Non-stop UFC action from 12:30 pm until after midnight. That is a lot of MMA, some would say too much. Not this pizza eating depressed fan. I tuned in for UFC Fight Night 99 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and watched all 13 fights. A first round KO, submissions, and a whole lot of decisions took place in Belfast.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Welterweight – Abdul Razak Alhassan def. Charlie Ward – KO punches – (RD 1 – 0:53)

The first fight in a 12 hour UFC marathon was a first round KO slug fest. Charlie Ward was the hometown favorite and he proved he has a chin like a brick house in his loss. Both fighters landed blows that clipped and stunned each other, but Alhassan finally finished off Ward with a KO blow less than a minute into the fight. Alhassan doesnt fuck around as his longest fight only went 1:26 into the first round. This match was the definition of a slug fest.

Bantamweight – Brett Johns def. Kwan Ho Kwak – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Johns dominated Kwak. Other than getting clipped late in the fight, Johns survived every attack Kwak had for him and threw Kwak around like a life-sized doll. Johns scored 6 takedowns in the first round alone. In the second round Johns clipped Kwak with an upper cut, landed a body shot combo, jumping knee, and a left – right hand combo which put Kwak in a bad place. In the third round Kwak gave it everything he had, throwing a flurry of attacks towards the beginning and end of the round. Some blows made their way to Johns, but he defended well and survived his first UFC fight with a unanimous decision.

After the final bell Kwak collapsed to the matt in exhaustion. He truly used up all of the energy that he had. Johns called out the match maker in his post fight interview stating that Kwak was too good, giving respect to Kwak.

Bantamweight – Marion Reneau def. Milana Dudieva – TKO punches and elbows – (RD 3 – 3:03)

Reneau is 12 years the elder to Dudieva but proved she is still worthy of fighting in the UFC at an age of 39. She overcame the 6.5 inch reach disadvantage and scored a TKO against Dudieva in the 3rd round.

Dudieva scored a takedown in the first round and survived two triangle submission attempts from Reneau. In the second round Reneau was the aggressor and landed some brutal knees to the body of Dudieva while they were clenched up against the cage. Dudieva was clearly affected as her body posture changed and only focused on survival over fighting back. Once the bell rung to end the second round, Dudieva just fell to the matt where she was standing. In the third round Reneau continued to slowly wear Dudieva down, taking her to the ground and attempting an arm bar. Reneau got on top of Dudieva and landed precise ground and pound, not punching her self out and making sure every blow hurt. After several blows, the ref stepped in.

Reneau was carried around the ring by her trainers and coaches and she called out Bethe Correia in he post fight interview. She wants to climb up the rankings in the loaded bantamweight division.

Catchweight (172.8 LB) – Zak Cummings def. Alexander Yakovlev – Submission armbar – (RD 2 – 4:02)

Cummings didn’t let the embarrassment of missing weight and the pain of absorbing an eye poke prevent him from finishing Yakovlev.

Cummings was poked in the eye in the first round. After the doc took a look at him, Yakovlev caught one of his kicks and brought him to the ground. Cummings stood back up quickly and landed a body kick after eating a combo to end the round. In the second round Yakovlev scored a takedown and Cummings was great at defending himself and getting into position for the arm bar.  

Heavyweight – Justin Ledet def. Mark Godbeer – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 1 – 2:16)

Mark “the hand of” Godbeer brought his gnarly nickname and awful tattoos into the octagon to fight Ledet and his black guy mullet in his debut. Both of these fighters, especially the boxer Ledet, are not known for their ground games so it was surprising to see that they went to the mat so early. During their second visit to the mat Ledet took the back of Godbeer and wrapped his arms around his neck for the successful rear-naked choke.

 Women’s Strawweight – Amanda Cooper def. Anna Elmose – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Coming from someone who has never fought in their life, I believe it would be most satisfying to get rocked early in a fight, and coming back smart and strong to win a decision. Cooper did just that in her fight with Elmose. Even though it was a unanimous decision, Cooper was in a bad spot after the first round. She ate a right hand from Elmose which stunned her and knocked her over. Elmose then jumped on her and opened up her face with an elbow and ground and pound. Blood was pouring from Cooper’s eye.

The second round saw the two fighters attacking each other. Much of the action took place on the ground again where Cooper attempted a walk off arm bar, but the buzzer sounded before too much damage was done to Elmose. In the third round Cooper used essentially every striking method possible to hit Elmose. She landed jabs, side kicks, knees, and ground and pound on the ground. Cooper dominated the 3rd round and received the unanimous decision.

In her post-fight interview Cooper said to the nameless European commentator what we were all thinking; “I’m upset you’re not Joe Rogan.”

