The NBA is back to save us from the NFL overlords and the empty baseball talk. The quick 2 and a half hour games with great feats of athleticism and fun commentary are back to serve my easily distracted millennial mind.

Opening night last Tuesday I had my buddies over and we watched both blowouts on TNT (which now has a fireTV app so I can finally watch the games on my big TV). In the first game, the Cavs played so well against the Knicks, Birdman and a couple of players I’ve never heard of made it to the court in garbage time. Shumpert’s hair looks extra awful, Kyrie looks healthy, and LeBron looks as explosive as ever with his unignorably receding hairline (he had a triple double). The Cavs looked strong and ready for an easy season, and easy playoff run to the finals.

The second game of opening night featuring the new look Warriors losing by 29 points to the Kawhi Leonard led Spurs. The Warriors will take some time to get accustomed to the new Bogutless, Ezeliless, Speightsless, lineup. They aren’t going to win 73 games this year but they are going to one of the top teams and I pray for the Warriors/Spurs western conference finals match up we have been deprived of the past 3 years.

The OKC/Philly game on Wednesday was another fun game to watch especially the completely unchained and angry Russell Westbrook. In this game a Philly fan in the front row gave Westbrook double middle fingers and Jeff Van Gundy (GOAT) condoned Westbrook going into the stands to slap the fan. Mike Breen then calmed him down and told him that would start a riot. The Breen/Gundy combo is by far my favorite commentating team in all the NBA. Joel Embiid also looked great in this game, his first NBA game since being drafted in 2014. He has really bulked up and despite being limited in minutes, he made his presence known.

I watched parts of other games throughout the week but here are the other major stories:

Bulls – Dwyane Wade looks fresh in his old age and revamped jumper. He hit the game winning shot in his first game Chicago and gave the throat slit gesture which was bad ass. I like Wade and am hoping for a good run towards the end of his prime in his hometown.

Anthony Davis – the hideous eyebrow is set to have an MVP season and I hope he stays healthy enough to play all season. In his first game this season he put up the fucking stupid stat line of 50 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 blocks, and 5 steals. Don’t forget this guy is 7 feet tall and has the handle of a point guard.

Russell Westbrook – there was clamoring before the season that Westbrook would average a triple double this season as the unshackled furious leader of the Thunder. No one actually thinks that is possible in the current NBA but in his first 3 games he had two. The Thunder actually look pretty decent without Durant. Maybe the Warriors and the Thunder both won in the Durant move.

Check out the scores below: