In a little over a month, the NBA will finally be free of both football seasons and will be the main professional sport that I consume. But until then I will continue with the struggle of finding time to watch NBA games.

Stuff happened this week.

J.R. Smith

I have been a fan of J.R. since NBA Live 2005 when I used him to do the behind the back dunk in the new All-Star dunk mode in the game. He was barely 20 years old at the time and he hasn’t changed much in his 12 years in the league. I don’t want him to change. Never change J.R., stay the goofy lovable, limited spot up shooter that you are.

This week in a game against the Bucks, J.R. Smith did the most J.R. Smith thing of all time. As the Bucks were preparing to inbound the ball, J.R. walked off the court to dap with his buddy Jason Terry. While he embraced Terry, the guy he was supposed to be guarding received an inbound pass and scored. I love J.R.

Every loser won

On Tuesday, November 29th, every team with the worst record in their match up, won their game. I remember when this happened it received some attention for being strange and that the chances of that happening are very minimal. Every now and then, the losers win, and sadly that give me, myself a loser, some hope.

Houston 132 – Golden State 127

This isn’t your grandpa’s NBA, Shaq and Kareem aren’t clogging up the paint anymore. Today’s NBA is all about efficiency and capitalizing on the value of the three point shot. No game has been a better example of that than the double overtime game between Houston and Golden State. Knowing that they played almost an extra quarter of basketball, the combined score of 259 points is still staggering. The most notable stat from this game is that both teams combined for 88 three point attempts. Eighty fucking eight three point shots were attempted in this game. This is 2016 in the NBA, and it’s awesome.

Russell Westbrook

The dude is still putting up triple doubles. On Sunday he became the first player to record 5 straight triple doubles since the almighty Michael Jordan recorded 7 straight in 1989. Is he really going to average a triple double for the season? Is he going to get so weird with fashion that he will enter a stadium wearing a milk crate on his head? Is he going to star in animated movie called Space Slam that will be released on the same day as Space Jam 2? The answer to all of these questions is probably not, but maybe.

Other Stuff

FS1 sucked up another personality off from the ESPN bargain bin in Chris Broussard leaving a vacancy in the NBA side line reporter/news breaker. This spot is going to be filled by Adam Shefter a popular NFL insider for ESPN. I hope he enjoys annoying viewers with meaningless news and conducting worthless 2 question interviews with coaches in-between quarters. My advice to Adam; when your NBA presence begins to fade, start wearing ugly suits and get cancer.

The Clippers complain. A lot. Coach Doc Rivers was ejected Tuesday, November 29th in a game against the Nets. He lost his mind over a call and was thrown out of the game while players and coaches held him back. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan are just as bad in their constant complaining over calls. There is no way this Clippers team thinks they deserve everything to go their way. It has to be some kind of strategy or way to annoy other teams. It’s not fun to watch though.

The Cavs lost every game they played this week. That isn’t the biggest deal in the world as it is only December and the East is very weak, but it is still strange to see a team that was penciled in for the finals go on a losing streak. They will recover and still be the top seed in the East, and it is better to get a losing streak out of the way early. Hopefully they learned from this, tear through the playoffs and set the stage for the Warriors vs. Cavaliers Finals Trilogy.

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