It might be my foggy memory trying to write this post 4 days after the last college football game was played, but not a whole lot of substance happened. The game I spent the most time watching was the NC State/Clemson game where NC State was an easy missed field goal away from beating the Dabo lead #3 ranked school in the country. After missing the game winning field goal, NC State went on to lose in over time. The unlikeable Dabo Swinney said in the post-game interview “just another nonchalant day at the office.” I hate Dabo. After his comments about race and the national anthem last month and his coaching style that allows him to yell at punters but not his star players, I will never like him.

Michigan State lost its 4th straight game after being in the top 10 in national rankings. The loss to Wisconsin was understandable as Wisconsin is a great team. But the losses to Indiana, BYU, and last week Northwestern are remarkable. That’s an easy stretch of games that MSU lost and things probably aren’t going to get better when they play Michigan and Ohio State.

Alabama trounced Tennessee. Not much to say about that game other than the Tennessee is really good but couldn’t hang with Alabama. Arkansas won a close game against Ole Miss. The top of the SEC is brutal as they all have a couple losses because they keep beating each other.

The other game that I watched a significant amount of was the Miami/North Carolina game. Miami isn’t good and I am glad that they didn’t pull off the win against Florida State because they would have been a poser in the top 10. I think Miami will dominate the ACC in coming years with Mark Richt getting his own recruits and his rich booster buddy building new practice facilities. Oh an the ESPN camera caught a fan flipping off the camera which similar to an unexpected gut punch, is always funny.

Another surprising game that I watched a few drives of was the Virginia Tech/Syracuse game. Enjoying their two week stint in the top 25 rankings, VT coughed up a big loss to the ACC bottom feeder Syracuse. Football doesn’t make sense sometimes and this game is a good example of that.

I don’t really have much else to say. West Virginia and Baylor continue to roll in the BIG 12, a conference that decided to not expand. I need to get better at writing these. Scores are below.