Another Bellator card is in the books and poorly documented on the fledgling hobby blog known as the Sport Void. Over all this card was just meh. There were a lot of decisions and some super weird score cards. Judges were inconsistent for these 8 fights and were handing out 10-8 rounds all over the place. By the time the last two fights went to decision, I had no idea how they would be scored even though it was obvious who won the fight. Bellator 166 in Oklahoma was the first of 2 Bellator cards over the busy sports weekend and prominently displayed two young MMA talents in A.J. McKee and Eduardo Dantas.

*Also I know the featured image isn’t accurate as McKee didn’t fight Sanchez. I couldn’t find a more updated picture (I didn’t look hard for an update one either).

Preliminary Card (

Catchweight (210 LB) Kinny Spotwood def. John King – Decision unanimous – (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

I only caught the last round and a half of this fight and was too frustrated with the stream to take notes. From what I saw in the last round, Spotwood controlled the clinch and the pace of the fight, but I am not disciplined enough to go back and watch this fight in its entirety to give a break down on the first round and half. Instead I am going to use this space to complain about the free (I am self-ware enough to know this is irrational to complain about this free service) preliminary card streams for Bellator. The start time is always listed at 6:50 pm EST. So being the timely punctual person that I am, I get the stream booted up at 6:45 pm. More often than not it is closer to 8 pm before the fights start so I am forced to deal with the boredom and clock watching impatience that I so often feel.

The reason I missed most of this fight is because my stream died and I didn’t realize. In my period of waiting I checked Twitter and saw that the fights had begun, I refreshed the stream and to my horror I realized I missed most of this first fight. Is it too much to ask that the actually start time be listed for these prelims?

Catchweight (164 LB) – Derrick Adkins def. Chris Jones – Submission d’arce choke – (RD 2 – 4:09)

Adkins defeated the much older and more experienced Jones with a d’arce choke in the second round. Adkins controlled the first round by dominating the clinch and ground game. He took Jones to the mat and landed short elbows to his face leaving a cut above his right eye. Jones was able to get back to his feet but illegally grabbed onto the cage before being brought down again.

In the second round Adkins landed a head kick which lead to a takedown on Jones. The ref stood them up after inactivity and Adkins then dropped Jones with a right hand. He collapsed on top of Jones, softened him up even more with some hammer fists and found an opening for the d’arce choke.

Catchweight (159 LB) Treston Thomison def. Dawond Pickney – Submission armbar – (RD 1 – 0:51)

Similar to Adkins before him, Thomison defeated his much older opponent Pickney. The 38 year old Pickney lifted Thomison up and slammed him to the ground. He was sloppy with his stance though and left himself exposed for the armbar submission. Once Thomison got ahold of his arm, Pickney rolled to the side and tapped.

Thomison kicked one of the camera’s as he was brought to the ground providing a cool view from said kicked camera.

Middleweight – Gregory Babene def. Emiliano Sordi – Submission guillotine choke – (RD 1 – 3:11)

Babene entered this fight hailing from France a country that I learned does not allow MMA. In his 30 career fights, Babene has fought in 19 different MMA organizations. His history of being a nomad didn’t hurt him in this fight as he quickly finished Sordi in the first round. Both fighters traded attacks and punches for the first few minutes when Babene scored a takedown. On the ground Babene was able to get Sordi in a guillotine choke and when he got on leg wrapped around the body of Sordi, he had enough leverage to get the frantic tap.

The ref before this fight shouted “this is where your hard work pays off” to both fighters and clapped his hands starting the match. I think it’s weird that some refs have dumb catch phrases before matches.

Main Card (Spike)

Catchweight (195 LB) Chris Honeycutt def. Ben Reiter – Decision unanimous (30-26, 30-25, 30-25)

The cage was the real wild card of this fight between Honeycutt and Reiter, at least in the first round. Reiter threw a kick that Honeycutt grabbed and didn’t let go. Honeycutt pickup of Reiter by his foot against the cage which Reiter grabbed onto and cut his shin on. Honeycutt scored the takedown in spite of the illegal fence grab an it was strange seeing an open wound on the leg of Reiter in an MMA fight. The fight picked up again in the third round where Honeycutt landed a combo and scored a takedown on Reiter. On his second takedown, Honeycutt unloaded ground and pound opening up the face of Reiter. It was obvious that Reiter knew he had no chance of winning and was doing just enough to not get finished.

Catchweight (138 LB) – Marcos Galvao def. L.C. Davis – Decision split – (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Galvao clearly won the first round in his match against Davis. He clinched up with Davis and brought him to the mat. He was in the power position the entire time on the ground controlling the fight. There was a short time stoppage in the second for a nut kick before Galvao scored another takedown. Once the fight got back to a standing position, the fighters clinched up and Galvao landed a hard knee. As the fighters separated, Galvao wiped at his eye, probably looking for time stoppage for an eye poke. The last round was boring as both fighters just clinched up and mainly protected themselves instead of being aggressive. Davis was super upset after it was announced he lost, he has been on a tough stretch and being in his late 30’s, he needed a victory.

Featherweight – A.J. McKee def. Ray Wood – Decision unanimous (29-27, 30-25, 30-27)

Even if I think his mask is dumb, the 21 year old McKee obviously has a lot of talent and will be a star in Bellator. He brought his perfect record to the match against Wood and in the first round, it looked like the young Phenom would finally lose.

McKee scored an early takedown by slamming Wood to the mat, but when Wood got back to his feet, he rocked McKee with a knee. The replay in between rounds showed that Wood actually hit McKee with his shin more than his knee. If the blow was a clean knee. McKee would have been KO’d. McKee was clearly stunned and clinched up against Wood to buy some recovery time. The two fighters went to the mat and it looked like Wood had McKee in a tight unescapable guillotine choke. McKee was able to slid out of the grasp of Wood, get back to his feet and score a late round take down.

After the shaky start, McKee controlled the last two rounds of his first ever decision. He scored multiple takedowns in the second round and in the third, including a suplex. His ground and pound and knees to the body in the third were vicious and as I watched them I felt stupid for doubting McKee. In his post-fight interview McKee claimed he broke his thumb in the fight but still wanted to be on the 170 card less than 2 months away. With his persona and talent, there is no way his wish isn’t granted.

Bantamweight – Eduardo Dantas ( c ) def. Joe Warren – Decision majority (47-47, 49-44, 48-46)

This fight was kind of a bummer to watch. Personally I felt like Warren lucked into the guillotine choke victory over Kakai back in September and coming into this match against the revenge seeking Dantas, his chances of getting the belt at age 40 were slim. I don’t bet on sports, but I should have bet money on this match. Dantas abused Warren in all five rounds. He taunted him, he landed jabs whenever he wanted, and softened the leg of Warren with brutal leg kicks.

Dantas lost a point after kicking Warren in the nuts multiple times, but it didn’t matter. He defended his belt against the guy who beat him two years ago and he did so easily. Warren being 13 years older did show a lot of heart especially in the 5th round when he came out hard and fast. He wasn’t going to get finished but his face will take weeks to heal and this result is probably the beginning of the end on his MMA career.

I have no idea how one judge scored the fight 47-47 even with the point deduction.