Week 9 in college football ended early Sunday morning, and week 10 started last night with the first installment of Tuesday night MACtion. So my late Wednesday observations feel even more late this week as the next round of games have already begun. Anyway, lets jog the fog and discuss the concussed unpaid labor known as the college football charade (awful).

I woke up late Saturday morning and caught the end of college game day on ESPN. I saw Frank Caliendo give his highly regarded picks which then led into the incomprehensible Lee Corso pick of the week. That pregame show isn’t good. After the chuckle fest ended, ESPN aired a triple header of Big 10 match ups. I watched all of the Michigan/MSU game, all of the Wisconsin/Nebraska game, and the first half of the Ohio State/Northwestern game before I fell into a coma induced by 1.5 large pizzas.

I enjoyed watching the Big 10 games, it was nice not having to change the stream and search for the better game. Knowing that 3 Big 10 matchups were going to be took away the stress of trying to search for the better more exciting game. There were better games on but I liked the idea of focusing on one conference this weekend.

Michigan State is a train wreck. I really don’t know what happened to them. To make things worse, their QB’s were banged up against Michigan and I thought it was poetically fitting that the game ended on a failed two point conversion which was returned by Jabrill Peppers. MSU might not win another game this year, they look that bad.

Wisconsin, despite having two losses keeps moving up in the standings because they have had a brutal schedule and have beaten some really good teams (LSU, Nebraska) and have only lost to Ohio State and Michigan. They hung on and won a close game to Nebraska and did you know that T.J. Watt, J.J. Watts brother, plays for Wisconsin?

Northwestern is surprisingly good this year. They are holding their own in the Big 10 and from what I saw of the first half against Ohio State, they played well. I don’t know if that is more of an indictment on how good Northwestern is or how mediocre Ohio State played. Urban Meyer was losing his mind on the sideline most of the game.

The Big 12 won’t have a playoff team this year. West Virginia and Baylor were their only chances at making the playoff but West Virginia lost to Oklahoma State and Baylor lost to Texas. The Big 12 is by far the weakest power 5 conference and are looking at missing the playoff 2 out of the first 3 years of its existence.

Other events; Florida State lost to Clemson which led to Jimbo Fisher freaking out on the officials, Tennessee lost Jalen Hurd to a transfer which lead to Butch Jones losing his mind in a press conference, Washington reaffirmed their greatness after beating Utah, and Lamar Jackson continues to amaze in a close win against Virginia.

Check out the scores below: