The 4th week of the NBA season ended almost a week ago. Late on a Friday evening after day drinking and recovering from a first world holiday so gluttonous, most white Americans are rendered immobile due to overeating, I sit here trying to catch up on this poorly written blog.

Trade Rumors

In a sport like the NBA were one player can make a huge difference on a 15 man roster, trade rumors are constant. Less than a month into the season two big rumors made their way to the national spotlight.

Klay Thompson, the second best shooter of this generation, appeared to be the odd man out in the new look Warriors. Draymond Green has also taken a smaller role on the team, but overall he is more valuable in his versatility. Thompson isn’t going to get traded but that didn’t stop the Klay to Boston trade rumors from popping up.

Anthony Davis and the Pelicans are playing like shit this season further proving their 8th seed playoff appearance two years ago was a fluke. Even though getting rid of the 23 year old all-star would be franchise destroying, NBA fans feel like good players shouldn’t play on bad teams. Hence the Anthony Davis to Boston trade rumors. Maybe this is just a Boston thing. Regardless, these were just the first 2 of many trade rumors that will pop up this season.


Phil Jackson called LeBron James’ group of business partners and friends a posse. This is probably the least surprising thing to come out of the over paid, under worked, baby boomer who feels entitled after winning 11 championships as a coach with the two greatest shooting guards of all time.What is surprising was Maverick Carter’s and LeBron James’ response to the comment. I never considered the word posse to be racial, but in the manner that Jackson used it I understand who it could be interpreted that way. I think it is good that minorities who hold power in an industry like LeBron and Maverick Carter do in the NBA, speak out against racial intolerance, even if that speaking out is probably used more as a business decision than a social one. This controversy between LeBron and Jackson and the racial undertones of the word posse was stupid and annoying, but also necessary. As a white guy I will never know the pain that minorities feel, even rich and powerful ones, so I fully support the attention brought to this issue.

The Fun Stuff

I only watched the first half of the 76ers/Timberwolves game on Thursday night, so once again I am writing about a week in the NBA in which I barely watched any live action. But some cool stuff did happen this week.

Westbrook is one of the most athletic NBA players I have ever watched. The dude is always cranked up to 11. This dunk where he is making the letter “c” with his body is proof of that. The Pistons defenders didn’t even think about trying to defend the dunk.


My favorite trend in professional sports right now is the Connor McGregor celebration. After McGregor earned is second belt in the UFC other athletes in different sports have begun to pay their respects to the Irishman and mimic his trade mark walk. After hitting a game sealing 3 pointer, Marc Gasol wiggled his arms while strutting like a boss.

Maybe I will watch some basketball this week so I can comment on some games in the week 5 recap (its already Friday and I haven’t watched a game so dont get your hopes up.)


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