First I want to discuss the two major stories in the NFL that have nothing to do with football. Josh Brown abused his wife and wrote about it in his journals during therapy. Domestic abuse is awful, I have witnessed it, it help shape my upbringing, and there isn’t anything positive that can be said about it. What Josh Brown did to his wife is terrifying but the fact that somehow his private journal entries were leaked to the public should not result in him losing his job. The victim in this story is Josh Brown’s wife, and Josh Brown. Their personal life was thrust into the public eye for profit and ever since Roger Goodell became commissioner, he has taken it upon himself to punish players who haven’t been charged with any crimes.

It is not the NFL’s job to solve domestic violence. That is a criminal manner. I guarantee you I work with someone who has abused his wife, chances are that I do. But even if that information came to light in nefarious way, he wouldn’t be fired because it doesn’t affect his job. I understand the NFL is a different employee that thrives of media attention, but Goodell needs to stay out of this. Let the Giants decide if they want to cut Brown.

Rant number 2: NFL ratings are down because the NFL soiled itself. Sure the hideous excuse for a presidential election has taken a cut out of the rating numbers, but this nonsense that Colin Kaepernick’s protests are causing ratings drops is irrational. The NFL has basically outlawed any display of emotion on the field, turned the game into flag football that allows shoving, and forces teams to play on Thursday night. Trevor Simeon and Brock Osweiler started at QB last night, the Sunday night game ended in a 6-6 tie, and I have never watched or heard of a good Thursday night game. The ratings are down partially because of the election and because the football sucks.

Jeff Fisher

“I’m not going fucking 7-9” was said my Fisher during the preseason to his team. He will be lucky if his team goes 8-8 this year. If he does go 7-9 he will share the record for the most losses (165) as a head coach. My bet is that he breaks that record, he is only 5 losses away.

Adam Vinatieri

Adam Vinatieri broke the record for most consecutive made field goals made (43) at the age of 43. Many of those 43 field goals were not chip shots either. My first awkward post on this blog was about my earliest sports memory about the 1997 Super Bowl. Vinatieri was the kicker for the Patriots during that game almost 20 years ago. This is not something that is often said with a kicker, but Vinatieri is going to be a hall of famer.


The Chargers are my favorite team this season. They have had some brutal last minute losses and it looked like Sunday vs. the Falcons was going to be another one. With a couple of great defensive plays from injured Denzel Perryman, they were able to get a field goal in overtime and win their second game in a row.

Jay Ajayi

Only Early Campbell, O.J. Simpson, Ricky Williams, and Jay Ajayi  have rushed for two consecutive 200 yard games. I am not sure if Ajayi will be worthy of standing next to these other three players when his career is over, but he has being running hard the past two weeks. The Dolphins have a bye week this Sunday and play again against the Jets on 11/6. The Jets are bad but have a good defensive of line but I am rooting for a rested Ajayi to go for 3 in a row.


Rob Gronkowski scored another touchdown on Sunday, the 68th of his career. He is now one touchdown reception away from holding the all-time Patriots record which was brought up to Gronk during his post-game press conference. Gronk responded with “One more, I got 69 touchdowns…if you know what I mean.” This was followed by him laughing and giggling to himself. I used to hate Gronk and how dude bro’y he is, but I have grown to like him. At least he is genuine, I can’t say that about most athletes.

Injured Reserve

I have begun to take notice of the big names place on injured reserve because several of them were on my fantasy team. Football is a brutal sport but take a look at this list of big names who are already out for a huge part of the season. This isn’t a complete list, just a list of names that I recognize.

Matt Kalil
J.J. Watt
Adrian Peterson
Vincent Jackson
Sam Shields
Erick Decker
Navorro Bowman
Stevie Johnson
DeAngelo hall
Robert Griffin III
Shane Vereen
Luke Joeckel
Teddy Bridgewater
Keenan Allen
Trent Cole
Kyle Fuller
Brandon Pettigrew
Benjamin Watson
Manti Te’o
Brian Hoyer
Bud Dupree
Chris Johnson
Eddie Lacy
Charles Sims
La’el Collins

And of course, the scores: