The 2016 College football season is coming to a close and the playoff picture is up in the air. Michigan’s loss to Ohio State definitely complicated things. That is really the only college game worth talking about this week, oh and a couple high profile coaches got fired.

Michigan vs. Ohio State 113

#2 Ohio State vs. #3 Michigan rivalry game match up had about as high as stakes as any regular season game can have. First, these two teams hate each other, if both teams were 1-10 instead of 10-1, this game would still have been worth watching. Second, with the BIG 10 championship and even more important, a playoff berth on the line, this game was going to be watched by your truly.

Despite turning the ball over 3 times, Michigan was in position to win this game. The team from up north should have won this game. They out played Ohio State with a compromised QB. They scored a field goal in double overtime to put the score at 27 – 24. All they had to do was prevent Ohio State from scoring a TD, or from scoring at all to keep the game alive or to win. They put Urban Meyer in a position on 4th down to kick a field goal to force triple overtime, or to go for it on forth down to keep their touchdown hopes alive. Meyer chose to go for it on 4th and 1, and it looked like Michigan stopped J.T. Barrett short of the first down. It was reviewed and it was determined Barrett got enough for the first down which lead to them scoring a touchdown and winning the game.

I live in Michigan and back when I actually rooted for teams, I did root for the University of Michigan. At age 26, severely beaten down by the stresses of life, I don’t care who wins games, I just enjoy watching them. So my feelings on thinking that Ohio State did not get that first down are not clouded with bias. They didn’t convert and Michigan should have won this game. Now with Michigan losing this game, Penn State needed to beat Michigan State to advance to the BIG 10 championship game representing the BIG 10 East. I watched some of that Penn State/MSU game and when it was clear PSU was going to win, I turned it off. It is unfortunate that in a division with Ohio State and Michigan, that the good but much inferior Penn State team will advance to the championship game. The outcome of said championship game will have a big influence on the playoff as Michigan and Ohio State could possibly make the final four while the BIG 10 champ does not (depending on the outcome of the ACC and PAC 12 championship games). It’s all a mess right now and it’s because of the bad call in the OSU/UM game.


As expected, lots of coaches received massive buy outs and were fired after losses this past weekend. Charlie Strong was probably gone regardless of the outcome vs. TCU, but he sealed his termination with the loss to the horned frogs. Houston, who also lost to Memphis in their final game of the season, lost their head coach, but for different reasons. Tom Herman who was rumored for the LSU job was hired as Strong’s replacement at Texas.

After whiffing on Jimbo Fisher last year and Tom Herman this year, LSU decided to keep interim head coach Ed Orgeron. It will be interesting to see how Orgeron fairs in his long awaited head coaching gig as LSU is a tough fucking place to coach. There is a lot of pressure down there and if he doesn’t get a win over Alabama quickly, he will be placed on the constantly occupied hot seat. I think he could have a Bruce Arians esque effect on the Tigers. A qualified coach who finally gets a head coaching gig after years of looking for one and serving as an interim coach.

Two years after coaching in the National Championship game, Mark Helfrich was fired at Oregon. The loss to interstate rival Oregon State to finish the season at 4-8 was the final blow to his short tenure. I honestly was a bit surprised by this firing as Helfrich was only in his 4th season as head coach, but after it happened and looking at the last two seasons, it makes sense.

Other Stuff

Alabama is still undefeated, Western Michigan is still undefeated, and despite a loss to  Kentucky, Louisville’s Lamar Jackson will still win the Heisman. Pittsburgh who beat #7 ranked Penn State early in the season allowed 61 points to Syracuse. Good thing for them that Syracuse is even worse at defense as they beat the Orange by a score of 76 – 61. There were a few other upsets over the weekend, but in the grand scheme of things they are like the life all of us live, they don’t matter.