Week two of the2016 NFL season perished 3 days ago and I am finally writing about it. Let’s get to the observations:

New England Patriots

No Tom Brady, no Jimmy Garoppolo, no problem. God that was a terrible sentence. Anyway, Garoppolo looked like Tom Brady throwing three touchdowns before getting his shoulder wrecked after a hard hit. The Patriots had a big lead when 3rd string rookie QB Jacoby Brissett entered the game, but it is still impressive they were able to win, going 2-0 without Brady. The Garoppolo injury is actually a win win situation for all parties. Jimmy Graps will make a lot of money in the off season because it looks like he is a good QB, and worst case scenario the Patriots will be 2-2 with Brady returning and their won’t be any discussion if Garoppolo should remain the starter turning into a Bledsoe/Brady controversy that happened 15 years ago. Even if Garoppolo doesn’t play tonight against the Texans, I still believe the Patriots will find a way to win with Brissett and Edelman as an emergency QB.

Detroit Lions

The loss to the Titans on Sunday happened in text book Lions fashion. The Lions had a first and goal in the 4th quarter to go up by two touchdowns, effectively ending the game. The Lions scored like 3 times but all of the players were called back due to penalty. The Lions settled for a field goal, then the Titans scored twice and win by a ugly score of 16 to 15. That non touchdown scoring drive was amazing in its ability to score but not score multiple times.

Carson Wentz

Two weeks into his career, Carson Wentz looks like a 5 year vet in the league. I am surprised that he is doing as well as he is. I watched the first half of the Monday night game vs. the Bears, and he looked composed and ready to be a starter in his rookie year. He has taken a lot of big hits in his first two games something most QBs can’t handle. I am interested to see if Wentz can spread this success throughout the whole season.

Frank Gore

The Colts are really bad. Andrew Luck has taken a lot of criticism in the past couple of years, but I think he is going to be a great QB and have impressive career stats. He is on a bad team with a really bad offense of line, and a weird poor man’s Bruce Arians at head coach. The Colts lost to the Broncos on Sunday, but Frank Gore made a remarkable touchdown play. He caught a pass on the sideline around the 5 yard line and broke a tackle that pushed all of his momentum towards the side line. Gore was able to tip toe in bounds two steps and then dive for the pylon scoring a TD as he fell out of bounds. I wish Gore finished his hall of fame career with a  team like the Steelers or the Patriots, instead of the pitiful looking Colts.

NFC North

The NFC North is quickly becoming this year’s worst division in the NFL. The Packers look pedestrian at 1-1, the Bears are aiming for a top 3 draft pick, the Lions are, well as explained earlier, the Lions and the Vikings are 2-0 but they lost Peterson for what looks like the entire season, and emergency pick up Sam Bradford is their starting QB. The Vikings have a great defense and Bradford is skilled, but they aren’t going to be the 2015 Broncos, I predict they are going to struggle to 8-8 and 9-7. The division winner for this conference will steal a playoff spot at 9-7 or 8-8 and a loaded division like the AFC North or AFC West will have a team go 10-6 and not make the playoffs. It always seems to work out that way, but the point is, the NFC North is going to compete with the AFC South for the title as the worst conference in the NFL in 2016.

Below are the scores: