This weekend was promoted as the “greatest opening weekend in college football history” as several top 25 schools faced off against each other. Since I have been watching the sport, the first weekend typically saw the best schools playing schools that no one has heard of. These games were essentially confidence boosters as the title contenders would win by 70 points making most of the first weekends games unimportant. This year there were still a few 70  – 3 scores, but overall the match ups were incredible and produced great games. Great games that I did not watch. I was busy drinking and over eating with my friends so I only saw the first quarter of the Texas game and the first half of the Florida State game last night.

The little football I did watch I enjoyed and when I kept checking scores of games I got excited knowing huge shake ups in the top 25 were already happening. Since I am a pessimist I am going to point out the notable loses below, some of which happened in dramatic fashion.

#10 Notre Dame blocked an extra point and returned it for the hardest two points in football to tie the game late in the fourth where they eventually lost to Texas in 2 overtimes.

#3 Oklahoma lost to #13 Houston in a game where Houston returned a missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown.

#5 LSU lost to unranked Wisconsin in a disgusting score of 14 – 16.

#20 USC got destroyed 3 – 52 by #1 Alabama. I know that Alabama is the best team in the country, but only putting up 3 points is not a good sign for their future games against good defenses.

#11 Ole Miss lost to #4 Florida State after allowing FSU to come back from a big first half lead.

Below are all of the scores from the weekend: