From Belfast to Sao Paulo we move onto the second UFC card of the day. UFC Fight Night 100 started off with 6 straight finishes, had multiple controversies, a bad tattoo, and some honest post-fight interviews.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Light Heavyweight – Darren Stewart def. Francimar Barroso – TKO punches – (RD 1 – 1:34)

Darren Stewart made his painfully slow walk to the octagon with a dentist mask on. The rest of his team had dentist masks on as well. The “Dentist” alias doesn’t really make a lot of sense either, has he really knocked anyone’s teeth out? And if he is known for that shouldn’t he be known as the tooth destroyer? I have never heard of a dentist that specializes in knocking out teeth. After this fight he should change his nick name to the “head butter.”

Early into this match, Stewart and Barroso clinched up. While latched onto each other, Stewart drove Barroso to the opposite side of the octagon and as he did this, he inadvertently head butted Barroso on his left orbital bone. Barroso stopped fighting out of pain and Stewart unloaded strikes until the ref stopped the fight giving Stewart the TKO. The ref didn’t see the head butt in the bull rush and Stewart didn’t do it on purpose. Just a series of unfortunate events for Barroso.

Bantamweight – Pedro Munhoz def. Justin Scoggins – Submission guillotine – (RD 2 – 1:55)

The first round of this fight appeared to be even as both fighters traded blows. Scoggins threw a lot of kicks which forced Munhoz to keep his distance. The second round started with more of the same, trading kicks and looking for an opening to attack. Munhoz found an opening and placed Scoggins into a guillotine that looked unescapable. Scoggins was able to escape somehow and landed a kick on Munhoz that messed up his balance. Scoggins fell to the ground and Munhoz jumped on him this time getting a tight guillotine that Scoggins had not chance of escaping from.

Preliminary Card (FS1)

Heavyweight – Luis Henrique def. Christian Colombo – Submission guillotine – (RD 3 – 2:12)

This heavyweight bout saw a lot of ground fighting. The large Brazilian Henrique was extremely impressive with his ground fighting skills. He is a big dude but moves around on the ground like a bantamweight. He showed off these skills in the first round when he took Colombo to the ground, opened up his face with strikes and sharp elbows, and then picked up and slammed Colombo to show his dominance.

Henrique scored more take downs in the second round and further destroyed Colombo’ face. The ref stopped the fight so Colombo’s face could be medically cleared to keep fighting. The elbows from Henrique did the most damage. After two rounds of brutalizing Colombo, Henrique took him down in the third round and successfully submitted him via a guillotine choke. Henrique was happy with the win, looking to hug everyone he saw including the translator and commentator.

Bantamweight – Johnny Eduardo def. Manvel Gamburyan – TKO punches – (RD 2 – 0:46)

Eduardo beat up on Gamburyan so hard, Gamburyan retired. That statement isn’t entirely accurate but I felt like Gamburyan’ s retirement announcement after this fight was similar to Meisha Tate’s.

The first round saw both fighters trading attacks and Gamburyan’ s leg was already showing signs of bruising. There was a little scuffle and time stoppage as Eduardo claimed Gamburyan was holding the inside of this glove. Early in the second round Eduardo clipped Gamburyan and received the TKO after unleashing attacks on the stunned Gamburyan.

Light Heavyweight – Gadzhimurad Antigulov def. Marcos Rogerio de Lima – Submission guillotine – (RD 1 – 1:07)

I am thankful that Antigulov finished Rogerio de Lima quickly as both fighters have crazy names that I didn’t want to type out several times in a 3 round fight description. Antigulov took de Lima down quickly and de Lima showed great submission defense initially. Then Antigulov took side position and got the guillotine choke. It barely took a minute for Antigulov to get the submission.

Middleweight – Cezar Ferreira def. Jack Hermansson – Submission arm-triangle choke – (RD 2 – 2:11)

This was a brutal finish to watch live. In the second round Ferreira scored a take down on Hermansson and got into side position. From there he place Hermansson into a should neck lock and slowly squeezed the life out of him like a snake crushing a baby iguana. It took a while for Hermansson to tap as Ferreira spread his legs out giving himself more leverage to slowly tighten the choke. The camera angle for this was great (whoa Fox did something good) as it provided a top down view of the two fighters. You could see Ferreira tightening his grip and Hermansson’s face turn into a darker shade of red as time passed. He held on for as long as he could but Hermansson was unable to escape the death grip.

Main Card (FS1)

Welterweight – Sergio Moraes def. Zak Ottow – Decision split – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

After 6 straight preliminary finishes, the first Main Card fight ended in a straight forward decision. The most entertaining aspect of this fight was the back tattoo of Moraes. My buddy noticed it and confirmed via the internet that his back tattoo contains backwards Japanese characters that mean nothing.

