This post is 5 days late which is 2 days later than it normally is. I have been in a dark place for the past couple of days and like the next president of the United States, I have zero experience in this field I am trying to be apart of. But I will continue on my ignorant quest of trying to run a sports blog. Like the future of the United States, week 10 in college football is over and we have nothing to look forward too until the next cycle of games.

I watched all of the Vanderbilt/ Auburn game on Saturday which was a decent game. Auburn has made a late season push after a bad start and has climbed their way back to the #9 ranking. Sean White, the starting QB for Auburn didn’t start this game due to an injury which meant Netflix star, perennial 3rd string QB, John Franklin would get the start. Franklin is a great athlete (not a great passer) who transferred from Florida State to Eastern Mississippi Community College to play for a year before he could go to a different school in division one. Netflix made a great docu-series on the EMCC season while Franklin was there (I was going to do a Breaking Down the Film on the series, but like many of the registered democrats in the US, I was too lazy to get up and  do it).

Needless to say Franklin hasn’t lit the world on fire at Auburn but it was cool to finally see him play live. He made a several great running plays but was dreadful throwing the ball. He was taken out of the game in the second half for the injured Sean White who then lead the team to victory.

I then watched a little bit of the Michigan/Maryland game and after Michigan scored a few times, I got whiff similar to the smell of the Rutgers game earlier this year. I turned the game of and watched UFC the rest of the night. Michigan won the game with a score of 59 -3.

Texas A&M

Just days after being awarded with the #4 ranking in the country by the playoff committee, A&M embarrassed themselves by losing to Mississippi State ended their playoff chances. Everyone freaked out over their placement in the playoff rankings, but Mississippi State restored order in the world and now Washington holds the #4 spot they deserved originally.

BIG 10 East vs. West.

The best of the Big 10 east (Ohio State, Michigan) has dominated the best in the Big 10 west (Wisconsin, Nebraska). Michigan beat Wisconsin a few weeks ago, and over the weekend Ohio State demolished Nebraska with a score of 62 – 3. Mark May inaccurately predicted Nebraska to beat OSU and was mocked afterwards, not unlike Adam Silver with his 538 election predictions.

Roll Tide

Alabama ended the short lived resurgence LSU had in a 10 – 0 defensive game. LSU brings out their best every time they play Alabama, but let’s not kid out selves, Alabama is the best team in the country and will rip Auburn’s heart out in a couple of weeks just like they did LSU’s. But the last time I was this confident about something I couldn’t have been more wrong. SOB.

Michigan State lost again, Arkansas beat #11 Florida to remind people they might be good, Lamar Jackson has already won the Heisman Trophy with another great game, and USC, like Auburn, is recovering well after a rough start to the season. I am going to go back to crying now, here are the scores that you already looked up 5 days ago: