Kickers continue to miss easy field goals, players are dropping like flies, Goff and Osweiler are setting the QB position back 20 years, Steve Smith doesn’t give a flying fuck, and Doug Baldwin threw a touchdown pass. Just a typical week in the NFL

Extra Points

In a violent sport where athletic freaks dedicate their life to being faster and stronger than their opponent, it is strange that kickers even exist. It is not rare to see a brutal game come down to watching a little white guy wearing a goof helmet waddle out onto the field to decide the game. Now that extra points have been moved back, those pasty thick legged guys have even more influence over the outcome of a game. This week 12 missed extra points were missed. A dozen. A position that is so specialized in kicking a ball between two posts has been crushed by simply moving the extra point back 13 yards. Please move the extra point closer.


So many players were injured this weekend. It actually was just a normal weekend when looking at the numbers in regards to players getting hurt, but this week so many essential big names were hurt. A.J. Green hurt his hamstring which ultimately ended the mediocre season for the Bengals. Luke Kuechly suffered a concussion and left the field making  face that I make after stepping on the scale and weighing myself. Jay Cutler hurt his shoulder in what will most likely be his final game as a Bear, Andrew Luck suffered a concussion, C.J. Prosise hurt his shoulder, and even though he didn’t get hurt, Jared Goff hurt everyone watching the Rams game due to his poor play. A lot of 2nd and 3rd stringers will see playing time in week 12 and lots of dudes are going to get called up off from the practice squad.

$72 Million

The Houston Texans gave Brock “DeAndre Hopkins career ruiner” Osweiler a $72 million contact. Now that we are 11 weeks into this season it can be determined that was not a smart move. The Texans are stuck with the incompetent QB for at least the next couple of years as they guaranteed him $37 million. On Monday night he had a built in excuse for playing terrible as the game was in the highly elevated Mexico City and fans were shooting lasers into his eyes. The way Osweiler has been playing this season you would think he constantly is hampered by laser pointers. Bill O’Brien will lose his job due to the poor play from Osweiler in two years and he will go back to New England to fill in for McDaniels as offensive coordinator when he leaves to fail at another head coaching job.

Steve Smith

The 37 year old receiver has helped my fantasy team to the few wins that I earned this year and also became the 14th player to accumulate 1,000 receptions in his career. It is nothing short of amazing that Smith came back to play after suffering a torn achilles at age 36. He is a special old school player who isn’t afraid of pissing off his opponents. I am going to miss watching Steve Smith and drafting him onto my fantasy team every year.

Fuck you Coach

Have you ever wanted to give your boss a firm middle finger after he/she asked you to do something ridiculous? Doug Baldwin has been there but he actually flipped his coach off while on national T.V. The Seahawks were in the red zone and instead of running a conventional play, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell called a trick play where Baldwin would pass the ball on a play designed to have Russell Wilson as the target receiver. After receiving the call from the God loving Wilson, Baldwin exited the huddle and gave Bevell a middle finger out of disgust for the play call. Baldwin completed the touchdown pass to his quarterback and gave the fans one of the most intimate cool moments of the season.

Other than the Cowboys continuing to dominate and the Packers continuing to struggle with their thin roster, nothing much else happened. The Patriots looked pedestrian but still won by 13 points and the Browns trying their hardest to become the second team in NFL history to lose all 16 games.