The actual fight saw Moraes control all three rounds. He controlled the ground in the first round, landed a gnarly combo in the second, and stunned Ottow in the third. Ottow clipped Moraes towards the end of the fight, but the score cards were already stacked in the favor of Moraes. He survived and received the win, but lost a lot of respect for having one of the worst tattoos of all time.

Welterweight – Kamaru Usman def. Warlley Alves – Decision unanimous – (29-27, 30-26, 29-28)

Usman and his 4 inch reach advantage won in a decision against Alves that saw a different score card from every judge. The first round was active with both fighters moving around throwing strikes. In the second the two fighters clinched up and Usman started stomping the feet of Alves. These foot stomps are probably more annoying than painful but they look and sound horrifying. Usman landed some jabs and had Alves reeling but Alves was able to clinch up and survive. Usman started the third round strong landing a body kick and lots of strikes. He forced Alves’ back against the cage with a knee to his body and took him to the ground. On the ground Alves got Usman into a guillotine and tried to convince the ref to call the fight. But Usman escaped, unloaded ground and pound consisting of hammer fist and short elbows that opened up wounds on Alves’s face. Usman went for a choke at the end but Alves was able to prevent the finish.

In the post-fight interview Usman called out Maia and Dana White directly. He looked into the camera and told White to give him a match against Maia claiming he would end him in the first round. Maia is a lot better than Alves but that would be a fun fight to watch.

Middleweight – Krzystof Jotko def. Thales Leites – Decision unanimous – (29-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Forgetting his submission attempt in the first round, Leites wasn’t a serious threat to Jotko in this fight. Leites attempted several take downs, but Jotko was able to defend. Even when the fight did make it to the mat, Jotko was able to scramble to top position and land strikes. Towards the end of the second round, Jotko was content with staying on the mat and letting the clock run out. The ref stood the fighters up in the second, but Jotko scored a take down almost immediately and controlled all of the third round. Not an exciting fight, but a gritty dirty victory for Jotko.

Women’s Strawweight – Claudia Gadelha def. Cortney Casey – Decision unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Gadelha is one of the best strawweights in the world. Her only two losses came at the hands of the world champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Gadelha used her experience to destroy Casey in this 3 round decision. It never felt like Casey even had a chance except for the controversial head kick.

Gadelha slammed Casey to the mat twice in the first round, and scored two additional take downs in the second, and two more in the third. The first take down in the third is where this fight took a turn. As Casey was moving to stand up, Gadelha threw an illegal kick at her head. Casey fell to the mat and writhed in pain. The commentators were discussing if that was an automatic disqualification or at the very least a point deduction. Neither happened but the ref allowed Casey to recover. As she stayed on the ground, the replay of the kick was shown and it looked like contact was never made with Casey’s head. The crowd and I boo’ d at Casey as it looked like she was milking a fake injury. Now I am not so sure, the shin of Gadelha may have connected with the top of Casey’s head, but the replay doesn’t help the case of Casey.

Gadelha escaped a head lock after the time stoppage, landed a combo of her own and scored a late take down. After the fight Gadelha claimed that she threw the kick thinking Casey would be up by the time it landed. She then called out White for matching her against inferior ranked fighters. It might be the language barrier or accent but this statement didn’t come off as cocky, it came of as earned confidence.

Bantamweight – Thomas Almeida def. Albert Morales – TKO punches – (RD 2 – 1:37)

Morales was able to get some of his own strikes to land in the first round, but Almeida effectively weakened Morales with his attacks. He looked for the TKO in the first which Morales was able to survive, but the same can’t be said about the second round. Almeida landed body shots on Morales and forced him up against the cage. Here he unloaded strikes on Morales until he was given the TKO. The fight probably should have been called a littler earlier than it was as Almeida was determined to not finish the second round without a finish.

Light Heavyweight – Ryan Bader def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira – TKO punches – (RD 3 – 3:51)

Nogueira rocked Bader in the first round and chased him looking to finish him off. Bader smartly took Nogueira down giving him more time to recover. This is where Bader took control of the fight, landing heavy shots wearing down his opponent. Bader scored more take downs in the second and attempted a rear-naked choke that Nogueira was able to wiggle out of. In the third round, Bader finally finished the exhausted Nogueira with ground and pound. This was a good win over a veteran for Bader and should move him up closer to a title shot with the winner of the Cormier/Johnson match at UFC 206.

What a long day of fights. I missed the Bellator 165 card that took place on the same day. Between Invicta FC 20, UFC Fight Night 99 and 100, I watched 31 fights this weekend. Gluttony at its ugliest.

UFC Fight Night 101 is Sunday, November 27th.