Lightweight – Kevin Lee def. Magomed Mustafaev – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 4:31)

Nothing reveals how brutal MMA can be when one fighter runs around in celebration while the other lays unconscious face down on the mat. Mustafaev learned that the hard way as he was choked out by Lee.

In the first round this fight looked like it was over as Mustafaev had Lee in a tight guillotine. Lee was able to escape, score a few take downs, and pick Mustafaev up, carry him to the center of the ring, and then slam him to the mat in barbaric fashion.

In the second round Lee took Mustafaev to the ground again and was able to finish him on his second rear-naked choke attempt of the round. Once the ref jumped in, Lee let go of Mustafaev and his lifeless body lay on the mat. Lee let everyone know how good and angry he was in his curse filled post-fight interview and his portrayal of class was met with loud boos from the crowd.

Flyweight – Kyoji Horiguchi def. Ali Bagautinov – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

When two 125 pound men enter the octagon to fight, it is almost guaranteed to go the distance. This match between Horiguchi and Baautinov was no different. As both fighters landed blows and scored take downs where not a lot of damage was done, there isn’t a lot to comment on. I call fights like these active but boring. Horiguchi controlled all three rounds landing more significant strikes than Bagautinov. The third round turned into a slug fest were both fighters landed blows and it ended with a late round take down by Horiguchi.  

Middleweight – Jack Marshman def. Magnus Cdenblad – TKO punches (RD 2 – 3:32)

Magnus Cdenblad is 5 inches taller and has a 6 inch reach advantage over Jack Marshman (both of these guys have super European names). His height and reach didn’t mean much in the end as he was brutalized by Marshman. Marshman clipped Cdenblad in the first round with a left hook but Cdenblad was able to recover and score a take down on Marshman where he landed strikes opening up the face of Marshman.

In the second round Marshman crushed Cdenblad with jabs that stunned him. Cdenblad fell down and as he was getting back to his feet Marshman pushed him over and landed hammer fists until the ref stopped him. The replay showed a three hit combo is what clipped and ultimately ended Cdenblad.

Main Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Featherweight – Artem Lobov def. Teruto Ishihara – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Taking place in Belfast, it was no surprise that Lobov (McGregor’s training partner) got a match. He took on the annoying looking Teruto Ishihara (I don’t think that is racists) and won in a unanimous decision. It wasn’t easy for Lobov though as he was clipped and knocked to the ground in the third. He survived and scored a late take down in the third earning him the win.

After the fight McGregor entered the Octagon and congratulated Lobov. The crowd cheered as the two fighters left the cage together.

Heavyweight – Alexander Volkov def. Timothy Johnson – Decision split – (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

I don’t understand how Volkov won this fight. The tall heavyweight appeared to just be defending in this boring fight. The mustache wielding Johnson used his strange lunge attack through out the fight trying to land attacks with his much shorter arms.

In the first round Johnson landed an upper cut that buckled the legs of Volkov. Other than that heavy shot from Johnson, this fight was a snoozer. The crowd tried to cheer and encourage them to fight but it didn’t work. The ref separated them in the clinch due to inactivity. Again, I felt Volkov did nothing but dodge the lunges from Johnson, at least Johnson tried to hit Volkov. Somehow, Volkov was considered the victor.

Lightweight – Stevie Ray def. Ross Pearson – Decision split – (27-30, 30-27, 30-27)

I was barely awake by the time Ray and Pearson entered the ring. The Johnson/Volkov fight took all of the energy out of me, and this fight wasn’t much different. The first round saw Ray pick up Pearson and carry him to the corner of the octagon and slam him, a move used earlier in the night by Lee.

The rest of the fight didn’t witness anything amazing. Both fighters traded attacks. I honestly had no idea who the judges were going to give the victory too. At the end of the third Ray urged Pearson to actually fight them and the two partook in a slug fest in the last seconds of the fight.

After winning Ray then used his post-fight interview as a method to further bore the viewers. The dude rambled on and on and on about nothing. I don’t think I was ever as bored as I was at this point in the card watching UFC.

Middleweight – Gegard Mousasi def. Uriah Hall – TKO punches – (RD 1 – 4:37)

Mousasi made a point in his first round finish of Hall. He felt that his loss in his first match up with Hall in 2015 was an unlucky fluke. In this fight Mousasi took Hall to the ground, pinned him in a position where he couldn’t defend himself, and unloaded strikes until the ref stopped the fight. This was a dominate win for Mousasi and it had to feel good.

UFC Fight Night 100 started almost immediately after the Mousasi/Hall headlining fight of UFC Fight Night 99.