The NBA season is only in week 4 but it has already produced political talk, awkward Kevin Garnett TV segments and of course, good games.


I am sure you are well aware that a 70 year old reality TV star was elected president of the United States. Minorities and white people with a conscience were stunned by his successful election due to his racist remarks and policy suggestions. The NBA is a league that is predominately black so the fallout of the election has been fairly somber in NBA circles. Before the games on Thursday night, all of the members (except KG in area 21) of the TNT crew gave their opinion on the election of spray tan man. It was surreal watching this as I have never seen a sports pregame show dedicate time for everyone to share their opinions on politics. The overall message was that they were disappointed with the outcome but the man who refused to release his taxes needs to be given a chance. Ernie Johnson gave an especially touching talk on the manner reinforcing the idea that this all sucks, but we need to be hopeful.

Coaches have been more straightforward in their comments about the elections. Greg Popovich, Steve Kerr, and most notably Stan Van Gundy were shocked with the results of the election. After his loss to the Suns he didn’t allow any questions about the game in his post game press conference. He used all of the time to talk about the result of the election. Here are some of Stan’s comments:

“We have just thrown a good part of our population under the bus, and I have problems with thinking that this is where we are as a country. It’s tough on (the team), we noticed it coming in. Everybody was a little quiet, and I thought, ‘Well, maybe the game the other night.’ And so we talked about that, but then Aron Baynes said, ‘I don’t think that’s why everybody’s quiet. It’s last night.’

It’s just, we have said — and my daughters, the three of them — our society has said, ‘No, we think you should be second-class citizens. We want you to be second-class citizens. And we embrace a guy who is openly misogynistic as our leader.’ I don’t know how we get past that.

This isn’t your normal candidate. I don’t know even know if I have political differences with him. I don’t even know what are his politics. I don’t know, other than to build a wall and ‘I hate people of color, and women are to be treated as sex objects and as servants to men.’ I don’t know how you get past that. I don’t know how you walk into the booth and vote for that.

We just elected an openly, brazen misogynist leader and we should keep our mouths shut and realize that we need to be learning maybe from the rest of the world, because we don’t got anything to teach anybody.

It’s embarrassing. I have been ashamed of a lot of things that have happened in this country, but I can’t say I’ve ever been ashamed of our country until today. Until today. We all have to find our way to move forward, but that was — and I’m not even trying to make a political statement. To me, that’s beyond politics.”

Wade’s Return

Shamefully I have to admit the only game I watched and can comment on is the Heat/Bulls game on Thursday night. It was Dwyane Wade’s first game back in Miami playing for a different team. He played decent but his old age and wear and tear on his body was exposed at various points in the game. It was fun to see him interact with players on the Heat especially his conversation with Hassan Whiteside. It’s obvious that there is still tension between him and Pat Riley (he didn’t read the email Riley had sent to him yet, their first communication since the summer) but both side have been classy in public despite resenting each other. The Heat played a tribute video for Wade and he received love from the home crowd as he thanked them after watching.

Some other things I noticed about this game;  Hassan Whiteside is doing anything to get better at shooting free throws other than shooting granny style. He was shooting his free throws a few feet behind the line, I guess he is a better shooter from a longer distance. Also, the trio broadcast set up with McHale and Barkley was a disaster. I didn’t know Kevin McHale was calling games for TNT until I heard him and Chuck talk over each other all night. Also, is TNT really paying KG just to sit in a fancy study with a friend watching the games to give 20 second sound bites a couple times a night? I want that job.

Random Stuff

Westbrook, James, and Harden are all filling up their stat sheets. Mike D’antoni might not be trippin’ after all in regards to his comments about Harden averaging 15 assists per game. Right now Harden is putting up double digit assist every night. The Pelicans and Sixers finally won and the Cavs finally lost and the Warriors are starting to look like the super team people envisioned. That’s all I got. I appreciate SVG giving me a bunch of quotes about the new leader of the free world so this post appears to be longer than it actually is.


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