Admittingly I didn’t watch a whole lot of college football this weekend. I watched most of the Wisconsin (did you know T.J. Watt is J.J. Watt’s younger brother?) Iowa game and just a few minutes of the Arkansas/Auburn game. I decided to watch some movies late Saturday night instead of watching the prime time Ohio State game.


Known as someone who focuses on the positive aspects of life I am going to start this post with a discussion about the big losses over the weekend in college football. Texas A&M was obliterated by Alabama, #11 Houston lost to SMU and fell out of the top 25, Arkansas lost by more than 50 points to Auburn, #2 Ohio State lost to Penn State, and Michigan State lost their 5th game in a row. Texas A&M and Ohio State will be able to recover and make a run at the playoff, but the other schools mentioned are basically playing for a failing sporting goods store sponsored bowl game in late December.

ESPN Goal Line

After the Wisconsin game ESPN aired a free preview of the ESPN Goal Line channel which is essentially RedZone for college football (but with commercials). I was confused when I saw it on my TV as I knew I didn’t change the stream and I was confident my mom didn’t pay extra for the channel on her TV package that I mooch off from. On Sunday I noticed RedZone and NBC Sports had free previews as well so this must just be a mid-season thing to try to get people to buy in for the rest of the season. I watched Goal Line for about an hour and it was awesome. I saw plays from the MAC Network, a channel I didn’t know existed. It felt like every time the host went to a different game a touchdown was being scored. I saw a long touchdown pass in the Tulsa game and a flea-flicker like touchdown play from the North Carolina game in a matter of like 15 seconds. The Goal Line channel rules, but I can barely afford my legally mandatory health insurance so there is no way I will enjoy the addictive channel in the foreseeable future.

Civil ConFLiCT

My favorite story to come out of the 8th week of the 2016 college football season involved a stupid rivalry trophy that I didn’t know existed. I forgot that these rivalry trophies for season games where a thing until I saw Wisconsin run towards the sideline after beating Iowa to get their trophy. The BIG 10 has a lot of these meaningless trophies designed to garner interest in meaningless games. Well I guess the football power house Connecticut created a trophy to be awarded to the winner of the UCF/UCONN game in 2013 when the teams became conference members in the American Athletic Conference. The Civil ConFLiCT (get it FL=Florida and CT=Connecticut) hasn’t taken off and UCF hasn’t cared about the “rivalry” since the UCONN head coach and some marketing guy decided to manufacture it. After UCF defeated UCONN on Saturday, the UCF team ignored the trophy that sat on the UCONN sidelines and went into their locker rooms. Hopefully the strategy of ignoring it will make this valueless trophy disappear.

That’s all I’ve got. Lamar Jackson had another big day but I didn’t watch the game. Here are the scores: