The 2016 NFL season is steadily marching towards its death as week 5 just ended and I already hate it. Tom Brady returned with his butt chin, Frank Gore passes a wife beater on the all-time rushing list, San Diego continues to lose games in the final minutes of games, Andrew Hawkins expresses a thought that we are all feelings, and breast cancers is still being exploited for good PR.

Tom Brady

After getting suspended for the dumbest reason ever, Tom Brady wiped the little streak of shit Roger Goodell put on his honor in his first game back. He threw for over four hundred yards with 3 touchdowns against the winless Cleveland Browns. I am not a huge Tom Brady fan but I hope the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year and Tom Brady gets the MVP so Roger Goodell is forced to hand him the trophy on that confetti covered podium. That is the only good outcome out of the deflate gate nonsense.

Frank Gore

Frank Gore now sits at 9th all-time in career rushing yards, passing Jim Brown on Sunday. I have enjoyed watching Gore since his college, ACL tearing days at Miami. I am not sure if we will see another old school running back that plays 12-15 years like Frank Gore. The running back position is so brutal and disposable that long hall of fame careers like Frank Gore and Adrian Peterson are probably a thing of the past. Also Frank Gore is a great name for a running back.

Thursday Night Football

Forcing teams to play on only 4 days rest on Thursday nights is the most egregious thing the NFL does. The games always suck, the players are sore from the short week, but yet the NFL stats they are concerned about player safety. They are concerned about player safety the same way they are concerned about spreading awareness of the most famous disease. It’s a cash grab. Now I watched 5 seconds of Thursday Night Football last week. I booted up the Twitter app, loaded the game and all I saw was Carlos Hyde run a dude over during a good run. He then flexed his muscles after the good play and was promptly flagged for taunting. I immediately turned the game off and went back to watching YouTube.

Andrew Hawkins

I became aware of the short Browns wide receiver when he wore a shirt during pregame warm ups in honor of Tamir Rice who was killed by the police in horrifying fashion a few years ago. When asked about his shirt he was very well spoken and honest with what he believed in. On Sunday after scoring a touchdown, Hawkins placed the ball on the ground and did a short robotic dance which was in protest over the recent rash of taunting penalties in the NFL. The NFL gets way to far up its own ass a lot and I like aware players who point out the stupid short comings of the No Fun League.

Go Chargers Go

What the San Diego Chargers have accomplished with their 1-4 record is nothing short of remarkable. In the first 5 weeks of the season they have spent the most time leading in games but somehow have found a way to win only one game. This past week they choked the game away to the Raiders with a terrible punt and a botched hold on a field goal attempt in the fourth quarter. Injuries and crucial mistakes have led to an awful record while holding a lead for a majority of the game in every game.