The Cavs are the only remaining unbeaten team, the Pelicans and 76ers are the only remaining winless teams, Mark Cuban is pulling a Dana White, Russell Westbrook is using fashion to make a statement, and Sam Dekker produced one of the greatest vines in the apps last dying days.

Golden State has two losses already, one to the loaded Spurs, and one to the new Lakers. The Lakers loss was surprising to me as they are a few years away from building a playoff team. Steph Curry missed 10 three point shots in the game and broke his streak of 157 consecutive games with a 3 point field goal. Golden State is a great team but they aren’t going to win 73 games like they did last year. That is ok, they don’t need to make history every season. Their goal is to survive the Western Conference playoffs and get revenge on LeBron and the Cavs in the Finals. I think they will accomplish that goal, it just won’t be as pretty as it was last year. Once they gel as a team with the new bench and Durant, they will go on a couple double digit winning streaks.

The Cavilers remaining undefeated isn’t surprising as the team looks well-crafted and they haven’t played a tough schedule yet. They came close to losing to Philly but other than that they have had good high scoring wins against Houston and Boston. The fact that Philly and NO haven’t won a game yet is surprising. Anthony Davis is putting up unthinkable stat lines, but he is essentially a one man team. Philly taking weeks and months before scoring their first victory is not a rare thing in recent years, but after watching them in their first game of the season I figured they would have won a couple of games by now. The talent on that team is impossible to ignore, but it hasn’t been enough to win a game yet.

Now after providing you with the hard hitting deep analysis like pointing out what teams haven’t loss or won yet, its time to get to the fun stories of the week.

Westbrook vs. Durant

Kevin Durant has a passion for photography which was revealed to me during the Super Bowl 8 months ago when he was on the sidelines working as a photographer. Russell Westbrook reminded us that Durant is a fan of photography when he wore an orange mesh vest that said “Official Photographer.” He work that vest as he walked into the locker room to prepare for his first game against Durant. No way that is a coincidence.

Diving deeper into the rumors, it has been discussed that Golden State started recruiting Durant during the Super Bowl weekend, when he served as a photographer for the game. It doesn’t take a lot of speculation to suggest that Westbrook wore the photographer vest to tell Durant indirectly that he knows when he started to exit OKC.

I love this story. I love Westbrooks “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and I love that there is a real rivalry between the two. There is a lot to the relationship between Durant and Westbrook that remains secret and I cannot not wait for the tell all book or documentary about 15 years from now. Can you imagine if these two teams faced off in the playoffs?


Mark Cuban is being a loser. He revoked the credentials of a couple ESPN reporters because he was upset that EPSN wasn’t covering the Mavericks full time anymore. The Harrison Barnes lead Mavericks are not good in a brutally competitive western conference and there are more interesting teams for ESPN to dedicate their resources into covering. But I feel that this is more than just Cuban throwing a fit and his power around. I didn’t know or have any urge to know anything about the Mavs this year other than Dirk is old and Barnes got paid. Now the Mavs have been in the media for a couple of days. Cuban knows what he is doing.

Sam Dekker

Lastly, Sam Dekker. Remember him? The other white guy on the Wisconsin team that lost to Duke in the national championship 2 years ago? Yea me either, but he ate shit so hard on national TV it was impossible to miss him. He had the ball, fast break towards the hoop, tried a stutter step move, lost the ball, fell, banged his head on the ball which flew out of bounds. It was beautiful.


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