Lots of interesting things took place during week 9 on the NFL season. I heard weird things happened on Thursday and Monday night, but I didn’t watch those games so I am not going to comment on the field goal play between the Bills and the Seahawks. These are never well written and always burdened with the bad habit of procrastination, but I have a built in excuse this week. I need to take advantage of this 15 minute window of clarity and non sobbing to write this up, so without further adieu, the observations are below:

Travis Kelce

The poor mans Gronk has been one of the few shinning lights on my fantasy team this year, and became a martyr over the weekend. After getting held on a passing play and not receiving a call from the refs, Kelce lost his mind. He yelled at the refs whom awarded him with a personal foul (if you get two of these you are ejected from the game). Still angry he then began to walk away but said, “fuck it” and turned around to fully express his displeasure. Since the refs didn’t call a flag on the defense, Kelce called a flag on the refs and threw his towel in the air like a penalty flag in the direction of the refs. The ref who saw it and reacted the quickest was out of flags after throwing all of his so he threw his hat in the air. Then another ref threw his flag. God this was funny. Grown adults throwing laundry in anger. Kelce was then ejected and scolded by head coach Any Reid. Even though he put his team in a terrible spot, I loved his reaction.

Erving vs. Irving. 

Browns center Cam Erving and Dallas defensive end David Irving were ejected less than 3 minutes into game play. Both players fought around the 30 yard line, separated and thrown out of the game. This isn’t that big of an event but both dudes have the same last name, so…there you go.

Mike Wallace

After leaving the Steelers to go to Miami and Minnesota, Wallace fell off the map. On the verge of being unsigned, he has resurfaced with the Ravens. The Steelers got Wallace his big contract in Miami but turning him into a deep threat. Wallace is extremely fast, even now as a veteran in the league. But he isn’t a great route runner or possession receiver. The Ravens and the big arm of Flacco realized this, signed him, and have turned him into a deep threat again. This past week Wallace caught a 95 yard touchdown pass. He out ran the entire secondary during the play and it was good to see that he is being utilized as he should be. Tannehill and Bridgewater couldn’t get the ball to him down field like Rothelisberger and Flacco can.

Marquette King

Black punters; two words that are not associated with each other often. Marquette King is having a great season punting with the Raiders, constantly pinning the opposing team inside the 20. Last week he started to feel himself and danced off the field every time he made a great punt. Kickers aren’t football players, but they play a role on the team. I like that King can show some personality without the fear of the actual football players on his team resenting him.

The worst onside kick off all time

In 2015 the Steelers had a hell of time finding a place kicker after their starter Shaun Suisham was lost for the season due to an ACL tear. Suisham was the Steelers kicker for 5 seasons from 2010 – 2015 and received a contract extension through 2018. Then he tore his ACL, missed the 2015 season, failed his physical this year, and was cut. Thats brutal. But Chris Boswell was the 3rd replacement for Suisham in 2015 and was brought back as the kicker this year. He will never be forgotten after last weeks game as he was responsible for the worst kick off ever. Trying to come back against Ravens, Boswell attempted a rabona kick, which I can only describe by comparing it to a behind the back no look pass in basketball. Boswell appeared to be kicking it off normally but then used his weak foot to swing around backwards and kick the ball. This rabona style kick is a valid strategy, but Boswell was only able to knock the ball of the tee to which it fell and went nowhere.


I was deep into the football Sunday watching the four late games on RedZone when I was greeted with a terrified squirrel on my screen. The RedZone had multiple games on the screen simultaneously and in the Green Bay feed all I saw was a squirrel running on the field. The camera zoomed in and showed a slow motion replay of the lost animal running for a touchdown and onto the side lines where grounds crew hurriedly tried to capture it. At this point in the day I was comatose with food and football and seeing that squirrel saddened me. I envisioned my self in his position running in a large loud field surrounded by giants. That is scary. Poor Squirrel. I felt that same intense fear late Tuesday night.