One week closer to the end of the college season. I didn’t watch a lot of college football this last weekend (the more I do these I realize how little college football I consume) as the UFC decided to have two cards back to back on Saturday. So what I did watch was on my second TV in the back ground.

First I watched the depressing Michigan State Spartans try to upset the #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. Michigan State who was fresh off their first win in 7 weeks against Rutgers, kept this game way closer than it should have been. If Michigan State’s QB didn’t throw as many interceptions as he did, they would have had a great chance at ruining the game that everybody has been waiting for this season (Michigan vs. Ohio State). Luckily MSU did what they have done 7 times earlier this season and lost.

Second I watched the Michigan game as I was curious to see how they played with their back up QB and if they would keep their top 4 ranking for their match up with Ohio State. Also it was the next game on ESPN and I was too lazy to change the stream, and I have a bias to keep up with the local teams. Michigan didn’t play great and hung on to win by 10 points against a far inferior Indiana team. They scored that late touchdown just in time as it snowed for much of the last quarter of the game, making offense almost impossible. That #2 vs. #3 match up against Ohio State this week is essentially a play in-game for the playoff (unless Michigan loses and the committee gets weird with Penn State).


The early season darling just destroyed the play off hopes on the Louisville Jackson’s. It was clear Louisville was not going to win this Thursday night game from the get go as Houston converted on an early turn over and held Jackson to his first bad game this season. Louisville wont make the playoff but I don’t think that is┬ásuch a bad thing. They avoided an embarrassing loss to a better team in the playoff and Lamar Jackson is still going to win the Heisman and get drafted by the Browns in two years and sink into a football hell.

BIG 12

The BIG 12 is by far the worst power five conference in college football. They don’t have a conference champion, and they play all of their final conference games a week after everyone else. Oklahoma beat West Virginia this weekend knocking off the last one loss team in the conference. Oklahoma still has a change to make the playoff for a second year in a row but a lot of things have to go their way. And even if they do, they will get curb stomped, again.


Continuing with the BIG 12, Texas lost to Kansas. I have felt that Charlie Strong has received way too much pressure to rebuild Texas in a short amount of time and that he should at least get a couple more years of recruiting before he is fired. But he lost to fucking Kansas last weekend. Kansas. A team so bad that they only thing I know about the 2016 team is that they have won only 2 games and they tried a trick play where they hid a player in the end zone and it didn’t even work that well. This was the first time Kansas has beaten Texas since 1938. That wasn’t even football they were playing back then, the forward pass was called the forward pass instead of just a “pass” because it was so peculiar and weird. You can’t lose to Kansas. Good bye Charlie Strong, at least you will get a massive buy out.

That is all I got. Not a lot of note happened this weekend. Besides Louisville, everyone who was supposed to win, won.