The final games (except the Army/Navy game) of the college football season were played over the weekend, finalizing the resumes of all of the playoff teams.

The final rankings were revealed via a commercial free event on ESPN. Having a monopoly on the rankings allowed ESPN to drag out the process as long as possible using the “our graphics guy needs time” excuse. Alabama and Clemson receiving the first two rankings was not surprising while the 3rd and 4th spots were surrounded with controversy.

Many believed that Ohio State was deserving of the 3rd ranking and that the 4th spot would be given to either Washington or Penn State. The final spot and the opportunity to get destroyed by Alabama on national TV was awarded to Washington. I thought Washington was worthy of being in the playoff but at the 3rd spot, not the 4th. The 4th spot should have been giving the the BIG 10 champion, Penn State.

Ever since the first playoff rankings were released weeks ago, I thought Penn State received a ranking that was too high. They climbed the rankings as they continued winning (including a win over Ohio State) and after Michigan lost to Ohio State, they made it to the conference championship game representing the BIG 10 East. Going into the weekend I figured Penn State had no chance of beating Wisconsin and they would be exposed as the overrated team that they are.

Not only did Penn State not lose, they came back to win after being down 28 – 7 to Wisconsin. Penn State is good, even I must admit that. Now they aren’t as good as Ohio State, but they gave Ohio State their only loss. Penn State won the BIG 10, the best conference in college football in 2016 and they beat Ohio State. How did Ohio State get into the playoff over them? The purpose of the playoff committee is to select the 4 best and most deserving teams. Ohio State is better than Penn State but they are not more deserving. Penn State won its conference and beat Ohio State. They should have the right to get fucking curb stomped by Alabama. Instead they will play against a strong USC team in the Rose Bowl.

One thing that I found interesting about this college football season is how little I and the country have talked about Alabama. They are 13-0 and well on their way to plow through the playoff becoming one of the best teams in history with a record of 15-0. I make the featured image on these posts the logo of the number 1 ranked team in the country, every post has Alabama’s logo on top. All of this talk about Penn State, Ohio State, and Washington fighting over the last two playoff spots is all futile because we all know who is going to win the national championship. Alabama is bigger, faster, stronger, and better coached than the other three teams. The 2016 Alabama Crimson Tide will go down as one of the best teams in the sports long history.

The playoff rankings and final conference standings are below:

Playoff Rankings





American Coastal Conference



BIG 10



BIG 12



Pacific 12



Southeastern Conference



American Athletic Conference



Mid-American Conference



Mountain West Conference



Sun Belt Conference



Conference USA