Week 3 of the 2016 college football season was dope. Alabama survived a close game that ended a two year curse the Ole Miss team placed on them. Michigan State beat highly ranked Notre Dame and joined Ohio State and Michigan in the national top 10 rankings of teams out of the BIG 10 east. USC continued to do their LA Rams impersonation, Oklahoma and Texas further confused analysts on how good they actually are, Clemson kept pace by not looking like a title contender but stayed in the top 5, and Mike Vick lite destroyed the #2 ranked FSU Seminoles.

Lamar Jackson

The one college game I watched this weekend was the noon kick off between #2 FSU and #10 Louisville. The little I have seen of Lamar Jackson reminded me of playing Madden 2005 with Mike Vick on rookie difficulty. I thought he was going to be tested and slowed down against a great defense. I was wrong. Not only did he keep up his insane pace, he increased it against the #2 school in the country on national TV. Louisville was Negan in The Walking Dead comic and FSU was Glen and Lamar Jackson was Lucille. It was a curb stomping 63 – 20 final score. The comparisons to Mike Vick for Lamar Jackson reached Mike Vick and he publicly stated on his twitter that Jackson is 5 times better than he was at college. The praise Jackson is getting is warranted, but he still looks too small out there, I predict a brutal injury which is awful to say, but with dudes who run around that much, it is just a matter of time before they crushed.


The common Danny Kanell take on Alabama and the SEC is that they are over rated. He and everyone else out side of the SEC is right about that, but that doesn’t mean Alabama hasn’t had one of the greatest runs in the past 8 years and isn’t the best team in the country right now. They won a close game against Ole Miss 48 – 43, a team who has beaten them two years in a row. Alabama is the best team in the country, will make the playoff, and will most likely repeat in winning the championship.

North Dakota State

Iowa, the #13 ranked school in the country lost to a non-division 1 school. I don’t really have anything other to say than that. The Bison are good, I bet they join the Mountain West or replace Houston in the AAC when they leave for the BIG 12.

Desean Jackson

The infamous move Desean Jackson popularized continues to be an issue. Dropping the ball in celebration before crossing the goal line happened twice last weekend in college football. If the X-Files comes back for another half assed season they need to write an episode on the paranormal activity that is causing players to drop the ball before scoring. If I have learned anything from the X-Files and the History Channel, if you can’t explain it, aliens.

The Greatest Kickoff

In the highly anticipated match up between bottom feeder teams in mid-level conferences, Eastern Michigan defeated Charlotte. In this game, Eastern Michigan kicked off to the Charlotte 49ers from Charlotte’s 20 yard line after 3 consecutive 15 yard penalties. EMU intelligently kicked an onside kick but I wish they kicked the ball normally and booted it out of the stadium.


Last week Kevin Harlan gave the best play by play call ever and this week a ref gave the best sound bite from a ref of all time. During the Baylor/Rice game on Friday night, some rascals were aiming laser pointers on the field. The ref wasn’t having any of this and politely addressed the crowd which provided one of the best lines ever said over the stadium PA system, “please refrain from shooting lasers onto the field, thank you.”