Bellator 164 took place in Tel Aviv, Israel on Thursday, November 10th 2016. It aired on tape delay on Friday, November 11th on Spike and contained 6 fights. There were 15 fights in total but the prelims were not aired with the exception of two fist round finishes that they squeezed into the main card. I honestly didn’t want to watch this card due to being mentally exhausted from constant worrying about the next 4 years but I knew it would be hard to find on the internet after the fact. I sucked it up and watched this card on my phone in bed and was entertained by the competitive fights. There is nothing like watching human cock-fighting to make yourself feel better.

Main Card (Spike)

Catchweight – Georgi Karakhanyan def. Kirill Mededovsky – TKO shoulder injury – (RD 1 – 3:40)

You don’t hear “unable to continue due to injury” very often after a fight, but that is what Michael C. Williams announced to the crowd after Medeovsky arm popped out of place. This fight didn’t last long but saw a lot of action. Karakhanyan scored multiple take downs and attempted a guillotine submission before getting the TKO. The replay of the fight revealed that Medeovsky screamed and signaled to the ref that he was injured.

Catchweight – Honor Kelesh def. Omri Barel – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 1 – 3:02)

This was the pro debut for both of these fighters which was apparent as both looked young and unexperienced. Early in the fight, the two went into the clinch, Kelesh brought Barel to the ground and landed several blows while in full mount. Barel then rolled over which allowed Kelesh to take his back and get in position for the rear-naked choke that ended the match.

Women’s Flyweight – Lena Ovchynnikova def. Karla Benitez – Decision unanimous – (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The only decision of the night was between the internet famous Ovchynnikova and the veteran Benitez. Ovchynnikova is 8 years younger than Benitez and used her faster reflexes to land counter shots in all three rounds. The obvious take aways from this match was that Benitez wasnt aggressive enough, especially after catching the kicks of Ovchynnikova multiple times, and that Ovchynnikova did most of her damage via counter combinations. Late in the third Ovchynnikova fell to the ground and put her self in a vulnerable position, but Benitez did not take advantage of it. This was a busy flyweight fight that allowed Ovchynnikova to gain more experience and another win.

Welterweight – Jackie Gosh def. Joaquin Buckley – TKO punches – (RD 1 – 2:44)

Both of these fighters were undefeated going into this match and as accurately pointed out by commentator Jimmy Smith, “one of the o’s has to go.”Buckley connected with a heavy left which forced Gosh to clinch up to recover. Buckley broke out of the clinch and then absorbed a right punch from Gosh and collapsed to the mat. Gosh jumped on top of Buckley and landed a couple of hammer fist which was enough to get the TKO. It was unfortunate that the commentators just began discussion the heart warming story of Buckley’s past and events that lead to him being a pro fighter, he was rocked by the fist of Gosh.

Featherweight – Noad Lahat def. Scott Cleve – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 1 – 2:26)

Cleve went into this fight with a four inch reach advantage but Lahat went into the fight with the home crowd cheering loudly┬ábehind him. The crowd was so loud in cheering on the home town fighter. I can’t imagine the adrenaline that was flowing through Lahat during this fight, but he used it to get a an early submission.He took Cleve down, toke his back, landed punches and knees, attempted rear-naked, Cleve wiggled out of it, but then Lahat got in position for another rear-naked choke which ultimately finished Cleve. There was no way Lahat was going to lose that fight in front of that crowd.

Welterweight – Douglas Lima def. Andrey Koreshkov ( c ) – KO punch – (RD 3 – 1:21)

Lima was looking to take back the welterweight title that he lost to Koreshkov last July. This match was scheduled for 5 rounds but Lima only needed less than three to reclaim the belt. Koreshkov scored multiple take downs in the first two rounds, and Lima softened the front leg of Koreshkov with brutal leg kicks. In the third round Koreshkov went in for an attack and Lima knocked him out with a counter punch.

Next weekend is filled with MMA cards (UFC, Invicta, and Bellator). I will most likely watch UFC Fight Night 99 and 100 on November 19th over Bellator 165. I will have to try to find a shady free stream of the Bellator card after it airs.