The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ranked teams all lost over the weekend turning the college playoff rankings into a jumbled mess that will anger several fan bases. Michigan State finally won a game, Kansas continues to be one of the worst power 5 schools but tried a funny trick play, and Lee Corso is still getting older and worse at an accelerating rate.


First I want to talk about the two games that I spent the most time watching. I watched all of the Alabama/Mississippi State game and the first half of the Ohio State/Maryland game before I tuned into the UFC prelims. Alabama won by a score of 51 – 3 and Ohio State won 62 – 3 and had over 40 of those points at half time. I actually had a good time watching these two games. Alabama should be playing in another league and Ohio State is playing hard putting up style points trying to make up for their loss to Penn State. Even though there was zero drama, it was fun watching two great teams play great.


#2 Michigan lost to Iowa by an ugly score of 13 – 14 after a last second field goal from Iowa’s freshman kicker. #3 Clemson lost to Pittsburgh by a score of 43 – 42 after a made field goal late in the 4th from Pitts kicker with the last name of Blewitt. #4 Washington lost to #20 USC by 13 points. It was fairly shocking when I checked my phone in an intoxicated high after watching McGregor win his second belt to see that all three of those teams lost. It will be very interesting to see how the committee organizes this mess especially with Louisville and Clemson. Both have great resumes but Louisville lost to Clemson. Michigan will probably be fine if they win the rest of their games and win the BIG 10 title, but Washington will need a miracle to jump back into the top 4 due to the lack of respect the committee has given the PAC 12.

College Game Day

I haven’t watched an entire episode of ESPN’s College Game Day in probably 10 years but I remember enjoying it when I did. Now the show is an hour longer and much more corporate with sign advertisements but it is one of the last sports pre game shows that still receives critical acclaim. All season I have caught the last 10 minutes of the show tuning in for the game that starts at noon. This means I only see the celebrity guest making their awkward walk towards the desk of pasty white guys (and Desmond Howard) to make their uneducated game picks in exchange for promoting their new book, show, or album. This week the crew was in Washington for the USC/Washington match up and Joel McHale was the celebrity picker (he played football for Washington and is from the area). Even though he is in some dreadful shows, I have grown to like McHale. I liked him even more after his appearance on game day.

McHale made a pick for the Nebraska game and mentioned a relative went to Nebraska. Lee Corso then mumbled something that no one understood. McHale chuckled and said “no one knows what you are saying.” That was funny but also horrifyingly hard to watch. After seeing that I muted my TV and focused my attention on the video game I was playing.

That’s all I got, I didn’t watch that much. Scores are below: