College Football is dope. This weekend was filled with memorable moments and great match ups. I haven’t looked at the top 25 but I assume there are going to be a lot of changes as many ranked teams lost. It is hard to believe we are already approaching week 6 of the season. Da observa’s be below.

Clemson defeating Louisville

I had this game on in the back ground during the UFC card and was impressed with how Louisville fought back after Clemson had a 18 point lead. Lamar Jackson didn’t have 7 TD’s but he held his own and did more than enough to stay in the Heisman race and to maintain his reputation. Clemson turned the ball over 6 times but still managed to win the game which is nothing short of remarkable. Louisville still had a chance to win at the end of the game when they failed to convert on a 4th and 12. There are some reports showing that some shady chain gain activity may have contributed to the failure of the Louisville wide receiver getting the first down. Louisville has an easy schedule the rest of the season so if they don’t lose again and some other teams trip up, the Cardinals with teeth still have a chance of making the play off.

Double Hail Mary

Georgia scored on a long touchdown pass with 10 seconds left in the game to go up 31-28 over Tennessee. A highlight of this play was shown in the game I was watching and was described as the game winning play. Just a few minutes later I saw on the bottom ticker on the screen that Tennessee won 34-31. Similar to week two when CMU won on the last play after the game was thought to be over, I grew excited to see how Tennessee won. They won on a Hail Mary as time expired which lead to the unlikable Butch Jones to run onto the field and fall to his knees. That dude likes the attention. Regardless, two Hail Mary’s in a matter of seconds at the end of a ranked SEC match is something that will never happen again.


As the season grows older in age, ranked teams that aren’t as good as the experts originally thought are starting to be exposed. #12 Florida State lost to North Carolina, #17 Michigan State lost to Indiana, #7 Stanford got torched by #10 Washington, #22 Texas lost to Oklahoma State, Iowa lost to Northwestern, #18 Utah lost to California, #19 San Diego State lost to Southern Alabama, and it took a last second field goal for #13 Baylor to beat Iowa State. It is hard to go undefeated but I don’t think these mentioned losses are flukes.


In a world where the labor is free and the coaches make millions, its easy to get upset. Coaches make way too much money and are getting buy outs that are incomprehensible. Les Miles has already been let go by LSU and received $12.9 million to go away. We are only in week five and other coaches are already rumored to close to being fired. Charlie Strong and Bob Stoops face off against each other this weekend in the BIG 12, both of which may be let go if they do not win every game in the rest of the season. Jimbo Fisher was close to leaving FSU last year and will probably be offered even more money than last year to jump to LSU. Tom Herman is in the middle of another great run at Houston but is the hot coach that will be offered loads of money by a huge program. Like always there is instability in coaching in college football and someone is bound to get a $10 million dollar a year contract this off season.

Penn States Fat Kicker

Julius Jones, the oversized kicker for Penn State has received some attention for laying out kick returners on kick offs. He is huge for a kicker weighing in over 250 pounds and he looks like a defensive tackle sporting number 99. This week he got laid out by a Minnesota linebacker during a kick off and the Minnesota player was ejected from the game. It was a clean hit, it wasn’t helmet to helmet and I have no idea why the linebacker was ejected. Kickers are live and can be hit just like any other player, especially a kicker who is looking to get a tackle himself. Jones was long overdue for being reminded that he is just a fat kicker, not a real football player.

Jones publicly talked about his issues with binge eating via social media. I thought that was awesome. He has a great leg but is overweight which is a result of his issue with food. I have the same binge eating disorder and have ballooned to a weight 100 pounds heavier than him. I was happy that he got wrecked on Saturday, but I was also happy that he was open about his eating disorder. Binge eating sucks.