Invicta FC 19 took place Friday, September 23rd 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri at the Scottish Rite Center. This was the first live Invicta card that I watched and despite its broadcast falling into the on screen twitter messages trap, I was impressed with the quality of the fights and the production of the card. Streaming on Fight Pass eliminated the annoying commercials and long stretches between fights. The under and main card saw 8 fights in total which varied in fighting styles and endings including a doctors stoppage, split decision, rear-naked choke, and a brutal knee to the liver.

Strawweight – Sunna Davidsdottir (debut) def. Ashely Greenway (1-0) – Decision unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The debut for Davidsdottir (pronounced Davids Daughter) went well winning decisively. Every judge scored each round the same way giving the unanimous decision to the first Icelandic fighter in Invicta. There isn’t a lot to reflect on with this fight as Davidsdottir controlled the ground fighting, the clinch, and striking while standing up. One moment that stood out took place in the first round when Davidsdottir had Greenway’s back in the clinch and Greenway stomped on Davidsdottir feet to get her to let go. I had never seen that before.

Featherweight – Amber Leibrock (1-1) def. Amy Coleman (2-0) – TKO knees and punches – (RD 1 – 3:15)

Up until her demise, I thought Coleman was winning this fight. She appeared to be in control and took Leibrock to the ground. Once Leibrock got back to her feet, the two fighters went into the clinch and Leibrock landed some brutal knee strikes to the body of Coleman. One of the knees made contact with Coleman’s liver which forced her to fall to the mat in pain. Leibrock finished her off with a flurry of punches and the ref called the fight. Liver shots are gnarly.

Atomweight – Julia Jones (4-0) def. Stephanie Skinner (4-5) – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 1 – 2:38)

Another unexpected quick fight took place between Jones and Skinner. Early in the first round Jones threw a kick which Skinner caught and brought Jones to the ground with. On the ground Skinner almost got a triangle submission but Jones was able to wiggle out of it and get into half guard position. Jones then softened up Skinner with blows to her head, maneuvered to her back and got in position for the rear-naked choke. Shortly after getting her arms under Skinners chin, Skinner tapped out.

Strawweight – Kal Holiday (debut) def. Tiffany van Soest (debut) – Submission rear-naked choke – (RD 2 – 2:08)

.50 Kal Holiday defeated the high anticipated successful kick boxer van Soest in the debut fight for both fighters. Holiday is a former Marine and van Soest is beginning her MMA career while continuing to dominate kick boxing. Knowing that ground fighting in her weakness. Holiday tried to keep van Soest on the ground from the opening bell. In her patriotic American flag shorts, Holiday took van Soets to the ground multiple times, suplexed van Soets, attempted a rear-naked choke, and after getting clipped by van Soests, Holiday slammed her to the ground to recover from the blow. All of that happened in just the first round. In the second round, Holiday took van Soest to the ground again, softened her up with several blows to the head and got in position for the successful rear-naked choke. I hope van Soets fights again with a better match up against a fellow striker. Holiday’s game plan work perfectly and looked impressive in her debut.

Strawweight – Kaline Medeiros (7-4) def. Manjit Kolekar (9-0) – Decision unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

The debut fight for the first Indian fighter in Invicta did not go well for Kolekar. Her toughness was exposed after surviving several slams to the mat and being able to scramble out of tough submission attempts by Medeiros. Minus a guillotine attempt in the second round, Medeiros did most of the attacking while Kolekar was on the defensive. In the third round Kolekar was running around the ring while the tired Medeiros chased after. If this was a 5 round fight, Kolekar may have had a chance at winning as it appeared she had the better stamina. Despite losing every round, Kolekar looked like a competent fighter.

Catchweight – Irene Aldana (6-2) def. Faith Van Duin (6-2) – TKO punches (RD 1 – 4:57)

Van Duin came into this fight overweight by about 3 pounds making it a catchweight bout. Both fighters came out swinging to start the fight trading blows. Van Duin fell to the mat, but it appeared to be a strategic move to recover from absorbing blows. The trading of attacks continued until the end of the round when Aldana landed a brutal combo that brought Van Duin to the ground. Aldana went in for the kill after the 10 second warning and received the TKO with just 3 seconds left in the first round.

Atomweight – Ayaka Hamasaki ( c ) (13-1) def. Jinh Yu Frey (5-1) – TKO doctors stoppage – (RD 2 – 4:38)

Hamasaki defended her atomweight belt in controversial fashion against Frey. In the first round, Hamasaki showed why she is the belt holder and is looking to move up a weight class to get a second belt. She is impressive on the ground and striking. She had Frey in a tight arm bar that I can’t believe Frey didn’t tap out of. Frey’s arm looked hyper extended. After escaping the arm bar, Frey got on top of Hamasaki while on the ground and landed a flurry of blows looking for the TKO. Hamasaki survived.

In the second round Hamasaki opened up Frey’s face with a huge over hand right. Frey immediately began bleeding from the eye which poured down her face and onto the mat. The ref stopped the fight to have the doctor look at the cut which was deemed severe enough to end the fight. Watching it live I thought that was premature to end the fight without letting Frey at least try to fight with the cut. But after seeing close ups of the damage and how close it was to Frey’s eye, I think the right call was made. Both fighters, including Hamasaki were bummed that the fight ended that way.


Flyweight – Jennifer Maia ( c ) (13-4-1) def. Roxanne Modafferi (19-12) – Decision split – (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)

Modafferi fighting her 34th professional fight on her 34th birthday was looking to take the Flyweight belt from Maia. This championship fight lasted all 5 rounds which saw striking, ground fighting, fighting in the clinch, and submission attempts, it had a little bit of everything. The score cards showed that the fight was close giving Maia a win in a split decision, but watching the fight, I felt like Maia won more defiantly. Maia brutalized Modafferi with counter punches all 5 rounds. There is a difference between who won on the score card and who won in the ring with close matches. I felt like this fight was similar to the second Diaz/McGregor fight where McGregor won on the scorecard, but I thought it was obvious that Diaz won in the ring. It is hard to articulate but even though she won in a split decision, I believe the scorecards didn’t show how much Maia controlled this fight.

From what I have gathered, it looks like every main Invicta event is held every other month. I will watch Invicta 20 when it airs in November.