Another week of college football happened, highly ranked schools lost, a fat kicker continues to be obliterated, and Rutgers football official died after 150 years of fielding a team.

Hurricane Matthew

Several college football games were affected by the storm that traveled its way up the east coast last week. The Tulane/UCF and the LSU/Florida game were both canceled while the Miami/FSU start time was pushed back. A controversy has begun regarding the LSU/Florida game as it appears that it most likely won’t be rescheduled and could affect the SEC standings. As Auburn continued to score more points on Mississippi State I started looking for other games to watch. I scrolled through the thumbnails on the WatchESPN app and saw a picture of the Notre Dame starting QB splashing in a puddle of water and that the score was only 3 – 3 in the late 3rd quarter. I actually like watching low scoring ugly games so I switched over to the rainy Notre Dame/NC State game. What a disaster. The field was practically underwater and it seemed like every snap was fumbled or went through the QBs hands. NC State scored the game’s only touchdown on a blocked punt and the player who recovered the ball almost dropped it as he slid to the end zone. Notre Dame lost another game, but this one shouldn’t count as the rain from Hurricane Matthew made it nearly impossible to play.

Penn States Fat Kicker

The white Warren Sapp looking kicker made news again. The hatred for him resulted in another player getting ejected after laying him out on a kick return. I was giddy with excitement when I saw a thumbnail on the WatchESPN app with the fat kicker completely parallel to the ground after getting wrecked. Opposing players really don’t like that guy and they are willing to get thrown out of games to hurt him.


Number 6 ranked Houston lost to Navy. I didn’t watch the game but off all of the games that experts thought Houston would slip up on, the Navy game wasn’t one of them. Number 9 ranked Tennessee lost to Texas A&M after another crazy last couple of drives that included a fumble through the end zone which resulted in a change of possession. Number 10 Miami was probably over ranked, but they lost a heart breaking game to FSU which came at the hands of a missed field goal. Number 16 ranked Arkansas was dominated by Alabama which isn’t an upset but it was surprising to me as I predicted that Arkansas was going to be the one school to be Alabama this year. After falling in the rankings after getting bludgeoned by Washington, Stanford was expected to recover well and make a run at the PAC 12 title. Over the weekend the lost by a lot to the much inferior Washington State which was not expected at all.

78 Points

Rutgers lost hard. Michigan scored 11 touchdowns and 6 different Michigan players had more yards of offense by themselves than the entire Rutgers team. They lost 78 to fucking 0. I watched a little bit of this game and turned it after it was 14-0 early in the game. I then checked back in later and Michigan was up 56 – 6, Rutgers had just scored but the TD play was over turned by replay. I figured Michigan wouldn’t score again playing 3rd and 4th stringers but when I saw the final total I saw that they didn’t; or they did and Rutgers is just that bad. I was listening to the Lebatard show on Monday and they said that Rutgers had loads of recruits in attendance for the game and that the Rutgers twitter stopped tweeting updates after the score was 14-0. Just a brutal loss.

Gut Punch

There is little that I find funnier than an unexpected gut punch. The Angry Video Game Nerd exposed me to this form of humor in his Bugs Bunny episodes (especially the most recent one). I was stoked to have another picture of the fat kicker getting rocked for the featured image two weeks in a row until I saw something so funny I had to feature it even if the picture sucks compared to the video. A game that I didn’t realize I left off my viewing schedule until I saw this clip and went to check these teams records on the viewing schedule and realized it wasn’t there (my 69 joke is now ruined). Kansas State scored a touchdown. The player who scored was surrounded by his teammates and they all celebrated the score. Then number 4 comes out of nowhere and drops the scoring player with a unexpected gut punch. God that is so funny.

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