has come out, I have to write about it.

Wake Forest sucks and has for a long time. They were decent this year by their standards putting up a 6-6 record and making a bowl game. The .500 record becomes more impressive when this espionage story came to light. Apparently the local Wake Forest broadcaster Tommy Elrod has been giving copies of the Wake Forest game plan to the opposing teams. This Elrod dude played for Wake Forest in the 90’s and was an assistant coach there for a long time. But when head coach Dave Clawson has hired he didn’t keep Elrod on the coaching staff, hence his broadcasting gig.

Now why would Elrod hurt his alma mater, the team he gets paid by to broadcast their games? No one knows but that hasn’t stopped all of the speculation. Many have brought up the idea that Wake Forest has been 6-6 against the spread this year, so it might have been a gambling thing. Or more likely, a revenge plot against Clawson for not keeping him on the staff. Louisville, Army, and Virginia Tech have all been contacted and confirmed to have known about this issue, or in other words, accepted the game plan from Elrod.

This story is crazy and it definitely isn’t over.